Song Cycle

Song Cycle

by Van Dyke ParksVan Dyke Parks

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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Van Dyke Parks moved on from the Beach Boys' abortive SMiLE sessions to record his own solo debut, Song Cycle, an audacious and occasionally brilliant attempt to mount a fully orchestrated, classically minded work within the context of contemporary pop. As indicated by its title, Song Cycle is a thematically coherent work, one which attempts to embrace the breadth of American popular music; bluegrass, ragtime, show tunes -- nothing escapes Parks' radar, and the sheer eclecticism and individualism of his work is remarkable. Opening with "Vine Street," authored by Randy Newman (another pop composer with serious classical aspirations), the album is both forward-thinking and backward-minded, a collision of bygone musical styles with the progressive sensibilities of the late '60s; while occasionally overambitious and at times insufferably coy, it's nevertheless a one-of-a-kind record, the product of true inspiration.

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Release Date: 03/25/2003
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.
UPC: 0090771514011
catalogNumber: 5140
Rank: 54936

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Van Dyke Parks   Primary Artist,Vocals,Piano
Ron Elliott   Guitar
Randy Newman   Piano
Ted Nash   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Don Bagley   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Lyle Ritz   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Tony Rizzi   Strings,Choir, Chorus
James Hendricks   Choir, Chorus
Philip Goldberg   Strings
Jim Gordon   Percussion
Hal Blaine   Percussion
Billie Barnum   Choir, Chorus
Norman Benno   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Chuck Berghofer   Strings
Harry Bluestone   Strings
Samuel Boghossian   Strings
Dennis Budimir   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Jesse Ehrlich   Strings
George Fields   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Carl Fortina   Accordion
Frederick Seykora   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Nathan Gershman   Strings,Choir, Chorus
William Green   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Jim Horn   Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Kirby Johnson   Conductor
Armand Karpoff   Strings
William Kurash   Strings
Virginia Majewski   Viola
Leonard Malarsky   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Jay Migliori   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Earl Palmer   Percussion
Richard Perissi   Brass
Jerome Reisler   Strings
Allan Reuss   Balalaika
Julia Rinker   Choir, Chorus
Paul Robbins   Choir, Chorus
Dick Rosmini   Guitar
Ralph Schaeffer   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Leonard Selic   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Tommy Tedesco   Balalaika
Darrel Terwilliger   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Robert West   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Nick Woods   Choir, Chorus
Vincent DeRosa   Brass
Dick Hyde   Brass
Gayle Levant   Harp
Joseph Saxon   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Gregory Bemko   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Charles Berghoffer   Strings
Nicolai Bolin   Balalaika
Joseph Ditullio   Strings
Misha Goodatieff   Violin
Vanessa Hendricks   Choir, Chorus
William Nadel   Balalaika
Vasil Orienica   Balalaika
Durrie Parks   Choir, Chorus
Orville Rhodes   Strings,Choir, Chorus
Leon Stewart   Balalaika
James R. Horn   Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Thomas Z. Shepard   Brass
Arthur Briegleb   Brass
Vasil Crienica   Balalaika
Gerri Engemann   Choir, Chorus
Karen Gunderson   Choir, Chorus
Gaile Parks   Choir, Chorus
Dennis Budimer   Strings
Thomas Shepard   Brass
Thomas Scott   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind
Thomas Morgan   Reeds,Multiple Reeds,Woodwind

Technical Credits

Steve Young   Contributor
Randy Newman   Arranger
Van Dyke Parks   Arranger
Lee Herschberg   Engineer
Lenny Waronker   Producer
Ed Thrasher   Art Direction
Tom Wilkes   Illustrations

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