Somethin' Else: The Ultimate Collection

Somethin' Else: The Ultimate Collection

by Eddie CochranEddie Cochran


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Eddie Cochran didn't record all that long, but his legacy is formidable. A mere 21 years old when he died in a car accident in 1960, Cochran recorded one of the iconic songs of the 20th century with "Summertime Blues," a song that captured the rock & roll attitude better than almost any one single, but he wasn't just image: he had a set of songs that were funny, vibrant, and alive, at their best holding their own with Chuck Berry's teenage vignettes, brought to life by his inventive recordings where he pioneered the overdubbing of guitars and use of studio space, opening up the sound of records, suggesting sounds and possibilities in a way rivaled only by Buddy Holly. Like his friend Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran wound up defining the very essence of rockabilly for countless listeners, his sound and stance echoing throughout the decades, from the Beatles to the Stray Cats and beyond. And he did this all with a body of songs that number no greater than 50. With such a small canon of work, the question of whether he can sustain such a mammoth complete recordings box set as Bear Family's 2009 set Somethin' Else: The Ultimate Collection does arise. The answer winds up being a surprising, resounding yes, for like all the best Bear Family boxes, Somethin' Else thrives by presenting a context for Eddie's work. Certainly, context is what Bear Family offers here -- along with excellent remastered sound and superb liner notes -- to the legions of Cochran diehards, because all of his recorded work, including live sets, has been previously excavated. Any diehard will be familiar with every note here, which may be a detriment for those willing to spend over 200 dollars on a box set, but again, it's the context that makes Somethin' Else feel like something special. It traces Eddie's career through his early country beginning as part of the Cochran Brothers, through his earliest Elvis impressions, then through the explosion of hits in the late '50s. As the studio recordings run out, the set charges through the live radio and TV recordings (some punctuated by on-air interviews), and all of a sudden the familiar songs are given a freshness through these live performances, as Cochran's steady-growing confidence and charisma soon turn overpowering. Then, the set adds an appendix of sideman sessions from Eddie, split equally between rockabilly and country, all proof of his range and possibility. Ultimately, that's the power of this exceptional set: it suggests how much Eddie Cochran could have done without ever diminishing what he did achieve.

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Release Date: 04/07/2009
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127159892
catalogNumber: 15989
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Disc 1

  1. Gambler's Guitar
  2. Candy Kisses
  3. Hearts of Stone
  4. Steelin' the Blues
  5. She Done Giver Her Heart to Me
  6. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
  7. Rockin' and Flyin'
  8. Mr. Fiddle
  9. Two Blue Singin' Stars
  10. Guilty Conscience
  11. Your Tomorrows Never Come
  12. Latch On
  13. My Love to Remember
  14. Heart of a Fool
  15. Latch On
  16. Yesterday's Heartbreak
  17. Pink-Peg Slacks
  18. Tired and Sleepy
  19. Fool's Paradise
  20. Slow Down
  21. Open the Door
  22. I'm Ready
  23. Dark Lonely Street
  24. Blue Suede Shoes
  25. Long Tall Sally
  26. That's My Desire
  27. I Almost Lost My Mind
  28. Twenty-Flight Rock
  29. Completely Sweet
  30. My Love to Remember
  31. Dark Lonely Street
  32. Pink-Peg Slacks
  33. Half Loved
  34. My Love to Remember
  35. Latch On

Disc 2

  1. Skinny Jim
  2. Half Loved
  3. Jungle Jingle
  4. Guitar Blues
  5. Mighty Mean
  6. Cotton Picker
  7. Sittin' in the Balcony
  8. Mean When I'm Mad
  9. One Kiss
  10. Am I Blue
  11. Cradle Baby
  12. Drive-In Show
  13. Proud of You
  14. Undying Love
  15. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  16. I'm Alone Because I Love You
  17. Completely Sweet
  18. Twenty-Flight Rock
  19. Stockin's 'N' Shoes
  20. Lovin' Time
  21. Tell Me Why
  22. Never
  23. Sweetie Pie
  24. Pocketful of Hearts
  25. Pretty Girl
  26. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
  27. Little Lou
  28. Teresa
  29. Teenage Cutie
  30. Summertime Blues
  31. Ah, Pretty Girl
  32. Lonely
  33. Love Again
  34. Meet Mr. Tweedy
  35. Nervous Breakdown

