Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures To Transform Your Life (Includes MP3 Download)

Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures To Transform Your Life (Includes MP3 Download)

by Zhi Gang Sha Dr.


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East meets West as renowned healer and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sha teaches readers a radical new way to heal through meditation and communication with the soul.

This introductory book in the Soul Power series takes integrative medicine to a whole new and exciting place far beyond “mind over matter,” emphasizing instead the concept of “soul over matter.” Soul Wisdom is Dr. Sha’s gift from the Divine, the wisdom of a higher power channeled into a practical guide for anyone interested in opening their souls to heal their bodies and minds.

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ISBN-13: 9781416588931
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 07/01/2008
Series: Soul Power
Edition description: Original
Pages: 336
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About the Author

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha
is a bestselling author and considered by many to be one of the most powerful healers of our time.

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What Is Soul Language?

There are nearly seven thousand known languages used on Mother Earth today. Many thousands more have been lost to history. Language is the communication tool for life. If you watch a movie but do not understand the language being spoken, you may feel very lost. If you visit a country where you do not speak the language, the simplest activities may be very diffi cult for you.

Language expresses your feelings and thoughts. Language can make you happy or miserable. Language enables you to learn wisdom and knowledge. Language is written in e-mails, books, magazines, newspapers, and advertisements. It is spoken over the telephone, on television, in movies, theaters, and on the Internet. Language is the daily communication tool between family members, work colleagues, and countries. It is very hard to imagine life without language.

I have something very important to share with you: there is only one Soul Language. Every soul can speak it. Every soul can understand it. Every soul can communicate with it.

Soul Language is the soul communication tool in all universes. Many people think there is only one universe. I believe there are countless universes. Every universe is divided into two parts: a yang world and a yin world. The yang world is the physical world, such as the one we know, which includes Mother Earth, our solar system, and countless stars and galaxies. The yin world is the spiritual world or Soul World. All souls form the Soul World, which includes healing angels, ascended masters, buddhas, and holy saints, as well as demons, monsters, and ghosts. Soul Language can be understood by every soul in the Soul World, which is every soul in all universes.

Yin/yang philosophy, theory, and practice are a major universal law. Yin and yang are opposites, such as night and day. But they are interrelated. We cannot explain night without explaining day, and vice versa. Yin and yang also can transform into each other. Think about night transforming into day and vice versa.

There is one important concept of yin and yang of which people may not be aware. This is that yin is always within yang and yang is always within yin. Think about the yin/yang symbol , which consists of a white fi sh and a black fi sh. The black fi sh has a white eye, while the white fi sh has a black eye. The white fi sh represents the physical world. The black fi sh represents the spiritual world. The black eye of the white fi sh represents yin within yang. The physical world connects with the spiritual world through this black eye. The white eye of the black fi sh represents yang within yin. The spiritual world connects with the physical world through this white eye.

As a human being, you have a physical body, which belongs to yang. You also have a soul, which belongs to yin. Your soul resides inside your body. This is yin within yang.

In the spiritual world, there are countless angels. An angel is a soul. Soul belongs to yin. You may not realize that a soul consists of "tiny," or subtle, matter. Matter belongs to yang. This is yang within yin.

This wisdom about yang within yin and yin within yang explains that yin/yang is one body. Souls are in the spiritual world. They are also in the physical world. There are countless souls in the universe. A human being has a soul. An animal has a soul. All living things have souls. All inanimate things — for example, mountains — also have souls. When you speak Soul Language, all souls understand it. The entire yin world communicates through Soul Language.

Do you realize that an organ has a soul? Five thousand years ago,

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, the authoritative text of traditional Chinese medicine, revealed this wisdom. It named the souls of five major organs: liver hun, the soul of the liver; heart shen, the soul of the heart; spleen yi, the soul of the spleen; lung po, the soul of the lungs; and kidney zhi, the soul of the kidneys. When you speak Soul Language, the souls of these organs understand it and respond to it.

In my book Soul Mind Body Medicine, I further explained this wisdom. Every organ has a soul. Every cell has a soul. The nucleus of every cell has a soul. Every cell unit has a soul. Every molecule of DNA and RNA has a soul. When you speak Soul Language, all of these souls understand it and respond to it.

In physical life, we experience every day that language can make us happy, peaceful, or excited. Language can inspire and motivate us. Language can bring inner joy. There has been a great deal of research that explains these phenomena. Nobody doubts that language has great power to infl uence our lives.

Soul Language can infl uence our lives even more than physical language. There may be nearly seven thousand languages used on Mother Earth at this time, but there is only one Soul Language in all universes. Each physical language is powerful. Imagine the power of seven thousand languages serving every human being on Mother Earth, nearly seven billion souls in all. Soul Language, however, serves every soul of the universe, and there are countless souls — many more than seven billion. Because the scope of its service is so vast, the power of Soul Language is beyond that of any physical language. It is beyond comprehension.

The Universal Law of Universal Service, which I shared in my introduction to this book, states that the more you serve, the more blessings you receive. Soul Language serves the greatest possible number of souls in the universe. Consequently, it carries power that is unlimited and incomprehensible.

You will deeply experience the power of Soul Language in this book. Prepare yourself at the soul, mind, and body level for excitement and joy when you speak Soul Language, and for even more excitement and joy when you apply Soul Language for healing and transformation of your life.

Everybody's Soul Language sounds different. Still, Soul Language is the universal language. En glish is the most important language in the world today, but its reach is still limited. Soul Language is the language for all souls of humanity. Soul Language is the language for all souls in all universes. When you speak Soul Language, every soul of the universe understands it and responds to it.

I started to teach Soul Language in 1996. In early 2008, the number of people who speak Soul Language and apply it for healing, rejuvenation, and blessings is in the thousands. This is still a very limited number.

At this transition time for Mother Earth, people are searching for wisdom and guidance. They need practical tools to help them deal with the challenges of life. Soul Language is an incredible soul treasure to heal and transform your life. More and more, people are ready to learn and benefi t from Soul Language. You are reading this book because you are one of these people.

In the future, Soul Language will become a true universal language. Peoples of every nation will speak Soul Language. They will understand each other. They will communicate with each other through Soul Language. Imagine the transformation this will create!

I dream of holding a Soul Language workshop in the not- toodistant future in which I will speak only Soul Language from beginning to end. Participants must consciously understand Soul Language, which means they must be able to translate Soul Language. People who do not understand Soul Language could attend the conference also, but translators would be needed to offer translations of the Soul Language into physical world languages. Although it may take years to spread Soul Language teachings worldwide, and it may take more years for humanity to truly understand and appreciate the power and ability of Soul Language, I know my dream will become a reality.

Soul Language directly connects with the Divine and high spiritual teachers in the spiritual world. As your spiritual journey progresses, your Soul Language brings deeper wisdom and knowledge from the spiritual world and the Divine.

Soul enlightenment is the goal of every soul. Soul enlightenment is the goal of every spiritual being. To have an enlightened soul is to be aligned with divine consciousness and to have great commitment to serve humanity and all souls. There are layers of soul enlightenment. The higher the layer of enlightenment you reach, the greater the divine abilities you are given by the Divine.

Higher enlightenment means a higher spiritual standing in Heaven. The higher your spiritual standing, the greater the Soul Power you are given and the deeper the wisdom you bring from the Divine and Heaven. Your Soul Language abilities will be totally different. Soul Language is an incredible soul healing treasure. It is also a powerful, life- transforming treasure. The power of Soul Language is immeasurable and unlimited.

You have learned that Soul Language is the unique form of communication that will be used universally during the Soul Light Century and Soul Light Era. The highest realms of the Soul World communicate with one another through Soul Language. Humans can communicate with and receive communication from the highest saints through Soul Language. Some of the most powerful healing and blessing mantras in history are in Soul Language. Soul Language itself can be considered to be a most powerful mantra. It is a very pure form of communication that comes directly from the heart and directly from the Message Center (also known as the "heart chakra"), which is located in the center of your chest. Soul Language is very pure because its origin and expression are from the very pure and clear part of your being and essence.

Specifically, Soul Language gives expression to what is pure and clear in the Message Center, as this most important energy center and spiritual center is named in my teachings. The messages held within the Message Center often are so profound and have been part of one's soul journey for so long that it can be diffi cult to articulate them in conventional speech and language.

Soul Language makes it possible to connect with the deepest, most profound, and most ancient teachings and wisdom held within your soul. It also makes it possible to connect with the deepest, most profound, and most ancient teachings and wisdom held within the universe, within Mother Earth, within those around you, and in fact within all of the Soul World. Soul Language is the vehicle that makes it possible to connect with every soul in a way that is not fi ltered — a way that is authentic and faithful to the message of each soul.

There are some major differences between conventional language and Soul Language. One of the most important is that conventional language needs to be processed in and assisted by the left brain. For Soul Language, the processing and expression are in the right brain. This is quite a signifi cant difference. Those of you who know a little about anatomy and physiology will be aware of how different the processing is in the two hemispheres of the brain. Conventional speech requires a certain amount of logic, and so the facilities and functions of the brain that are connected with logic need to be involved.

