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Our purpose in writing this book is to open the eyes and ears of the public in regard to understanding and using better more advanced ways to have and share an ancient technology that is noninvasive. The sooner that people arrive at the apex of understanding why they have not known about this type of highly charged energy before, the more prone they will be to further investigate, research and put into practice the unlimited ability of this form energy to not only enhance their own lives, but to further Create, develop and apply pure techniques for the betterment of all of mankind. Since the inception of what we consider to be modern science, “western science” in Greece so many millennia ago, we have pursued knowledge with one eye closed. Sure we can see everything going on around us, but there’s no depth to it. Human science has, by necessity, separated itself from the spirit. In order to define itself as an institution of truth, it had to remain separate from religion, which historically has been interested in anything but truth.

The Electrophysiology of Light - In our opinion, the terms “love and light” are not completely understood by Earthizens. We shall not discuss the “love” term but will patiently explain and expound upon the “light,” for it is an integral part of the molecular structure. I once explained to all, that contrary to what the medical doctors and scientists believe and teach, human life in particular, is not predicated upon the composition of water in the physical body, rather it is-

Free Form Energy-Conduit to the Future - Throughout all my many diverse conversations with my colleagues one of our main topics of heated debates, have been energy conservation and the creation of new energies to replace the depleted ones, those that have been overworked or diluted. Some in our group are mainstream scientists, one is an astrophysicist. We have the best interests of the planet at heart. One part though that does not stymie us, is the covert systems that are politically backed for withholding vital information from the public regarding energy. This is a deplorable situation that only seems to be worsening.

Telluric Energy and Earth Currents - Since ancient times humanity has been aware that there are currents of energy that run through the crust of the earth. This is free energy in its purest form. This is universal energy that is translated through the earth into useable electrical energy. . So why is no one using it? Because free energy doesn’t make anyone rich.

Earth Batteries -comprehensive instructions- find the best location at your site, the best configuration of the cells, whatever gives you the most power.

Removing the Negative Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Body -Electromagnetic radiation is an unfortunate byproduct of modern technology. Pretty much any electronic device in use today emits an electromagnetic field as a byproduct of its energy usage. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes magnetic alignments to occur in the body that do not occur naturally. Keep in mind that every red blood cell in your body carries Iron within it.

The TA - Transfiguration Accelerator - Includes blueprints and assembly instructions) The Matrix in a very real sense can be explained as a person whose total “Self” has integrated with the Transfiguration Accelerator, thus producing the optimum alterations required for a metamorphosis. This transformation process occurs as the individual and the TA function as one balanced entity. This event is the cumulative effect of combining the energy of the body, mind and Spirit of the person with the highly charged ionic energies of the TA. This results in the transfiguration of the molecules of energy which are present within the human mind. The mind then can transcend the mundane and focus on the desired effects of the energies of either “healing” or “empowerment.”

Dowsing – Other perspectives - It's an ancient art used for finding water, buried treasure and even missing people. What and how it works, the methods and tools and how you can learn.

Divining Rods- Construction, Programming & Use - Our Copper divining rods are tipped with small Brazilian crystals. They are fantastic instruments for not only locating items, but for receiving answers to questions.

Magnetic Alignment and technique -A simple way to test or reveal personal or global magnetic fields which do certainly impact upon mortal life. Years ago data was given to me regarding a very simple experiment which would reveal personal and global information of the electromagnetic energy affecting an individual and the planet. This can be understood with the use of a simple pendulum so you can see it for yourself.

Pendulums - Proper Usage & Programming

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