Disc 3

  1. One Minute to One
  2. Cruisin' the Drive-In
  3. Nervous Breakdown
  4. Let's Get Together
  5. Don't Ever Let Me Go
  6. C'mon Everybody
  7. I've Waited So Long
  8. Teenage Heaven
  9. I Remember
  10. My Way
  11. Rock 'N' Roll Blues
  12. Teenage Heaven
  13. Three Stars
  14. Weekend
  15. Think of Me
  16. Three Steps to Heaven
  17. Somethin' Else
  18. Boll Weevil Song
  19. Guybo
  20. Eddie's Blues
  21. Milk Cow Blues
  22. Chicken Shot Blues
  23. Strollin' Guitar
  24. My Love to Remember
  25. Little Angel
  26. Hallelujah! I Love Her So
  27. Hammy Blues
  28. Jam Sand-Witch
  29. Jelly Bean
  30. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me
  31. Song of New Orleans
  32. Three Steps to Heaven
  33. Cut Across Shorty
  34. Cherished Memories

Disc 4

  1. Summertime Blues
  2. C'mon Everybody
  3. Somethin' Else
  4. Think of Me
  5. Ah, Pretty Girl
  6. Pretty Girl
  7. Nervous Breakdown
  8. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me
  9. Cut Across Shorty
  10. Hallelujah! I Love Her So
  11. Little Angel
  12. Boll Weevil Song
  13. Skinny Jim
  14. Half Loved
  15. Pink-Peg Slacks
  16. Think of Me
  17. Blue Suede Shoes
  18. Long Tall Sally
  19. That's My Desire
  20. I Almost Lost My Mind
  21. Love Again
  22. Lonely
  23. Little Angel
  24. Think of Me

Disc 5

  1. Cherished Memories
  2. Three Steps to Heaven
  3. Cut Across Shorty
  4. Cherished Memories
  5. Pretty Girl
  6. I've Waited So Long
  7. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
  8. Ah, Pretty Girl
  9. Little Angel
  10. Hallelujah! I Love Her So
  11. Little Angel
  12. Weekend
  13. Pretty Girl
  14. Eddie's LA 'Big Sound' Radio Promo
  15. Interview with Eddie Cochran, Pt. 1
  16. Interview with Eddie Cochran, Pt. 2
  17. Interview with Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Eddie Cochran & Connie "Guyb
  18. Freeman Introduces Eddie's KCSR Radio Promo
  19. Compere Jack Davey Interviews Eddie Cochran
  20. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  21. Compere Jack Davey Interviews Eddie Cochran
  22. Introduction by Herb Sheldon
  23. Sittin' in the Balcony
  24. Twenty-Flight Rock

Disc 6

  1. Introduction by Jay Stewart
  2. Instrumental
  3. Dick d'Agostin Welcomes Eddie to the Show
  4. C'mon Everybody
  5. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  6. Don't Blame It on Me
  7. Summertime Blues
  8. Johnny Bond Interviews Eddie & Band Members
  9. Introduction by Jay Stewart
  10. Night Walk
  11. Dick d'Agostin Welcomes Eddie Back to the Show
  12. School Day
  13. Be Honest with Me
  14. Money Honey
  15. C'mon Everybody
  16. Introduction by Marty Wilde
  17. Hallelujah! I Love Her So
  18. C'mon Everybody
  19. Somethin' Else
  20. Interview with Eddie Cochran
  21. Twenty-Flight Rock
  22. Introduction by Marty Wilde
  23. Money Honey
  24. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  25. Hallelujah! I Love Her
  26. Closing Announcement
  27. Summertime Blues
  28. Milk Cow Blues
  29. Introduction & Interview with Eddie Cochran
  30. I Don't Like You No More
  31. Sweet Little Sixteen
  32. Introduction by Marty Wilde
  33. White Lighnin'
  34. Theme & Introduction
  35. Interview with Two of Eddie's Fans
  36. Somethin' Else
  37. Hallelujah! I Love Her So
  38. Twenty-Flight Rock
  39. C'mon Everybody
  40. My Heart
  41. What'd I Say
  42. Interview
  43. Milk Cow Blues