With Soul Language there is a very different set of connections. The connections are "uncluttered" by what has been learned, by the mind- sets, attitudes, and beliefs that you developed during the course of your life. All of this is quite important in understanding and appreciating the answer to the question "What is Soul Language?" Just as that is a very simply stated question, the answer could also be a very simple statement. However, as is true for so many aspects of the soul journey, what can be stated in a simple way does not necessarily mean that all the layers of wisdom and teachings present within that simple statement are obvious.

For the question "What is Soul Language?" we could respond very simply that Soul Language is the language of the Soul World. That would include every aspect of the Soul World. It includes the saints, the buddhas, the Divine — all of those who dwell in light in the highest layers of the Soul World. It also includes the countless souls on the opposite end of the spectrum of the Soul World. It includes all souls who dwell on Mother Earth. Pay attention to that last statement because it includes much, much more than the souls of other human beings. The souls of all those throughout the universes are also included. All that exists is included because everything has a soul. The souls of those before time, in future times and beyond time, as well as those in what we call the present time, are all included.

So Soul Language embraces a countless number of possibilities — a countless number of souls who are able to communicate using this particular method. It is quite extraordinary and exciting to think bout the limitless possibilities. It is useless to refer to numbers or even to try to use quantitative words or concepts to express the possibilities of those with whom you can communicate through Soul Language. It is even more exciting to realize that these souls really desire to communicate in this way, that Soul Language is in fact their preferred method of communication.

An example may help you understand what this means. Those who were born and raised in the United States speak its offi cial language, En glish. En glish is the language of those who live in the United States, which means it is the preferred form of communication for every aspect of daily life. En glish is also the accepted language of communication for everything that takes place in the institutions of the United States. The language of the government in the United States is En glish. It is not diffi cult to understand why a common language is important and helpful. We can say that the official preferred language in the United States is En glish. In the same way, we can say that the offi cial preferred language in the Soul World is Soul Language. This little comparison may help you understand and appreciate more fully the brief answer given above to the question "What is Soul Language?"

Soul Language is also a mantra. A mantra is a special sound. It is a special message. To say that it is a special message means that it is much more than information. The word message can be interchanged with spirit and with soul. So Soul Language is a special soul. In other words, this means of communication is a soul in and of itself. This special soul connects all souls who use Soul Language. This is a very important aspect of Soul Language to keep in your awareness.

This role of Soul Language, its capacity and ability to connect the souls of all those who are communicating with one another through it, is very special. It is a unique quality and characteristic of Soul Language. Knowing this about Soul Language will help you appreciate even more the extraordinary power and ability of this method of communication. It is not only that the sounds of Soul Language connect, but also that the sounds connect because they are an expression of the soul. This soul, spirit, or message brings about a unity and harmony among the souls who are using this form of communication, a unity and harmony that are very pure and very true.

Soul Language promotes this unity and harmony in part because, in its expression, the ordinary encumbrances of conventional language are not present. There is a freedom from the mind- sets, attitudes, and beliefs associated with particular words, expressions, and forms of speech in conventional language. All of these limiting mind- sets, attitudes, and beliefs are avoided when Soul Language is used. This is another very special and important characteristic of Soul Language to keep in mind. You will encounter this idea in several places throughout this book, related to other aspects of Soul Language. Each time you do, your understanding of its signifi cance will increase. It will be brought to another level, another frequency, another vibration. This is actually an important benefi t of reading this book, and I will give a fuller description of this and other benefi ts later in this chapter.

It may be very helpful for you to reread this section of the book about the fact that Soul Language is a mantra and that this mantra is more than a special sound. It is also a special message. In fact, you may benefi t by coming back to it and rereading it several times as you continue going through the pages of this book. For many of you, it will be a new idea, a new understanding that the mantra itself is also a very special soul. This mantra has a particular ability that is connected to the fact that it is a special soul. This ability is over and above the ability that the vibrations of the sounds themselves have. Knowing that Soul Language is also a special mantra will help add to your appreciation of how important and powerful this gift is and how it is a most appropriate and signifi cant expression and manifestation of the Soul Light Era. As you continue to read, you will actually begin to experience what I have explained.

Uses of Soul Language

Soul Language is a truly universal language. It goes beyond national boundaries and other barriers. Pause for a moment to consider the many implications of this very simple statement. Through Soul Language, people who live in different countries could converse with one another, exchange ideas, and share wisdom and teachings in a way not possible before. The complete range and very rich depths of information, wisdom, and teachings that exist would become available to everyone. This is an amazing gift that opens many opportunities. Soul Language can eliminate any existing barrier that prevents access to exclusive information and teachings.

Let me elaborate by offering examples of using Soul Language with others who are not physically present with you. For example, how could you communicate with those who live in other parts of the world? You could communicate using Soul Language by simply arranging a time when this communication would take place. This could be done with those whom you want to respond directly to your Soul Language or whom you want to translate your Soul Language. You could also communicate with events and situations in other parts of the world. I will develop this concept later in this book, but it is important to mention it here.

Soul Language could also be used to facilitate a group of people who speak different languages. Imagine a large group of people gathered together who speak twenty different native languages. They could all communicate consciously on a soul level through Soul Language and translation. The translation could be in the language of the speaker. The translation could be in the languages of the listeners, as is done at the United Nations. However, the most exciting possibility would be for the translation to be in a language common to the entire group, namely Soul Language! Envision how this would remove one of the biggest barriers separating the people in the group.

Normal language is a common barrier in contemporary society, especially in major urban centers in our most "advanced" societies. Many people living in the same geographic region, city, or even neighborhood cannot communicate with one another because their native tongues are different. Conversely, each country has its own language and most people raised there are limited to knowledge of their native language. With Soul Language, these limitations and barriers will no longer be signifi cant. With Soul Language, any soul can communicate with any another soul. There is no such thing as Soul Language that is specifi c or unique to a particular country or region.

When you learn Soul Language and translation, economics is not a factor. The most important factors are your spiritual standing and virtue. With a high spiritual standing and a large amount of virtue (usually, these go hand in hand), you can connect with very high levels of the Soul World. You also can connect with others who are on a level similar to yours. Those with limited funds would have the same access as those with comfortable incomes. This would bring about many changes and much transition in our society as we know it now. Authentic unity in society will become possible. The value of one's information and other contributions to discourses would be based not on personal wealth or external power or position, but on spiritual standing and virtue. All aspects of life today would change dramatically as we move beyond all barriers.

Let us consider more implications of these changes. With Soul Language and translation capabilities, the wealth of information,treasures, and secrets of ancient teachings — wonderful discoveries known to very few — would become widely available. All of this teaching and wisdom could be communicated through Soul Language. Those of you who have experienced Soul Language realize that very brief amounts of Soul Language, spoken for perhaps not even a full minute, can be translated into many, many paragraphs or even several pages. This Soul Language "compression technology" has existed throughout the ages.

Those of you who can speak Soul Language or translate the Soul Language of others will appreciate fully what I mean when I say this technology has existed for a very long time. Soul Language is a very condensed teaching, wisdom, and message. All it contains can be present in a few phrases, sentences, or perhaps one minute of speaking. It is a tremendous gift and blessing to be able to say very briefl y what would normally take a long time to express. Furthermore, when anything is expressed through Soul Language, no editing is necessary. This is an exquisite treasure. Soul Language makes it possible to almost instantaneously communicate the essence of any teaching and any wisdom. The ability to do this almost instantaneously, without regard to geographic distance, makes Soul Language a very important and very signifi cant tool for humanity at this time.

Another great advantage of Soul Language for those who are currently separated by differing native tongues is that people from various countries, even if they are unfriendly or hostile toward one another, could actually communicate freely and openly — heart to heart and soul to soul — with one another.

When those who realize we are on the same soul journey truly share a commitment to unconditional universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and light — and communicate this to one another — the results will be truly amazing. There are many people who live in troubled areas of the world whose heart's desire is to do whatever they can to resolve differences and confl ict. These people can now offer, through Soul Language, unconditional love and forgiveness to the confl ict, to those who are perpetuating it, to those who are assisting in the continuation of it, and even to those who may be profi ting from it. The only way to achieve lasting peace is by offering unconditional love and forgiveness. Soul Language is a means of doing this.

When these individuals communicate with one another through Soul Language, amazing transformation is possible. Bridges of light will go over, around, and through any barriers. The energy of love and the energy of forgiveness can actually begin to dissolve these barriers. These energies can melt walls that seemed impossible to tear down, much less melt. Unconditional universal love can transform anything. Love melts all blockages. In fact, only love can remove barriers and melt obstacles. Those who realize this can bring love and forgiveness to the situation through the use of Soul Language, even if they fi nd themselves on different sides of the barriers and in the midst of confl ict.

This capability of Soul Language is an extraordinary and magnificent gift that can be used anytime and anywhere. It can be used on an individual basis or with others. Wonderful things can manifest through this most precious gift of Soul Language and translation.

We could stop and reflect at length on the many implications of what is possible when people of different attitudes and ideas can communicate with one another through Soul Language. People with very different perspectives could come together and use Soul Language to obtain guidance to resolve the assumptions, questions, and beliefs that separate them.

