Squeezebox: The Complete Works of

Squeezebox: The Complete Works of "Weird Al" Yankovic [12]

by "Weird Al" Yankovic"Weird Al" Yankovic

CD(Canadian Import)

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Squeeze Box is the crowning achievement in the career of Weird Al Yankovic: a 15-disc box set containing every one of his 14 studio albums, each of them remastered, along with a disc of rarities recorded throughout the entirety of his career. As far as the bonus disc goes, it's heavy on latter-day material recorded for film and TV, which is amusing -- particularly his send-up of "Jack & Diane" for The Simpsons -- but the true treasure of the rarities disc is hearing the original demo of "Yoda," the unreleased "Taxman" parody "Pac-Man," the Capitol single version of "My Bologna," and the unheard original "Take Me Down." That said, breaking Squeeze Box down to individual components doesn't make a lot of sense, as the box is meant to be considered as a whole. Listening to the Weird Al oeuvre, it becomes impressive that he not only maintained a career as pop parodist for over 30 years, but also that he got better making records as he got older. Still, the real attraction of Squeeze Box is its packaging. Housed in a plastic replica of Yankovic's signature accordion, the box grabs attention and the booklet is gorgeous, filled with memorabilia and rare photos. For hardcore Weird Al fans, these bells and whistles are reason enough to purchase this set, as it's a celebration of Yankovic's music and how their own fandom played a part in his legacy.

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Release Date: 12/08/2017
Label: Imports
UPC: 0889853067022
catalogNumber: 5306702
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Disc 1

  1. Ricky
  2. Gotta Boogie
  3. I Love Rocky Road
  4. Buckingham Blues
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. Stop Draggin' My Car Around
  7. My Bologna
  8. The Check's in the Mail
  9. Another One Rides the Bus
  10. I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
  11. Such a Groovy Guy
  12. Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung

Disc 2

  1. Eat It
  2. Midnight Star
  3. The Brady Bunch
  4. Buy Me a Condo
  5. I Lost on Jeopardy
  6. Polkas on 45:Beer Barrel Polka/Jocko Homo/Smoke on the Water/Sex (I'm A
  7. Mr. Popeil
  8. King of Suede
  9. That Boy Could Dance
  10. Theme From Rocky XIII
  11. Nature Trail to Hell

Disc 3

  1. Like a Surgeon
  2. Dare to Be Stupid
  3. I Want a New Duck
  4. One More Minute
  5. Yoda
  6. George of the Jungle
  7. Slime Creatures From Outer Space
  8. Girls Just Want to Have Lunch
  9. This Is the Life
  10. Cable TV
  11. Hooked on Polkas:12th Street Rag/State of Shcok/Sharp Dressed Man/What'

Disc 4

  1. Living With a Hernia
  2. Dog Eat Dog
  3. Addicted to Spuds
  4. One of Those Days
  5. Polka Party!: Sledgehammer/Sussudio/Party All the Time/Say You. Say Me/
  6. Here's Johnny
  7. Don't Wear Those Shoes
  8. Toothless People
  9. Good Enough for Now
  10. Christmas at Ground Zero

Disc 5

  1. Fat
  2. Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White
  3. (This Song's Just) Six Words Long
  4. You Make Me
  5. I Think I'm a Clone Now
  6. Lasagna
  7. Melanie
  8. Alimony
  9. Velvet Elvis
  10. Twister
  11. Good Old Days

Disc 6

  1. Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
  2. Gandhi II
  3. Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars
  4. Isle Thing
  5. The Hot Rocks Polka: It's Only Rock ' n Roll (But I Like It)/Brown Sugar/Yo
  6. UHF
  7. Let Me Be Your Hog
  8. She Drives Like Crazy
  9. Generic Blues
  10. Spatula City
  11. Fun Zone
  12. Spam
  13. The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

Disc 7

  1. Smells Like Nirvana
  2. Trigger Happy
  3. I Can't Watch This
  4. Polka Your Eyes Out: Cradle of Love/Tom's Diner/Love Shack/Clarinet Pol
  5. I Was Only Kidding
  6. The White Stuff
  7. When I Was Your Age
  8. Taco Grande
  9. Airline Amy
  10. The Plumbing Song
  11. You Don't Love Me Anymore
  12. [Untitled]
  13. [Untitled]