Disc 7

  1. You Oughta See Grandma Rock
  2. Heartbreakin' Mama
  3. The Keeper of the Key
  4. Slowly But Surely
  5. They Call You a Small Fry
  6. Let's Coast Awhile
  7. Drowning All My Sorrows
  8. I.O.U.
  9. Tood-A-Loo
  10. Over a Coke
  11. My Lovin' Baby
  12. I Want Elvis for Christmas
  13. Sick and Tired
  14. New Shoes
  15. Willa Mae
  16. Git It
  17. Baby Please Don't Go
  18. Watch Your Mouth
  19. Guitar Picker
  20. Don't Wake Up the Kids
  21. Pretty Little Devil
  22. Thinkin' About You
  23. If I Were Dying
  24. Bread Fred
  25. Me and the Bear
  26. Just Relax
  27. Itty Bitty Betty
  28. My Babe

Disc 8

  1. Teenage Cutie
  2. Teenage Cutie
  3. Teenage Cutie [Take 3, Long False Start
  4. Teenage Cutie
  5. Dark Lonely Street
  6. Dark Lonely Street
  7. Dark Lonely Street
  8. Dark Lonely Street
  9. Dark Lonely Street
  10. My Love to Remember
  11. My Love to Remember
  12. My Love to Remember
  13. My Love to Remember
  14. My Love to Remember
  15. Half Loved
  16. Half Loved
  17. Half Loved
  18. Milk Cow Blues
  19. Milk Cow Blues
  20. Milk Cow Blues
  21. Little Angel
  22. Little Angel
  23. Little Angel
  24. Little Angel
  25. Little Angel
  26. My Love to Remember
  27. My Love to Remember
  28. My Love to Remember
  29. Jelly Bean
  30. Jelly Bean
  31. Jelly Bean
  32. Jelly Bean
  33. Jelly Bean
  34. Jelly Bean
  35. Jelly Bean
  36. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me
  37. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me
  38. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me
  39. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddie Cochran   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Electric Bass,Bass (Vocal),Rhythm Guitar,Leader,Ukulele,Vocals,drum overdubs,Soloist,Vocal Harmony
Bob Luman   Vocals
Joe Maphis   Banjo,Guitar
Skeets McDonald   Leader,Vocals
Taylor   Electric Piano
Joe Brown   Guitar,Soloist
Billy Fury   Vocals
Gene Vincent   Leader,Vocals
Plas Johnson   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Gerald Wiggins   Piano
Irving Ashby   Guitar
Mike Henderson   Saxophone
Tommy Allsup   Leader,Bandleader
Sonny Curtis   Guitar
Mike Deasy   Rhythm Guitar
Troyce Key   Vocals
Marty Wilde   Vocals
Jewel Akens   Vocals
Jerry Allison   Drums
Perry Botkin   Guitar
Johnny Burnette   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Red Callender   Electric Bass
Jerry Capehart   Tambourine,Vocals,Hand Clapping,Box
Hank Cochran   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Eric Ford   Guitar
Ernie Freeman   Piano
Jewell L. Grant   Saxophone
Roy Harte   Drums
Howard Roberts   Rhythm Guitar
John Johnson   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ray Johnson   Piano
Jackie Kelso   Saxophone
Jack Lewis   Vocals
Ralph Mooney   Steel Guitar
Earl Palmer   Drums
Jesse Sailes   Drums
Sharon Sheeley   Hand Clapping
Wynn Stewart   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Stivers   Piano
Alan Weighall   Electric Bass
Sharps   Choir, Chorus
Harold Hensley   Fiddle
Jelly Sanders   Fiddle
Fred Carter   Guitar
Paul Peek   Choir, Chorus,Hand Clapping
Clyde Pennington   Drums
Cliff Simmons   Piano
Johnny Mann Singers   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Marion Z. "Pee Wee" Adams   Drums
Ray Stanley   Piano,Vocals
Lee Denson   Vocals
Casey   Guitar,Vocals
Baker Knight   Guitar,Vocals
Gene Davis   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Albert Stone   Vocals
Gene Riggio   Drums,drum overdubs
Dick DAgostin   Piano
Brian Daley   Guitar
Perry Botkin and His Orchestra   Rhythm Guitar
Eugene Thomas "Tommy" Facenda   Choir, Chorus,Hand Clapping
Juvenal Rene "Juvey" Gomez   Drums
Johnny Thomas Meeks   Guitar
Grady Lynn Owen   Rhythm Guitar
Andy Lee White   Drums
Dave Shriver   Electric Bass
Cherry Wainer   Organ
Johnny Meeks   Guitar
Bob Denton   Guitar,Vocals
Carl West   Steel Guitar
Chuck Foreman   Steel Guitar
Conrad "Guybo" Smith   Bass,Upright Bass
Tom Forse   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Warren Crosby   Bass (Vocal)
Mike Henderson   Saxophone
Clifton Bruce Simmons   Piano
Bill Stark   Standup Bass
Don Storer   Drums
Dick D'agostin   Piano
Carl West   Steel Guitar
Carl Tandberg   Upright Bass
Art York   Guitar
Gene Bo Davis   Background Vocals
Mike Deasy   Guitar