At this particular time, given the nature and history of societies on Mother Earth, this may not happen on an offi cial level. However, it can most certainly happen on the level of "ordinary folks" who perform the jobs that keep society moving. "Ordinary folks" have many different perspectives on any one single question. Unfortunately, conversations between people who have differing perspectives often do not come to useful conclusions. Frequently, the opposite is true. Those who have differing perspectives can become even more determined to stay bound to their particular approach or perspective. Often, the result is that such discussions do not result in more openness, fl exibility, compromise, or resolution. Instead, many of the participants become more rigid and closed.

When guidance and answers are sought and received through Soul Language, the only real possibility is to become more and more open. Participants who agree to even take such an approach already have a degree of openness and a willingness to connect to a part of the Soul World that is not available to most people on a daily basis. People with differing ideas and approaches to particular questions can come together and ask for guidance through Soul Language. The responses and answers received will truly lead to forgiveness on the part of each one — both forgiveness that is given and forgiveness that is asked. When this happens, peace can exist, spread, and fl ourish, even though it may not happen immediately on an "offi cial" level.

The very fact that ordinary people could begin to meet with one another and have conversations in this way creates an entirely different kind of energy around the situation being addressed. Instead of having energy blocked or locked into a particular pattern, a fl ow of fl exibility can begin. This new fl ow of energy can break the old patterns and help to establish a new way of approaching the situation. It may seem like a very small thing when a few individuals come together to do this; however, the ripples from this small beginning extend far beyond the direct participants. The light that is released by this process touches not only all aspects of the situation, but also all aspects throughout Mother Earth and beyond.

It is very diffi cult, perhaps impossible, to get a really accurate and valid understanding and appreciation for the great signifi cance and importance of initiating this process with even a small group of people. It will really make a tremendous difference. Think in terms of your physical body, which you know so very well. When you have a headache, it affects your whole body. It affects you completely. And the more intense the headache, the more you are affected. However, you probably remember what a difference it made to your entire body and your outlook on life when your headache went away.

This is analogous to having just a small group of people using Soul Language address a particular issue. When the headache goes away, it makes a difference to the entire body. In the same way, when a small group of those with very differing ideas and attitudes becomes less closed, more fl exible and have a flow of light and energy among them, it can make a difference to the entire problem or situation, even an ongoing one of long standing.

Do not underestimate the signifi cance of being the one who brings light and transformation to any situation. It is also important to know that every effect that is named will be blessed and multiplied many times by the entire Soul World. This is just another example of what can happen through the use of Soul Language. It is both significant and benefi cial because, in fact, the significance of doing this fl ows into many benefi ts. Those benefi ts will be discussed later in this chapter.

There are other possibilities connected with the idea that people from different parts of the globe can come together and communicate with one another in a form that is universally available. Perhaps the most familiar image of people coming together from different continents and countries is the Olympic Games. Another image that many people will recognize is the events following Pope John Paul II's death, when his successor was elected. There was an international response; people from all around the world attended and participated in those ceremonies. However, they could not understand one another without the services of a translator. If the participants had Soul Language capabilities, a translation service would not have been required. They could simply translate each other's Soul Language. Those communicating with one another could translate for each other. This would be an incredible service for any number of different situations. Imagine the Olympics or other large events led and taught by someone using Soul Language. This would truly be revolutionary.

You may be familiar with the Christian scriptures and the story of Pentecost. On Pentecost Sunday in the Christian era, people came to the Holy City of Jerusalem to celebrate the special holy days of the Jewish people. These pilgrims traveled from many different areas and countries and spoke many languages and dialects. Part of the signifi cance of Pentecost Sunday for Christians is the transformation that took place in the disciples of Jesus and all those who had gathered to wait and pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus had directed them to do this before he ascended into Heaven. The disciples and others waited and prayed in an upper room that was locked and shuttered. When Jesus sent his spirit to them, it was obvious because light appeared above each one's head and the sound of an enormous wind could be heard. This sound was so powerful that it was heard throughout the city and pilgrims gathered at the site to fi nd out what had taken place.

Peter began speaking to them and each person in the gathered crowd understood him as if he was speaking in their own language. The pilgrims marveled at this and commented that although they were from different countries, they all could understand this person from Galilee. Peter was speaking in Soul Language. The pilgrims were spontaneously able to translate.

The Pentecost event of Soul Language and translation was experienced by at least three thousand people. They were so moved by what they heard that they became followers of The Way, a term that identifi ed those who accepted the message and teachings of Jesus and lived them in their daily lives. As more people learn Soul Language and translation, Pentecost- like events may take place many times and in many places on Mother Earth.

Even though this Pentecost story was quite dramatic and significant, the number of language groups represented was small compared to an event like the Olympics. There would be no need for simultaneous translation by a third party and everyone would receive the same teachings at the same time. The only differences in what each person receives would be in accordance with their standing in the Soul World and their virtue. It would be an extraordinary experience for people to come together and learn in this way. A conference like this would not have to take a week, several days, or even hours because much can be said through Soul Language in a brief amount of time.

Soul Language condenses the message into just a very short few phrases that can contain many, many paragraphs of teaching. With an otherwise traditional teaching approach, just this one feature alone would make Soul Language teaching extraordinary. The advantages are numerous. What might normally take several days in a normal conference could now be collapsed into a day or two or just hours! And all of the discussion and sharing done afterward could also be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time through the use of Soul Language. In fact, in this kind of international gathering, it is very important to avoid having "normal" discussions in the same native language. The whole point is to have those with different native languages interacting with one another and, in this way, bring about greater harmony and greater peace on our planet.

Further reflection upon these ideas can lead to an almost endless string of possibilities. There could be an international conference where the participants would be able to stay in their own homes. This, too, would be revolutionary. It would not need to rely on technology or other conventional facilitators. Although there would be a need for coordination and organization, the entire conference could unfold in a way that is completely new, a way that has never before existed for humanity.

You can probably think of many ways that such a conference could be held even at this present time. Holding conferences using Soul Language and translation is something truly transforming. All of the problems that currently exist when people from different areas, with different ideas, attitudes, political views, and all of the other things that people identify as "differences," could be completely avoided. Through Soul Language and translation, all of these so-called blocks, obstacles, and barriers to communication would be overcome. Through Soul Language and translation, we could unlock ancient sources of wisdom and access deep healing for very ancient wounds. This type of wisdom and healing can be brought directly into the present through Soul Language and translation. This would be an incredible service and treasure.

This wisdom and healing could be revealed when any two or more people gather together. People from different areas who are very different from each other and even openly hostile could experience rich healing and deep wisdom teachings. Soul Language and translation would greatly magnify these healing experiences and wisdom teachings. To have "different" people come together and use Soul Language to reveal the Soul World's perspective on their situation — to learn the real truth — will be truly amazing. To say this will be revolutionary is not enough. To say this will be healing is only a tiny hint of what can happen. Words really fail to express adequately the possibilities of this type of soul conference. There are literally as many possibilities for these kinds of gatherings as there are people on earth.

At this particular time, the only way this type of communication can take place is through Soul Language. Since the participants would translate for one another, the authenticity and the truth of the message would be revealed, appreciated, and understood by all present. Situations like these again demonstrate how the signifi cance and benefi ts of Soul Language blend together, although I will discuss further benefi ts later in this chapter.

Many groups are easy to identify by their different mind- sets, attitudes, and beliefs concerning one another. Just look throughout the world at the many places where people are fi ghting with one another. To bring mutual understanding of the truth of the situation would be an astounding and amazing gift, not only to those involved in the confl icts, but also to all of Mother Earth. Remember, when there is confl ict between two groups, it is never limited just to the area of the confl ict. It affects the entire global community, just as a headache affects the entire physical body.

These are some of the most signifi cant aspects of the uses of Soul Language. There are many other things that are signifi cant about the use of Soul Language and translation. What has been said should be suffi cient to give you a beginning appreciation for what a very powerful, beautiful tool and blessing treasure Soul Language is; how it is perfectly suited to the era in which we live; and why it is so important that there be more and more people who can speak and translate Soul Language. Soul Language is indeed a treasured and precious gift to humanity at this time in the history of Mother Earth.

Signifi cance of Soul Language

We have already referred to one of the most important reasons Soul Language is signifi cant: it is the purest voice. The signifi cance of this is magnifi ed at this time of transition from the prior era to the Soul Light Era. So many things are in transformation that it can be very confusing to many. "What is the truth of what is happening? What is the truth of the information that we are given? What is the truth of the various teachings that are presented to us? What is the truth of the various institutions that have for so very long claimed to be the guardians and the protectors of our journey?" It is diffi cult to sort this out. It is diffi cult to hear the truth in these different situations and experiences. And the questions about "what is the truth" could go on for several pages. The examples I have presented are more than enough to give you an idea of the type of confusion that many people have at this time.