Disc 8

  1. Jurassic Park
  2. Young, Dumb & Ugly
  3. Bedrock Anthem
  4. Frank's 2000" TV
  5. Achy Breaky Song
  6. Traffic Jam
  7. Talk Soup
  8. Livin' in the Fridge
  9. She Never Told Me She Was a Mime
  10. Harvey the Wonder Hamster
  11. Waffle King
  12. Bohemian Polka

Disc 9

  1. Amish Paradise
  2. Everything You Know Is Wrong
  3. Cavity Search
  4. Callin' in Sick
  5. The Alternative Polka:Loser/Sex Type Thing/All I Wanna Do/Coser.Bang and Bl
  6. Since You've Been Gone
  7. Gump
  8. I'm So Sick of You
  9. Syndicated Inc.
  10. I Remember Larry
  11. Phony Calls
  12. The Night Santa Went Crazy

Disc 10

  1. The Saga Begins
  2. My Baby's in Love With Eddie Vedder
  3. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
  4. The Weird Al Show Theme
  5. Jerry Springer
  6. Germs
  7. Ghett Supastar (That Is What You Are)/Everybody (Backstreet's Back)/Wal
  8. Your Horoscope for Today
  9. It's All About the Pentiums
  10. Truck Drivin' Song
  11. Grapefruit Diet
  12. Albuquerque

Disc 11

  1. Couch Potato
  2. Hardware Store
  3. Trash Day
  4. Party at the Leper Colony
  5. Angry White Boy Polka: Last Resort/Chop Suey!/Get Free/Hate to Say I To
  6. Wanna B Ur Lovr
  7. A Complicated Song
  8. Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
  9. Ode to aSuperhero
  10. Bob
  11. EBay
  12. Genius in France

Disc 12

  1. White & Nerdy
  2. Pancreas
  3. Canadian Idiot
  4. I'll Sue Ya
  5. Polkarama!:Chicken Dance/Let's Get it Started/Take Me Out/Beverly Hills
  6. Virus Alert
  7. Confessions Part III
  8. Weasel Stomping Day
  9. Close But No Cigar
  10. Do I Creep You Out
  11. Trapped in the Drive-Thru
  12. Don't Download This Song

Disc 13

  1. Perform This Way
  2. CNR
  3. TMZ
  4. Skipper Dan
  5. Polka Face:Liechtensteiner Polka/Poker Face/Womanizer/Right Round/Day '
  6. Craigslist
  7. Party in the CIA
  8. Ringtone
  9. Another Tattoo
  10. If That Isn't Love
  11. Whatever You Like
  12. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me

Disc 14

  1. Handy
  2. Lame Claim to Fame
  3. Foil
  4. Sports Song
  5. Word Crimes
  6. My Own Eyes
  7. Now That's What I Call Polka!: Too Aft Polka/Wrecking Ball/Pumped Up Ki
  8. Mission Statement
  9. Inactive
  10. First World Problems
  11. Tacky
  12. Jackson Park Express

Disc 15

  1. Take Me Down
  2. My Bologna
  3. Yoda (Demo)
  4. Dr. Demento Jingle
  5. Pac-Man
  6. Dare to Be Stupid
  7. Jurashiku Park
  8. Headline News
  9. Since You've Been Gone (Karaoke)
  10. The Night Santa Went Crazy
  11. Spy Hard
  12. Lousy Haircut
  13. Homer and Marge
  14. The Brain Song
  15. 30 Rock Theme Parody
  16. Super Duper Party Pony
  17. Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye
  18. Let the Pun Fit The Crime
  19. Hey, Hey, We're the Monks
  20. Comedy, Bang! Bang! Theme
  21. It's My World (and We're All Living in It)
  22. Beat on the Brat
  23. Happy Birthday

