Soul for the Dancefloor

Soul for the Dancefloor

by Millie JacksonMillie Jackson


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If infidelity didn't exist, Millie Jackson might have been forced to invent it in order to have a favorite theme in her music. Jackson has never been afraid to sing about cheating, and she's bold enough to take the point of view of the woman taking a man from someone else -- in Millie's world, any good man is fair game, and if his wife isn't strong enough to hold on to her husband, she has no one but herself to blame. Of course, Jackson also takes the side of the wronged woman once in a while, but she never makes her sound like a shrinking violet, bringing to mind Shakespeare's words about hell having no fury like a woman scorned. Jackson's man-eating persona has always been a fine match for her passionate, high-spirited vocals, which matched the sensuous grit of Southern soul with the energy of '70s R&B, and Soul for the Dancefloor is a compilation that brings together 22 songs from Millie Jackson's back catalog, passing over ballads in favor of tunes designed to get the crowd moving. Unlike many artists who emerged from Southern soul, Jackson's sassy fire was too strong to be watered down by the polished surfaces of disco, and the light but potent grooves that surround many of these songs provide a fine backdrop for Jackson's front-line reports on the war between men and women. Also, compilers Sean Hampsey and Ady Croasdell have uncovered some rare and unreleased single mixes for several of these tracks, and while Jackson has a well-earned reputation among soul fans for her concept LPs, this disc shows these songs stand just as tall on their own. Those looking for a crash course in female empowerment or a set of potent dance grooves from the '70s will get just what they're looking for with his collection.

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