On the other hand, there are also many people who are able to see clearly and understand in great depth what the truth is. They can sort through the confusion and, even if they cannot state clearly what their awareness is, they have a very deep understanding and conviction that much of what is being presented is, in fact, completely authentic. Frequently the voices that are heard are not in the purest form. This is not to criticize or to complain about those voices. To criticize or complain adds to the confusion and the unrest surrounding us. Instead of this type of negative approach, it is much better to offer love and gratitude, to offer appreciation for all that is occurring, even for the confusion and confl ict that is part of the present situation, or that is part of your own personal journey.

In the midst of all this confusion and confl ict, there is the possibility that you can receive answers that will come with the purest voice in the purest form. The way that those answers can be received is through Soul Language. The questions can be asked and the responses will always be given in the purest voice. It is important to point out that if a group of three or fi ve or even larger, perhaps hundreds, asks a question and each person speaks and translates Soul Language in order to receive the answer to that question, what is received by each person will be a little bit different. The reason for this is that each person has a different frequency, vibration, and spiritual standing. For this reason, the Soul Language expressed by each person is also different. I will say more about this in Chapter 2 when I explain fully how to develop Soul Language.

At this point, I will just say that each person's Soul Language will be different from the Soul Language of others. That does not make one right and another wrong. It simply means that the frequency, vibration, and standing are unique to each person. Therefore, the Soul Language will be unique to each person and the information received will also be unique to each person. Again, more will be said about this later in this book, when I discuss how to translate Soul Language.

When Soul Language is used, the Divine is present. This is most certainly true in other situations also. However, it is particularly true for Soul Language. Its purity and the fact that it is the mode of communication throughout the Soul World will help you understand why Soul Language is a form of communication that brings the presence of the Divine in a unique way. In some ways it is possible to say it is the preferred form of communication for the Divine in this era. It is a way for the Divine to be present with us and among us at any time and in any place. This is a very special gift that will help to shape this beginning part of the Soul Light Era.

There are many situations where the presence of the Divine is needed in a strong and dramatic way. The conventional ways of introducing the presence of the Divine are not always acceptable in these situations. To use Soul Language and to have wherever you are and whatever you are doing transformed by the presence of the Divine is a very special blessing. It is such a treasure and the most extraordinary gift from the Divine. It is amazing and quite overwhelming and breathtaking to realize that the Divine desires to be with us and assist us so much that we have a tool for making this happen, anytime and anywhere.

I want to mention that Soul Language can be spoken silently. This is important because you may be thinking of situations or experiences where it would be very diffi cult and may, in fact, even intensify the diffi culty of the situation to use Soul Language out loud. Some of you may have read the last several paragraphs thinking, "Right. If I tried using Soul Language in these situations, it would not work." So, understand that Soul Language can be silent. With this knowledge, there is absolutely no place or time when Soul Language cannot be used to bring in the presence of the Divine, even in settings that seem very unwelcoming.

An example may be helpful. Think of a time when you attended a meeting and the meeting accelerated in intensity and the clashing of ideas. These situations happen in almost everyone's life, if not in a meeting then perhaps in a family setting. It is probably safe to say that everyone reading this book has been in some situation in which the conversation accelerated in intensity and moved toward a real confl ict of ideas.

In this setting, silently chanting Soul Language is an absolute treasure and a most wonderful blessing and gift. The benefi ts and blessings for each person who is involved in the conversation will be signifi cant. Most especially, the benefi ts for the one who uses the Soul Language will be amazing. To use this wonderful gift in a situation of escalating confl ict can actually help transform it into a situation that has the possibility of being healing, of being the presence of harmony and blessing. It can also remind the one who is using Soul Language of the importance of always offering unconditional love and forgiveness. Only by offering unconditional love and forgiveness can the possibility of authentic peace come into being. All of this potential for total transformation is connected with the reality that Soul Language is a unique form of divine presence and so carries with it all of these blessings. This one aspect of Soul Language alone is very powerful and allows you to appreciate the extraordinary significance of Soul Language.

Another signifi cant aspect of Soul Language is that it is a means of unity that cannot be stopped by any barrier. It is a way of being together with others regardless of location and time. This is a wonderful characteristic and quality to really appreciate about Soul Language. It is not necessary to actually be physically present in the same place where the Soul Language is being used. People can be in communication with one another through silent chanting of Soul Language. This can happen over great distances. It can also happen with those who are removed from us and who have made their transition to the Soul World.

Benefits of Soul Language

The benefi ts of Soul Language are numerous. Many have already been described. One major benefi t is to have direct access to the Divine and to the highest realms of Heaven. Communicating in this very pure form with the Divine and the Soul World allows you to have access to wisdom that is not available to you in other ways. This wisdom can be applied to all aspects of your life.

You can use this wisdom to have greater clarity about your role. Having clarity about what the Divine and the Soul World want you to do during this lifetime is a very special treasure. With this clarity, much confusion and uncertainty is eliminated from your life. This clarity will also bring a feeling of great calm and peace. It will give you tremendous benefi ts on the emotional and mental levels.

Transform the soul fi rst; then transformation of the mind and body will follow.

Everything that happens for you on the level of your soul also benefits you on every other level. This is especially true when you have greater clarity about what you are meant to do. You can avoid the constant back and forth that many people experience between "Should I do this?" and "Should I do that?" Some people have even greater vagueness. They have a sense that they are meant to be doing something but it is simply not clear. They struggle and search for what they are being called to do. It is almost like trying to walk or drive through a very thick fog. By using Soul Language, that fog can lift.

The comparison to having the fog lift is a very good one because when the fog lifts, it is possible to see clearly and proceed in a way that is full of energy. Not only can you see your own path clearly, you can also see all that surrounds your path and how your path is infl uenced by other events, situations, and people. You can also appreciate how your path will bring great service to all those who surround you, and to everything that surrounds you. Keep this comparison to having the fog lift in your awareness. This comparison will help you to appreciate not only the contents of this book but also the events of your life.

Another benefi t of Soul Language is that it brings you in direct connection with divine consciousness. This is such an extraordinary gift. It has been referred to earlier but I would like to develop this teaching further. To say that you are connected with divine consciousness means that everything that is part of divine consciousness is available to you on your level. The possibilities are infi nite and extraordinary. It is very diffi cult to grasp or believe that you have this available to you through this wonderful tool of Soul Language. It is not possible to describe all aspects of divine consciousness in this book, but stop to think for just a few moments about what that phrase means. It is a most precious treasure.

Divine consciousness means that you have the possibility of entering into and communicating with that aspect of the Divine which allows you to have divine awareness of everything. This one aspect alone of entering into divine consciousness will bring many changes to your life. Having awareness from the perspective of the Divine will change the way you view all of life. It will change your responses to all of life. Many of the things that had been problems for you will begin to melt. As you connect with divine consciousness, you will become aware that what is considered a problem on the human level is often just not an issue for the Divine. Those blockages and obstacles that had seemed at times almost insurmountable will take on a smaller and smaller proportion. The events and situations in your life that were triggers for anxiety, anger, grief, fear — whatever — will be viewed differently. Instead of draining and creating blocks in your energy, you will begin to receive them as blessings and gifts.

Divine consciousness views humanity and all of creation, all events and situations very differently than we do when we approach from the perspective of logical thinking, or even when we approach from our own specifi c spiritual tradition. The biggest difference is that when we connect with divine consciousness, there are no limits. Everything has infi nite possibility. Connecting with divine consciousness through Soul Language puts a range of possibilities in front of us that is not available in other ways. This is a truly extraordinary benefi t of Soul Language.

As you read these ideas and teachings, I am certain that they spark within you a degree of hope and enthusiasm. Knowing that you have a readily available tool that can bring infi nite potential into your life is a very exciting idea indeed. This is another example of the extraordinary generosity of the Divine and the entire Soul World. In the same way you connect with divine consciousness, you would also connect with your guides, special saints, special holy people, angels — with whoever in the Soul World has helped you in your journey so far. Doing this makes your soul journey much clearer to you. It eliminates many obstacles. Things become much simpler. Even though simpler does not always mean easier, having simplicity enter your life to a greater and greater degree is another benefi t of using Soul Language. This simplicity is also very closely linked to the clarity I have described.

These benefi ts will affect not only your life but the lives of all those with whom you interact. You can imagine easily enough how wonderful it will be for you to have clarity. You can imagine what a delight it will be for those who are near and dear to you to live with and know someone who has this clarity. The benefi ts will go out beyond even those you know; they will be released to all on Mother Earth and beyond. What a wonderful milestone on your soul journey to realize that you can appreciate such a blessing in your life as service as well. This may be a new idea for you, to realize that the gifts that come to your life can also become service to others. This is another benefi t of using Soul Language.

All that has been described defi nitely is a benefi t directly for you. When you benefi t and reach another level in your soul's journey, when your soul's standing increases, everything you do moves to that new level. All that you now do becomes a higher quality of service. The blessings you give, the chanting you do, the interactions you have with others all move to a new level. This is another example of divine generosity. It makes it very clear that all souls, all of us, are working together. This brings a new depth of understanding to what universal service means.

I have mentioned so far several of the blessings and benefi ts of Soul Language that will become a daily part of your life. The more often you use Soul Language, the more you will experience these blessings and benefi ts.