Album Credits

Performance Credits

"Weird Al" Yankovic   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Harmonica,Piano,Accordion,Glockenspiel,Harpsichord,Horn,Keyboards,Theremin,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Vibraslap,Vibes,Toy Piano,Bass Harmonica
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Glove   scratching
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Viola   Banjo
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Christopher Bridges   Composer
Ed Robertson   Composer
William Gibbons   Composer
Hakeem Seriki   Composer
James T. Brown   Composer
Timothy Lever   Composer
Michael Percy   Composer
Ross MacLean   Composer
Sean Jacobs   Composer
Stan Worth   Composer
Josh Mosser   Composer
Kevin Johnston   Composer
Clifford Harris   Composer
Richard "Biff" Stannard   Composer
David Diamond   Composer
Artis Ivey   Composer
Matthew Shafer   Composer
Paul Thomson   Composer
Robby Krieger   Composer
Jeffrey Hyman   Composer
Alberto Slezynger   Composer
James Peterik   Composer
Eddie Humphrey   Composer
Douglas Colvin   Composer
Jaime Gomez   Composer
John Crawford   Composer
Stephen Moccio   Composer
Armando Perez   Composer
Tramar Dillard   Composer
Tracy Ackerman   Composer
Stephen Coy   Composer
Alisha Brooks   Composer
Kisean Anderson   Composer
Jason Desrouleaux   Composer
Christopher Henderson   Composer
Melanie Chisholm   Composer
Andy Watkins   Composer
Kamaljit Jhooti   Composer
Charles L. Brown   Composer
David Navarro   Composer
Terence Graves   Composer
Marquese Ethridge   Composer
Rudi von Der Dovenmühle   Composer
Steven Chamberlin   Composer
Alexander Paul Kapranos Huntley   Composer
Allan Grigg   Composer
Justin Franks   Composer
John Baldwin   Composer
Ronald Lenhoff   Composer
Saul Hudson   Composer
Ed Drewett   Composer
Stephen Jenkins   Composer
Jef Martens   Composer
Robert Kelly   Composer
Skyler Gordy   Composer
Keidran Jones   Composer
George Pajon   Composer
Christine Flores   Composer
Steve Kmak   Composer
Sam Rivers   Composer
Allan Pineda   Composer
David Westwood   Logo Design
Alexander Grant   Composer
Jeff Richmond   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Joern Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen   Composer
Priscilla Hamilton   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer
Terius Nash   Composer
Jeppe Laursen   Composer
Sandy Berman   Sound Effects
Keri Oskar   Composer
Paul Blair   Composer
Mark Foster   Composer
Erin Beck   Composer
Jeremy Skaler   Composer
Nick Plotquin   Photo Production
Jeffrey Bass   Composer
Jonathan Rotem   Composer
William Adams   Composer
Annie Stoll   Art Direction
Kurtis McKenzie   Composer
Clive Muldoon   Composer
Ben McKee   Composer
Wayne Sermon   Composer
Jeffrey Cohen   Composer
Tavish Crowe   Composer
Kevin Iannello   Composer
William Champion   Composer
Jamie Sanderson   Composer
William Wainwright   Composer
Ivan Doroschuk   Composer
Ben Haggerty   Composer
Luis Edgardo Resto   Composer
Charlotte Aitchison   Composer
Amethyst Kelly   Composer
Park Jae-Sang   Composer
Ella Yelich O'Connor   Composer
Keon Hyung Yoo   Composer
Michael Fratantuno   Composer
David Listenbee   Composer
Breyan Stanley Isaac   Composer
Alexander Lansang   Illustrations
Gene Kirkwood   Producer
Daniel Ingram   Composer,Producer
Trevor Smith   Composer
Scott Storch   Composer
Hollywood Legend Productions   Programming
Kimberly Jones   Composer
Ria Del Rosario   Illustrations
Jonathan Shave   Composer
Jonathan Mark Buckland   Composer
Nikeshia Briscoe   Composer
Henry Walter   Composer
Jon Lord   Composer
Joey Cagle   Composer
Boff Whalley   Composer
David Jolicoeur   Composer
Walter Morrison   Composer
Michael Ross   Composer
Joe Earley   Composer
Stanley Guski   Composer
Francisco Angones   Composer
Dave Brent Flowers   Composer
Amy Keating Rogers   Composer
Rafael Akinyei   Composer
Deren Getz   Producer
Rogerio Nogueira   Cover Illustration
Robert Richie   Composer
Jake Hooker   Composer
John Cummings   Composer

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