Sociality, Hierarchy, Health: Comparative Biodemography: A Collection of Papers

Sociality, Hierarchy, Health: Comparative Biodemography: A Collection of Papers


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Sociality, Hierarchy, Health: Comparative Biodemography is a collection of papers that examine cross-species comparisons of social environments with a focus on social behaviors along with social hierarchies and connections, to examine their effects on health, longevity, and life histories. This report covers a broad spectrum of nonhuman animals, exploring a variety of measures of position in social hierarchies and social networks, drawing links among these factors to health outcomes and trajectories, and comparing them to those in humans. Sociality, Hierarchy, Health revisits both the theoretical underpinnings of biodemography and the empirical findings that have emerged over the past two decades.

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ISBN-13: 9780309306614
Publisher: National Academies Press
Publication date: 10/16/2014
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

1 Sociality, Hierarchy, Health: Comparative Biodemography Maxine Weinstein Hillard Kaplan Meredith A. Lane

2 Alleles, Mortality Schedules, and the Evolutionary Theory of Senescence Kenneth W. Wachter 17

3 Genes Revisited: The Biodemography of Social Environmental Variation Through a Functional Genomics Lens Jenny Tung 39

4 The Long Reach of History: Intergenerational and Transgenerational Pathways to Plasticity in Human Longevity Christopher W. Kuzawa Dan T.A. Eisenberg 65

5 Genomic and Evolutionary Challenges for Biodemography Kenneth M. Weiss 95

6 Evolutionary Perspectives on the Links between Close Social Bonds, Health, and Fitness Joan B. Silk 121

7 Pathways of Survival and Social Structure During Human Transition from the Darwinian World Caled Finch Burton Singer 145

8 Social and Economic Underpinnings of Human Biodemography Paul L. Hooper Michael Gurven Hillard Kaplan 169

9 Work to Live and Live to Work: Productivity, Transfers, and Psychological Well-Being in Adulthood and Old Age Jonathan Stieglitz Adrian V. Jaeggi Aaron D. Blackwell Benjamin C. Trumble Michael Gurven Hillard Kaplan 197

10 Intergenerational Transfers, Social Arrangements, Life Histories, and the Elderly Ronald Lee 223

11 Stress and Metabolic Disease Karen K. Ryan 247

12 Hierarchy and Connectedness as Determinants of Health and Longevity in Social Insects Brian Johnson James R. Carey 269

13 Biodemography of Ectothermic Tetrapods Provides Insights into the Evolution and Plasticity of Mortality Patterns David A. W. Miller Fredric J. Janzen Gary M. Fellers Patrick M. Kleeman Anne M. Bronikowski 295

14 A Comparative Perspective on Reproductive Aging, Reproductive Cessation, Post-Reproductive Life, and Social Behavior Peter T. Ellison Mary Ann Ottinger 315

15 The Male-Female Health-Survival Paradox: A Comparative Perspective on Sex Differences in Aging and Mortality Susan C. Alberts Elizabeth A. Archie Laurence R. Gesquiere Jeanne Altmann James W. Vaupel Kaare Christensen 339

16 Of Baboons and Men: Social Circumstances, Biology, and the Social Gradient in Health Michael G. Marmot Robert Sapolsky 365

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