Another great benefi t of using Soul Language is that it brings understanding from the soul. This benefi t is yet another exquisite treasure. Many people habitually resort to using logical thinking and that is indeed a very good approach in some situations. However, in the Soul Light Era, logical thinking will not do an adequate job for us. Many people have already experienced this in their lives. They use logical thinking and end up running around in a circle. They feel as though the ideas are just spinning in their heads and only become more and more anxious about the situation or question they would like to resolve.

This type of approach is no longer necessary. Soul Language will allow you to connect directly with your soul to receive information from your soul and from the soul of the event, situation, or question you would like to resolve. This will make life much more tranquil. This benefi t alone will be a treasure for many people. This continual circling around something that is troubling you is a very common experience and the stress and anxiety that result are also very common.

Using Soul Language is a marvelous and effi cient way to resolve questions. It makes it possible to reach solutions within minutes. In today's "instant" world, this will be very appealing to many. It will no longer be necessary to sit and refl ect and mull over questions day after day. Simply speak and translate Soul Language and the solutions will come immediately. What a wonderful, precious tool! What a generous gift from the Divine! To have solutions come directly to you from the Soul World will end your circling. It also brings all the blessings and benefi ts that the Soul World continually gives.

So, not only will you have the solution to your question, you will also have many other blessings from the Soul World. You may become aware of some of these other blessings immediately. You may become aware of other blessings more gradually. It really is not important when you become aware of these blessings. You have received the blessings and they are part of your soul's journey. When you need to be aware of them, the awareness will come to you. In fact, you could use Soul Language to fi nd out when the proper time will be for you to receive the awareness of the many blessings that accompany every solution and every response that you receive.

When you use Soul Language the way I have described, it is possible to say that you are a divine messenger. After all, what happens when you connect with the Divine and the Soul World through Soul Language? You receive their messages and, in some situations, you convey those messages directly to others. Clearly, this makes you a divine messenger. To be a divine messenger is a great privilege and honor.

In other situations, you will become a divine messenger because the teachings, wisdom, and guidance you receive will become part of you. They will become part of your soul's journey. They will also become part of your conscious awareness. You will live the information, the guidance, and the wisdom that you have received. As you do this, you become the presence of that guidance, wisdom, and teaching. You become their messengers. You become a divine messenger. You become this divine messenger in every aspect of daily life. Everything is infl uenced and touched by it. Sometimes you will be very conscious that this is what is happening. Sometimes in your conversations with others you will hear words coming out of your mouth and you will wonder to yourself, "Who is talking?" At these moments, you will have the realization that you are expressing what you have received through Soul Language and that what is coming out of your mouth is from the Divine. It is from the Soul World. And this experience will be one that will help you to appreciate what it means to be a divine messenger.

The more frequently you use Soul Language, the more messages, teachings, guidance, and wisdom you will receive. This makes it possible for you to become a divine messenger of an ever higher frequency, vibration, and quality. It also makes it possible for you to share more profound messages with those around you.

This explanation will help elucidate what I said earlier about giving service through the use of Soul Language. This is a somewhat obvious example of giving service. There are numerous other examples. This particular possibility is a special treasure because, as you have the awareness that the source of what you are sharing is definitely from the Soul World, your appreciation for this wonderful tool will increase. Your connection on a conscious level will move to a higher standing. Having this awareness on a conscious level is very important. Not only will you be able to observe in your conversations that the information, wisdom, and teachings are from another source, you will also appreciate this in your daily responses. All of these things are blessings received from the Soul World and the Divine.

Soul Language is also a treasure for meditation. You can make whatever request you like of your Soul Language. You may want to open your Message Center, strengthen your Lower Dan Tian, or enter the condition of universal unconditional love. You may want to enter the condition of emptiness. Whatever it is, request it and then begin to use Soul Language. As you use Soul Language, you will connect with your request on the level of the soul, on the level of the Divine, and on the level of the entire Soul World. As you continue to chant Soul Language, your request will become part of your meditation.

When you use Soul Language, it is like turning on a water faucet. Do not have expectations. As soon as expectations enter, it is like turning the water faucet off. This comparison makes it perfectly clear why expectations cannot enter into your meditations or anything else for that matter. Using Soul Language for meditation gives you the possibility of entering into your request on the level of the soul of your request. This is an extraordinary and boundless possibility. Allow yourself to receive what is given to you and receive it with complete gratitude. Whatever happens for you during your time of meditation is exactly what the Soul World desires to give to you at that moment.

Continue to use Soul Language and focus on your request. As you use Soul Language, you may become aware of a shift in your consciousness. You may become aware of messages connected to your request. When this happens, you can stop the Soul Language and connect with the awareness and with the messages, because these are gifts that you are being given at that moment.

There is an enormous difference between receiving messages that come from the use of Soul Language and the distractions that many people experience during their time of meditation. The difference is very clear. The distractions fall into the category of logical thinking. When you are distracted, it is as if your mind is jumping around like a fl ea. When this happens, you are not experiencing messages from the Divine and the Soul World. Divine Soul World messages are accompanied by deep, profound, and transforming peace.

If you experience distractions, treat them as gifts and teachers. Do not become upset. Do not try to push them away. Respond to them with gratitude and continue with your Soul Language. When you do this often enough during your time of meditation, you will begin to experience a change in the quality of your meditation. You will begin to enter into the condition of your request.

Once again, it is very important to avoid having expectations. Expectations will stop the process faster than almost anything else. From the example of turning off the water faucet, it is clear what happens when expectations enter the picture. A way to avoid expectations is to use this precious tool of Soul Language. You can even respond to your expectations the way that you do to your distractions. Thank them. Receive them as a gift and a teacher, for they truly are teachers. They have great wisdom to share with you. When you respond in this way, your expectations and distractions actually become guides and helpers in your meditation process. Using Soul Language to gain wisdom from your expectations and distractions is a wonderful way to accelerate the process of having them become your guides and helpers.

I have identifi ed many benefi ts of using Soul Language. There are more; however, the ones I have mentioned and explained are those that will make great differences in your soul's journey. They are ones that are clear and easily understood and appreciated. As you begin to experience the benefi ts that I have described, you will also become aware of other benefi ts in your own personal soul journey. These are precious and priceless gifts from the Divine, and the wonderful thing about these gifts is that the more they are used, the more they increase. This is another example of divine generosity. Use Soul Language often and you will experience the reality of all these benefits in your life.


You have probably noticed the many times that I have mentioned gratitude in these pages. The importance of gratitude cannot be stressed strongly enough. When you approach your life from the perspective of gratitude, everything looks different. Your experiences begin to feel different. In fact, all of your life will be a most profound experience of transformation.

It is somewhat similar to a kaleidoscope. Think of all the colored pieces that are in the kaleidoscope. If you simply put those pieces on a table in front of you, that's all there is to look at: a collection of beautiful pieces of colored glass. They are simply scattered colored pieces of glass.

When you put those same pieces in a kaleidoscope, they become an exquisite, ever- changing pattern. They then become a source of delight and enjoyment. Similarly, when you look at all of your experiences through the lens of gratitude, instead of seeing separate, fragmented events, you see beautiful patterns that are a source of great delight and enjoyment. This is a very good comparison to keep in mind: gratitude can act as a kaleidoscope for your life.

When you respond to the events of your life with gratitude, you will see seemingly negative events in a completely different way. You will begin to perceive these events as gifts and as very special wisdom fi gures. This is especially true when the events are particularly difficult or painful. This is part of the process of the soul's journey. When something particularly diffi cult has been ongoing in your life, it reveals to you an aspect of yourself that needs to be transformed into light. That aspect may have been part of your present life for many, many years. It may have been part of your soul's journey and your soul memories for many lifetimes.

When this is the case, transformation will often be diffi cult. It will require very conscious and consistent effort on your part. When these events or situations come to your awareness, and you look at them from the perspective of gratitude, there is a very deep and profound realization that you have been given a gift. This is a very special wisdom teacher in your life. What other response can there be to an exquisite gift and the presence of a profound wisdom teacher? When you begin to consider "troublesome" events in this way, the only appropriate response is gratitude. Let me give you an example to help clarify what I mean.

When you are resisting a teaching or when you have a strong negative response to a certain individual, this indicates that this is a gift and teacher. When these events are received with gratitude, you become conscious of an underlying pattern in your life that you have had for many years. Very frequently these patterns are identifi ed as virtues. For example, the quality of honesty is held in great regard by many people. People who value this quality highly are often individuals who want to be identifi ed with this special virtue. They connect their personality with this quality. Now I want to be very clear that honesty is, in fact, extremely important. In no way am I suggesting that you can treat honesty lightly. It is an important quality that needs to be part of everyone's life in a very concrete and practical way.

What I am talking about is the type of response to honesty that carries what I call an emotional "charge" — the kind of honesty that gets people angry or agitated. When you create this kind of response, you have left the virtue and moved into the connection between this very important quality and your personality. This is the clearest signal that you are now dealing with an ego issue. It is not really connected to the quality of honesty at all. Honesty has been your way of protecting an aspect of your personality that truly needs healing. This realization will make your soul journey and your healing journey much simpler. The realization that you have actually used honesty as a way of protecting and defending your ego is a precious gift. It truly is an exquisite wisdom teacher.

