Starving Writers Literary Journal - February 2019: Volume 2

Starving Writers Literary Journal - February 2019: Volume 2


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It’s the February 2019: Volume 2 edition of the Starving Writers Literary Journal featuring Short Stories by J. Franklin Green, Clint Stutts, Amanda Connor, Ellen Drebin, Dytania Johnson, and Marcus Blake.

It features Poetry by Robin McNamara, Juliana Rodriguez, T. Gordon Mayhall, Jason O’Neil Williams, Phil Lester, J. L. Stroede, Tom Geddie, Penny Reyes,, Young Eui Choi, Vandana Bhatnagar, Veronica Free, Trinidad Sanchez Jr., Heather Bansemer, Derwin Emmanuel, and Marcus Blake

It Features a One Act Play by David Thomas

It features Articles by Joshua Sherman, K. Scott Cooper, Emily Stevens, and Bob Jensen

The Starving Writers Journal is edited by Marcus Blake, Jenn Chastka, Camila Gonzalez, Andrew Fallman

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781932996692
Publisher: Truesource Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Series: Starving Writers Literary Journal , #2
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents


Pg. 7

Malbihn by J. Franklin Green

Pg. 9

Playing Games by Clint Stutts

Pg. 47

New Thoughts on Patsy Cline and Living by Amanda Connor

Pg. 57

Hubris by Ellen Drebin

Pg. 65

From Birth I Knew My Life Wouldn’t by Dytania Johnson

Pg. 75

Soul Kitchen by Marcus Blake

Pg. 81


Pg. 113

Magnolia Desert by Robin McNamara

Pg. 114

Being Me by Juliana Rodriguez

Pg. 115

A Poem for Her by T. Gordon Mayhall

Pg. 116

We Are Poets by Jason O’Neil Williams

Pg. 117

Calm by Phil Lester

Pg. 118

Job by Phil Lester

Pg. 118

Fall into Me by J. L. Stroede

Pg. 120

Cold Comes In by Tom Geddie

Pg. 121

Soul Mates by Penny Reyes

Pg. 122

When You are Pregnant with Words by Young Eui Choi

Pg. 123

Creativity by Vandana Bhatnagar

Pg. 124

What Happened to Me by Veronica Free

Pg. 125

In Clover and Mist She Waits by Heather Bansemer

Pg. 127

The Dream by Trinidad Sanchez Jr.

Pg. 128

Shooting Star by Derwin Emmanuel

Pg. 130

Kissing is Everything by Marcus Blake

Pg. 132

HAIKU Themes : February 2019 – “Love”

Pg. 133

Haiku #1

Pg. 135

Haiku #2

Pg. 136

Haiku #3

Pg. 137

Haiku #4

Pg. 138


Pg. 139

The Masseur by David Thomas

Pg. 140


Pg. 157

Space Exploration by Joshua Sherman

Pg. 158

Gaming’s Evil Empire K. Scott Cooper

Pg. 163

Baseball Fan 101 by Emily Stevens

Pg. 171


Pg. 177

Saving Money on Teargas by Bob Jensen

Pg. 178

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