Technical Credits

Ivory Joe Hunter   Composer
Bob Luman   Composer
Skeets McDonald   Composer
Merle Travis   Composer
Eddie Cochran   Arranger,Composer,Guitar Overdubs
Bobby Darin   Composer
Chris Kenner   Composer
Johnny Beecher   Illustrations
Dave Bartholomew   Composer
Lee Hazlewood   Composer
Jerry Allison   Composer
Jerry Capehart   Arranger,Composer
Hank Cochran   Composer
Eddie Daniels   Composer
John Dee   Composer
Terry Fell   Composer
Henry Glover   Composer
Harlan Howard   Composer
Don Kirshner   Composer
Ricky Page   Composer
Bill Post   Composer
Doree Post   Composer
Sharon Sheeley   Composer
Bob Thomas   Illustrations
Wayne Walker   Composer
Marijohn Wilkin   Composer
Hal Winn   Composer
Fred Carter   Composer
Diethold Leu   Illustrations
Dave Booth   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Trevor Cajiao   Illustrations
Hans Peter Zdrenka   Illustrations
Bo Berglind   Illustrations
Mario Roccuzzo   Composer
Ray Stanley   Composer
Beverly Stewart   Composer
Scotty Wiseman   Composer
Stuart Colman   Liner Notes,Biographical Information
Ned Fairchild   Composer
Dale Fitzsimmons   Composer
Bob Kelly   Composer
Traditional   Composer
John Tefteller   Illustrations
Baker Knight   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Klaus Kettner   Illustrations
Johnny Vallis   Illustrations,Photo Scanning
Christer Malmstedt   Illustrations
Chuck Foreman   Composer,Engineer
Harald Hertlein   Illustrations
Daniel Gersdorf   Photo Restoration
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Darry Weaver   Composer
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Kimmo Nieminen   Illustrations
Jørgen Poulsen   Illustrations
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Noel Thibault   Illustrations
Antoon Van Olderen   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Comparison,Photo Scanning
Paul Vidal   Illustrations,Photo Scanning
Gilles Vignal   Illustrations
Horst Zimmermann   Illustrations
Lance Guynes   Composer

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