When you come to this realization, it is next necessary to release your ego attachment. This can be done by chanting Soul Language. It can be done by being grateful for the gift received. All of these approaches are profoundly effective. It can also be done by going into the condition of divine gratitude and, in this condition, offering gratitude to the awareness you have just received. This is a very powerful practice.

Let's do this practice together now:

Dear soul, mind, and body of my mind, I love you.

Dear soul, mind, and body of my ego, I love you.

Dear soul, mind, and body of my Soul Language, I love you.

I realize that my ego has created some blockages for my journey.

I am very grateful for this realization.

I ask my ego to release its attachments — to being defensive, to being protective, to having its say, to being "right."

I ask my Soul Language to bless and help my ego and my mind to release their attachments.

I am very grateful.

Thank you.

Now, totally relax. If you have opened and "brought out" your Soul Language, chant your Soul Language for a few minutes. If you cannot speak Soul Language, I will lead you to bring out your Soul Language in the next chapter. For now, chant 3396815 repeatedly in Chinese, San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu, pronounced "sahn sahn joe lew bah yow woo." I will explain the signifi cance of this number sequence, which is a special mantra and a secret code, in the next chapter.

Go into the condition of gratitude, of total gratitude, of divine gratitude for the realizations and insights you have received, for your commitment to remove your own ego and mind blockages, and for the blessings of your Soul Language and 3396815.

After a few minutes, close the practice by saying:

Hao! Hao! Hao!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hao, pronounced "how," means "good, perfect, healthy, strong." All positive wishes are included in that one word. We fi nish by expressing gratitude.

This simple practice will be of great help in transforming what has been an ego attachment to the presence of more profound light in your life. This is an example of how gratitude can touch those areas of your life that need healing.

When you have the awareness that a particular quality has actually become a defense or a protection mechanism, you can offer that area of your life healing blessings. You can go into the condition of unconditional universal love or unconditional universal forgiveness and offer these to whatever your ego has become attached to. Very frequently, those things that are part of your life pattern that are connected to your ego are a manifestation of things that need forgiveness and love. More than likely, when you offer your ego or personality forgiveness and love, you will become conscious of individuals or events in your life that trigger great pain and sorrow. When you offer them unconditional universal love or unconditional universal forgiveness, your healing will be so profound that you will be amazed.

You will likely experience a very deep releasing and be moved to tears. These tears may literally cleanse the wound that has been part of your life for so very long. Allow yourself to truly release these hurts, to truly allow the tears to heal whatever it is that needs healing. These are precious gifts. These are wisdom teachers that are not available in any other way. To have these gifts and these wisdom teachers enter your life is indeed a reason for the most profound and sincere gratitude. When you begin to realize that these diffi cult events introduce you to deep healing and wisdom teachers, you will fi nd it more and more possible to respond with sincere gratitude.

This example will help you appreciate what I have said earlier: when things come into your life that seem negative, diffi cult, or painful, they are actually gifts. They represent your "readiness" to receive healing and the wisdom teachers. If you were to receive the healing or the wisdom teacher directly without this readiness, it could be overwhelming. In the Divine's goodness and tender mercy toward us, we receive only after we have been prepared through the necessary readiness.

What I have said is equally true for things that we resist changing. Resistance to change is most often connected with a mind- set, an attitude, or a belief that may be connected to soul memories. It is difficult to heal soul memories directly but it can be done. Once again, resistance to change is the readiness. It is your introduction to a mind- set, attitude, or belief that needs to be healed and released.

These may appear in your life in a variety of ways. Frequently, they assume the guise of "effi ciency." If you are a professional person, they may show up as one of the hallmarks of your profession that you have worked to develop over the years, perhaps as what is known as "common knowledge." They may appear as a statement that begins, "It is very clear that the best practices are..." and the conclusion of the statement will vary according to your own life pattern. When you begin to notice that you say things like this on a regular basis, it is your indicator that readiness is taking place and that you are being introduced to an exquisite wisdom teacher and a profound healing experience.

Another common statement that signals readiness begins, "People need to talk about these things..." What makes things tricky is that there is some truth in each of these statements. However, when you begin to have an emotional charge connected with your statement, that is a clue that you have left the arena of truth for the arena of a mind- set, attitude, or belief that needs healing. When you have some degree of rigidity about whatever you are expressing, that is another very good clue that you are now receiving the readiness for precious, exquisite healing and profound wisdom teachings.

My previous teaching on healing the hurts in your life applies here also. You can use the same approaches to receive the precious treasures of this gift and teachings. The wonderful result will be the healing of soul memories. When this happens, not only is your soul journey transformed to a most exquisite light and to a higher frequency and vibration, but all of those who were part of those soul memories also have more light become part of their soul journeys. Their soul journeys are literally transformed. This is a very high level of service. It will affect your soul's standing and the soul standing of many others in a profound way.

By now I hope it is easy for you to understand and appreciate why gratitude is very important in your life. I want you to look at gratitude from the perspective of your own personal story during this lifetime and your soul journey through many lifetimes. When you also appreciate gratitude as an essential manifestation of the Divine, your appreciation will be even greater. By "essential manifestation," I mean that gratitude is of the very essence, the very core of the heart, soul, and mind of the Divine. It is of the purest aspect of divine light. To connect with this is deeply transforming. The more frequently you connect with gratitude and the more you become this divine presence, the more you are able to manifest these essential and core aspects of the Divine. This is an incredible privilege and honor.

Becoming aware of this additional role of gratitude in your life will generate even greater gratitude. Expressing gratitude is somewhat like rolling a snowball down a hill. Once you set it in motion, it will grow and accelerate by itself. The momentum of your gratitude will extend and expand the gratitude. This is a wonderful gift from the Divine. As soon as you begin to connect with this quality in your life, as soon as you are able to have it as your fi rst response, you have started the snowball on its way down the hill. Every snowball hits some bumps along the way. It is my hope and my blessing to you that you will respond to those bumps with gratitude — a gratitude that is heartfelt, a gratitude that comes from the depths of your soul, mind, and body. When this happens, you will live and express gratitude as a natural part of who you are and as a natural part of the rhythm of your day.

To enter into the gratitude I have described, the most important key is to be relaxed. When you notice you are resisting something, when there is a degree of rigidity in your responses to events or people, or when something is painful or hurtful to you, it is very important that you allow yourself to become relaxed around that particular awareness. Most often, when you become aware of one of these situations, your immediate response is to become tense, stressed, irritated, angry, or fearful.

As soon as you become aware of one of these reactions, say to yourself, "What I need to do now is to relax." Of course, just saying "I am going to relax, I am going to relax" to yourself might not work. You can in addition speak to the soul of relaxation and ask for its blessing. You can use Soul Language to fi nd out how to relax. You can go into the condition of divine relaxation. Whatever approach you use, as soon as you become aware of your response, use that awareness as your reminder that what is needed at the moment is to become relaxed. Relaxation is the key for opening the door to gratitude. And gratitude is the key for opening the door to transformation.

These are very simple qualities to incorporate into your life, but they will bring about changes on every level of your being. As you practice gratitude, you will become aware that you have more gentleness, increased fl exibility, and more humor and joy in your life. These are all wonderful gifts. They will make an enormous difference in the quality of your daily life. They will also make an enormous difference in the quality, frequency, and vibration of your soul journey and your soul standing. The changes in daily life and in your soul journey are connected and interact. Changes in one facilitate changes in the other. You will become aware of this in your daily life as well. This awareness will help you put into practice the gratitude that I have described in these pages.

Now let me discuss "complaining," which can block gratitude. Complaining can come in very easily identifi able ways. Complaining can also come very subtly into your life. For those who are serious about their soul journey and who are really sincere in their efforts to transform on every level, complaining is one of the fi rst things to eliminate from your life. It is easy to identify those areas where complaining is obvious. It is more diffi cult to identify the more subtle forms of complaining, although I have referred to several of them in the section above.

When you make statements such as "Everyone knows..." or "People need to talk about..." or similar statements, however you complete the sentence, you are actually complaining. These are actually socially acceptable ways of criticizing and complaining, because they camoufl age your complaint. We can rephrase the statement "Everyone knows that..." into one that is obviously a complaint. Turn that statement around and say "Whatever is happening here is all wrong and anyone with an ounce of sense would be able to recognize this." When you transform the statement in this way, it is very easy to recognize it as a complaint or criticism. Avoid making these kinds of statements.

This may be a huge challenge for some. One of the mantras you may have developed in your life is "honesty is a core value to me; my personal integrity is the most important thing in my life." If these happen to be your mantras, you will have a particularly diffi cult time releasing these forms of complaining. When honesty and integrity are not respected in public life, people are shocked. This is just not acceptable in today's society. For this reason, it may be diffi cult to release this form of complaining. For many people, these messages from their cultural setting are very strong and enter easily into their life pattern. However, I suggest that we need to look closely at what is really going on and refl ect on what I have already mentioned — that using these phrases is actually a subtle form of complaining.

Another subtle form of complaining is comparing yourself to someone else. Many people do this frequently throughout the day. Most adults will not admit to doing this because society has taught us that this is not an appropriate response to another person's accomplishments. But whether or not the comparison is voiced out loud does not matter. Whenever you compare yourself to someone else, you are actually registering a complaint or a criticism.

You can understand this by turning the statement around. Some of my students say, "My Third Eye ability is not as good as Joyce's. My Third Eye ability is not even close to the ability of Artemas." As soon as you make such a comparison and have a feeling of dissatisfaction, sometimes even sadness, you have strong cues that you have entered into a very subtle form of complaining or criticizing.

Let me turn those statements around for you. The "statement behind the statement" could be something like this: "Dear Divine, you have given Joyce such wonderful Third Eye ability but what you've given to me isn't so good and I am not at all happy with it." Restating the comparison in this way may be a little shocking. I don't think there is one person reading this book who would actually say such a thing to the Divine. (If you ever do say something like this to the Divine, very quickly follow it with, "I am so sorry. Please forgive me.") So, you can understand why these comparisons truly are complaints and criticisms. They are an indirect way of telling the Divine that the Divine has not really done a very good job in giving you whatever gifts or abilities you have. You are telling the Soul World, your guides, and special protectors that they have not done a very good job.

There are some things you truly cannot do. If you have not studied French and it is not your native language, you cannot speak French. That is an accurate statement. If you have not studied higher mathematics and you do not have this as an intuitive gift, you cannot do calculus or probability theory. That is an accurate statement. Some statements are accurate. Other statements fall into the category of very subtle complaining or criticizing.

Let me give you another example. Say you have been given a task to perform in your job that falls outside your area of competency. Your tendency might be to say, "I cannot do that. I do not have the gifts or abilities to do that." As soon as you make this statement, you are offering those limitations to the Divine. The Divine will receive them and return them to you. This concept is worth reviewing because it is very common. Consider this yet another gift you can receive as readiness for a wonderful healing experience and the introduction to profound wisdom teachers. Everything I have described is part of life. It is part of our human journey. What is very important is to avoid feeling sad, guilty, or frustrated. Replace those emotions with gratitude.

At this point it should be very clear that making these types of statements to the Divine and to the Soul World is not the best way to make progress in your soul journey or to experience improvement and healing at the physical, mental, and emotional levels of your being. I hope these examples of rephrasing the problematic statements will help you avoid this type of complaining and criticizing. I hope they will help you become aware of the many times throughout the day that you may be making these types of comparisons.

By now I have offered you the teaching on gratitude several times. Each time I have presented it, you have also received very powerful blessings that will make it possible for you to put these teachings into practice in your daily life. As you put these teachings into practice, you will experience magnifi cent changes — transformations that you could not imagine. All of these changes and transformations will happen more quickly than you have ever experienced.

Some of my students have had the experience of instant transformation. Almost all of them have said that the changes that have become part of their lives, whether they took place over a few years or, for some, within just a few months, are absolutely unimaginable. They thought that such changes would take many years or perhaps even lifetimes to occur. Following the teachings in these pages will accelerate your soul's journey also. Receiving the blessings in these pages will make a profound difference in every aspect of your life.

Copyright © 2007, 2008 by Heaven's Library Publication Corp. and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Customer Reviews

Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 63 reviews.
DaoTemple on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Dr. Sha offers innumerable pearls of wisdom in this book for everyone, especially those practicing the healing arts. Two of my favorite techniques are Soul Language and Soul Movement. Soul Language is the language of your soul. Healers have used this techniques for thousands of years, but only now is it being taught to the average person, who can use it to improve any aspect of their life. Soul Movement is soul guided movement that brings your body back into balance, promoting health. The profound wisdom which Dr. Sha shares is that this movement can connect with the movement of the universe before time; therein lies its power!The book is easy to read and filled with spiritual secrets which anyone can learn and apply it to their life. I have listened to the audio book several times and each time, I learn something new.
victorianrose869 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
9-13-2008I¿ve been interested in any and all forms of spiritual learning, healing and self-improvement for many years, even the so-called `hokey¿ concepts that have popped up from time to time such as Rhonda Byrne¿s `The Secret¿. I actually found `The Secret¿ to an amazingly helpful tool for re-tuning my thoughts and actions and becoming more positive, self-aware and self-empowering, and I¿d hoped for more of the same from Dr. Sha¿s particular form of meditation and inner spiritual work. Right from the beginning, though, I was a little disappointed and on my guard. Although ironically enough I do not doubt his sincerity at all ¿ he comes across as honest and genuine in his belief about what he¿s imparting ¿ his references to ¿divine downloads¿ and love, love and more love struck me as simplistic and, frankly, unhelpful. His essential message is two-fold: that everything has a soul whether it be animate or inanimate ¿ me, my cat, my coffee mug, the banana I had at lunch ¿ and that we¿re moving beyond our current age of the mind and into an age of the soul, where we will all communicate with each other and everything with our souls, utilizing soul language, soul dance, soul music and soul movement. It's actually a compelling idea and he half had my attention for a while, but the rest of the book was basically just a series of simple chanting and mental exercises that I didn¿t find all that helpful, although I may still give a few of them a try, particularly those that focus on healing. It could be that I¿m just too self-centered to be much moved by the idea of `soul communication¿ to begin with, because I'm at a point in my life right now where the idea of communicating on a 'soul' level with masses of other people, in particular, is anathema. That will perhaps come later, but I'm not there yet. Right now I¿m more focused on myself - my own self-improvement and inward searching, before I can take that outward. Therefore, I think a person's reaction to this book may just depend on where he or she is on their own individual spiritual journey. All in all it¿s a decent exercise into an interesting concept, if you¿re open to it. Dr. Sha does come across as an engaging and passionate person, almost child-like in his eagerness and pure joy. He would certainly be an interesting person to meet and talk with.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Walks in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Walks in looking around* (might dissappear.)
MG3396815 More than 1 year ago
This book will give you the tools to heal and transform your life. Teach you to connect to the soul world so that you can gain even more wisdom. I have used the techniques that Dr. Sha teaches in this book daily for years. I highly recommend this book and to follow up with Soul Communications. Love and blessings to you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jaylene More than 1 year ago
I have now re-read Soul Wisdom three times. Each time I read it I find something new I missed the first time. As a health care worker,the teachings in this book have given me new tools to assist others in healing themselves.

When a patient comes in with neck shoulder back pain, I know "Soul Tapping" will give immediate results to reduce the tension in their muscles and surrounding tissue,which in turn decreases their pain significantly.

I've also used this method on myself after a long day of work with excellent results. Another chapter teaches soul dance and movement which can be used while awake or sleeping. What a wonderful way to rejuvinate your entire body right down to the cells.

I highly recommended reading this and any other Dr. Sha book releases, they will give you new ways to look at life and to change your life.

Jaylene H.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been reading and practicing the wisdom from Dr Sha's books for 6 1/2 years. It has changed my life. I have been a serious student of Dr. Sha for 2 1/2 years. This book with the CD and self healing blessings and teachings within is the best.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Soul Wisdom is an amazing book rich in teachings on how to enter direct communication with the Divine in order to heal, purify and uplift our selves, humanity and the Earth. The tools described in the book are simple & easy to use. They can help us bring transformation in our daily life and the life of others. Every time I read a new chapter I felt uplifted, filled with joy & much more connected with my soul. This book is an inspiration to us all and my infinite gratitude and love goes to Master Sha. Francoise ¿ Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Guest More than 1 year ago
For the spiritual master or the neophyte, Master Sha offers accessible brief spiritual practices that are powerful and transformative. Even if you do not believe in his philosophy yet, the practices are effective. This paperback edition is a turn-key system: spiritual downloads/transmissions are included, as is a Soul Song CD for healing and transformation. Truely, this is the bargain of the century. Don't be misled, and equate the slender price with the valuable treasure contained. Take Soul Wisdom out for a test spin! Try out even one practice, listen to the soul song. Trust your experience. Once learned these practices can be done anywhere at anytime, without a teacher or the book. The practices can be shared with anyone. This new paperback edition has my highest recommendation!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Soul Wisdom contains within the pages secret and sacred wisdom about the power of the Soul. Soul Wisdom brings to the world practical and powerful techniques that can transform you and all aspects of your life. The Soul has incredible wisdom to share with all of us. The deepest wisdom the Soul teaches us is who we are. We are unconditional love. It is through our awakening to the power of the Soul that we deeply come to know ourselves, the Divine and ALL SOULS. We are unconditional love. We are one. When we connect Soul to Soul with ALL Souls, we are creating oneness. The Soul Light Era is the time that All Souls will join as one in love, peace and harmony. We are one. With Soul Wisdom, we now have the tools to create oneness. Thank you Master Sha! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Soul Wisdom teaches you how to connect Soul to Soul through Soul Language, Soul Song, Soul Movement, Soul Tapping and Soul Dance. Using these Soul Power techniques are deeply empowering. I invite you to open your heart and mind and ignite your Soul¿s journey with Soul Wisdom. There is a wonderful Chinese saying- ¿If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it¿. You can now experience the power of the Soul with Dr. Sha¿s newest paperback edition of Soul Wisdom. This new edition contains within it 2 powerful Divine Souls: Divine Soul Language, and Divine Soul Language Translation. These 2 Divine Souls can ignite your Soul¿s journey to Enlightenment and further your Enlightenment. This edition also includes a very beautiful and powerful Soul Song CD for healing the brain and spinal column. I highly recommend ALL of Master Sha¿s books- Power Healing, Soul Mind Body Medicine, and Soul Communication. Each will ignite your Soul¿s journey. Dr. and Master Sha has dedicated his life to serving ALL Souls. Come experience his love, care and compassion for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You can receive blessings just by reading this wonderful book. Those on a healing and enlightenment path will find many treasures to help further their life's journey. You can transform your life. The essence of the Soul Healing, Soul Language, Soul Tapping, and so much more are explained in simple language. You will easily understand the power of these practices. The MP3 CD is included as a special gift from Master Sha -- A Soul Song for Healing and Rejuvenation of the Brain and Spinal column. These soul secrets are being revealed now to transform the consciousness of humanity and bring love, peace, and harmony to the world and beyond.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life This is a genuine guide for all of us who have applied the soul healing system from Soul Mind Body Medicine. This book of the Soul Power Series, empowers us to transform and heal ourselves and others. It provides us with wisdom, knowledge along with practices that enable our souls to awaken and increase our awareness into deeper levels of consciousness. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn and practice these unique healing tools: Soul language, Soul Song, Soul Movement Soul Tapping, and Soul Dance. During these last few weeks of continuous practice, I am much more energetic, happier and loving life again. Jyoti Jenkins
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dr Zhi Gang Sha's Soul Wisdom is a unique literary gem that contains the energy of divine wisdom and intelligence to offer healing, enlightenment and hope to humanity. Reading this work is a transformational experience and one that will leave the reader forever changed and enhanced by the experience. There are many titles under the personal/transformation and self help genre but Soul Wisdom is in a class of its own. This book brings together the wisdom of one of the world's greatest modern Masters with the gift of divine treasures enabling us to tap into healing gifts that have been previously unknown to humanity.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Every sentence takes on a life...this then transforms & evolves each time you read. This book is definately one of those treasures to be read & re-read. The ultra practicle gifts & practices revealed in it's pages grow with the practitioner/reader. To my amazement & delight, I find this book to be a great source of comfort & keep it close, randomly checking for messages & using it as a healing tool. What I resonate with the most is...that the wisdom in these pages belongs to & is 'familiar' to everyone! Developing your special relationship to yourself, others & the source. No dogma...only pure ever changable wisdom & pure love.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing book. Everything is made clear on how to heal yourself and others. You can heal your body, your relationships, your finances, all aspects of your life. This is truly a great blessing that Master Sha has given us this wonderful book and all the insights we need to take charge of your wellbeing at all levels. Read it, you will not regret. May you heal yourself with easy and speed. all the best Jennifer
Guest More than 1 year ago
I never thought healing and rejuvenation could be so much fun. Purify your soul, mind, and body while you sing 'or even while you sleep, thanks to Dr. Sha's Soul Song healing CD included with the book'. The wisdom went even deeper at Dr.Sha's recent Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat in Quebec. Dr. Sha just released to humanity Divine Soul Songs of Yin Yang and Five Elements. I couldn't believe how much better my body felt after just a couple of days of chanting these songs. You can learn them right on the doctor's website and begin chanting your way to healing, transformation, and rejuvenation right away. Let us all sing Soul Song together and purify the entire planet. Love, Peace and Harmony.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hello, I am still very pleased with this book, Soul Wisdom. I had read the hardback and now am reading the paper with the added cd. The book is so simple to follow and has so many great ways to heal yourself and others in your life. Some might think that this is too simple or how can it work when Master Sha wears glasses and is not perfect in every way? I say give it a try and see what happens. As the old saying goes...' How can you tell if the pear is sweet unless you taste it' Well I have tasted this pear and I have witnessed many healing experiences on myself and on others along with a few that didn't seem to get much help. Well that's ok, maybe next time. I am just very grateful that I have seen so many positive results and that this book is so easily read, so clear and so simple. Now this new release has the cd that can also assist. I am getting several copies for future gifts. I am so very excited about sharing this message. the information in the book opens my heart.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This Soul Wisdom book is like balsam for our souls. After reading it, you feel such inner peace and contentment because you just ¿know¿ deep inside that this simple but profound wisdom is the essential key of transformation! It is perfect truth in essence and simplicity no need to ¿elaborate' further! This straightforward but profound wisdom touches powerfully the core of you. It sooths the yearning in all of us for deep wisdom and knowledge that help us realize why we are here in Mother Earth. It gives us the tools to apply them in our life in order to transform ourselves, and in so doing, affecting and transforming those around us in a profound way because as we transform and allow more light into our lives, there is more light in the lives of those we touch and are connected with. This book offers something so unique and powerful, unheard of before: a ¿divine tool,¿ a divine transmission to help us transform faster every time we apply it... Every time you read it, you ¿get it¿ a little bit deeper and from another angle and perspective. I have been able to look at situations in my life from a different angle -almost like an observer- and that has enabled me to transform those mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs that had to be transformed to advance further in my spiritual path, helping on the way others. What an incredible treasure we have been given! May this gem of a book help you transform at all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical because they are all connected the way we are all connected to one another. May it touch you the way it has touched me, Gloria Muhlebach
Guest More than 1 year ago
Another book written by Master Sha and already a success, what I like about the book is how simple it is to read and understand, you do not have to have any kind of College or University degree to understand the contents of all the chapters written in this book. It is so simple to follow the exercises and gain all the wisdom given in this book that sometimes it is hard to believe that something like that can actually heal us. It also gives wisdom that transform your life. Since I have done many of the exercises in all of Master Sha¿s books for over 3 years, I know that they work but we have to do them talking about it is not enough. We have to be dedicated to practice these exercises in order to be able to heal any kind of illnesses that we may have, and if we don¿t have any illnesses, we can use these exercises to rejuvenate our organs or systems. There is also a nice surprise in this book, a CD with nice music to help us heal while playing it on our computer while we work in the office or at home. I recommend this book to all who are open to heal themselves.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Soul Wisdom is truly a gift for all. If you have been waiting for a Divine Blessing then this is the book for you. It has practical tools that will transform your life and all who enter it. If you are ready to recieve the blessing then the time is now...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life is filled with incredible wisdom and practical tools to help you heal and transform all aspects of your life, those around you, and Mother Earth. In this book, Dr. Sha teaches us how to use the power of our soul to heal, rejuvenate, and transform. Dr. Sha teaches us how to bring out our Soul Language. Many people may not know that our soul has its own unique language. I have been at many events where Dr. Sha taught people how to bring out their Soul Language. The joy that people felt at those moments is beyond words. Your soul can also sing and dance. In Soul Wisdom, Dr. Sha teaches us how to use and practice Soul Song and Soul Dance. In addition to the ability to heal, Soul Song and Soul Dance bring great inner peace and joy. One of the recurring themes in this book is that our souls want to serve. This book gives many easy, practical tools that you can use to serve humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. One of the beauties of these tools is that you can offer service from wherever you are. There are no limits! While you sing Soul Songs, do Soul Dance, Soul Tapping, and Soul Movement you can offer service. I highly recommend this book to everyone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Surprise gifts are hidden in the new paperback release of Soul Wisdom from Atria Books. This beloved book, which shares ancient secrets, now has the added benefits of permanent Soul Downloads to each reader and a special CD for Healing and Rejuvenation. Master Sha delivers the secrets and wisdom of how to activate these new treasures within your soul. A favorite book is now even more special in its offerings.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This new paperback version of the best-selling 'Soul Wisdom' offers even more. The hardcover offered ancient spiritual secrets for sound, movement and 'tapping' for healing. This new version, while less expensive, also includes divine 'downloads' or transmissions of energy which open up these spiritual channels. It used to be that one had to scale the Himalayas to find a guru or lama who would transmit this kind of spiritual power - and many of us have done this. Now, all you have to do is read the book and do a bit of spiritual practice to activate the gifts. Why is it so simple now. Master Sha explains that the divine has asked him to make these treasures available with all haste due to the immense changes that we are undergoing in our planetary evolution. As a massage therapist, I make my living offering healing to others, and I can tell you that these techniques work. I use them all the time with my clients, and I was recently rated number one in customer satisfaction at one of Hawaii's most popular spas. Why? because these things work. Using these techniques completely transformed the massage work I do. My clients love it! Try them for yourself and see!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sometimes you only think of mysteries or action books as page turners. With Soul Wisdom I just wanted to keep on reading. To think that such possibilities for upliftment are available in the time makes me glad that I live in this time and such universal wisdom and enlightenment are open for all to receive. Thank you Dr. Sha