Stax '68: A Memphis Story

Stax '68: A Memphis Story


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1968 was a pivotal year in Stax Records' history and a fascinating story in itself. Otis Redding (their biggest star) and four members of the Bar-Kays were killed in a plane crash in December 1967. Their distribution agreement with Atlantic Records was dissolved, resulting in the loss of several more artists from Atlantic, and in the loss of their entire back catalog to Atlantic, which meant Stax earned no revenue from its previous recordings. Then, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis exacerbated racial tensions not just nationwide, but acutely in Stax's hometown of Memphis (King was in Memphis to support striking sanitation workers). Rising from the ashes, Stax had an ambitious plan to create an entirely new catalog in just over a year. Otis Redding's posthumous classic "Dock of the Bay" was a tremendous help in getting the label off the ground again. But the model of a house band and single producer that had given Stax their legendary sound was not going to work for the amount of material that had to be created in order to give them a solid catalog. To that end, they had to bring in outside producers, which began to upset what had essentially been a cooperative up to that point. At the same time, the music business was shifting from singles sales to album sales, and Stax was keen to make that transition as well. All this is extensively chronicled in the accompanying book. As far as the music, it's all top-notch, but you can hear the change in sound taking place. Of course, there are songs you recognize, but there are at least as many that you probably don't. Despite the pervasive unrest, the songs never get overtly political. Even "Tribute to a King" isn't about Dr. King, but about the King of Soul Music, their friend Otis Redding. The music stands on its own, of course, but the story behind it all is remarkable and largely untold. Stax '68 is a great collection of music, and this excellent set places it in a proper historical context, telling the story of the rebirth of one of America's great soul labels.

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Release Date: 10/19/2018
Label: Craft Recordings
UPC: 0888072053649
catalogNumber: 103
Rank: 64430


Disc 1

  1. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay
  2. Sweet Lorene
  3. I Thank You
  4. Wrap It Up
  5. Don’t Pass Your Judgement
  6. I Wanna Be (Your Lover & Your Honey)
  7. I Was Born to Love You
  8. I’m So Glad You’re Back
  9. Lovey Dovey
  10. New Year’s Resolution
  11. I Got a Sure Thing
  12. Girl, You Have My Heart Singing
  13. Big Bird
  14. Holding on With Both Hands
  15. A Hard Day’s Night
  16. I Want Someone
  17. Next Time
  18. Sundown
  19. Every Man Oughta Have a Woman
  20. A Tribute to a King
  21. Able Mable
  22. Don’t Get Caught
  23. The Memphis Train
  24. I Think I Made a Boo Boo
  25. What Will Later on Be Like
  26. Hang Me Now

Disc 2

  1. Soul Power
  2. Sly Girl
  3. Bring Your Love Back to Me
  4. Here I Am
  5. A Dime a Dozen
  6. I Want You Back
  7. Groovy Day
  8. Every Man Needs a Woman
  9. Precious Precious
  10. Going to Chicago Blues
  11. Whatever Hurts You
  12. No Time Is Better Than Now
  13. The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)
  14. Open the Door
  15. (I Love) Lucy
  16. You’re Gonna Need Me
  17. I Ain’t Particular
  18. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
  19. Georgy Girl
  20. A Million or More Times
  21. Send Peace and Harmony Home
  22. The One You Can’t Have All by Yourself

Disc 3

  1. Soul Limbo
  2. Heads or Tails
  3. I Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)
  4. I’m Just the Kind of Fool
  5. It’s Been a Long Time Coming
  6. We Just Been Feeling Bad
  7. What a Man
  8. I Don’t Know
  9. Broadway Freeze
  10. I Can’t Cry No More
  11. Stay Baby Stay
  12. I Love Love
  13. Raspberry Rug
  14. And I Love You
  15. Private Number
  16. Love-Eye-Tis
  17. I Like Everything About You
  18. What Side of the Door
  19. Lollipop Lady
  20. (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me
  21. Remone
  22. Used to Be Love
  23. Subconscious Train of Thought
  24. Unicorn Man
  25. Somebody Stole My Gal
  26. Somebody Stole My Gal
  27. Bed of Roses
  28. Remove These Clouds
  29. Long Walk to D.C.

Disc 4

  1. Stay With Us
  2. Give ‘Em Love
  3. Move Over
  4. Who’s Making Love
  5. I’m Trying
  6. Funky Mississippi
  7. So Hard to Get Along With
  8. Where Do I Go
  9. I’ve Fallen in Love
  10. So Nice
  11. Make Room
  12. Lovin’ Feeling
  13. Sea Shell
  14. It’s Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul)
  15. I Like What You’re Doing to Me
  16. Smell of Incense
  17. Green Skies
  18. Sally’s Got a Good Thing
  19. La La Song
  20. Bring It on Home to Me
  21. Sweet Things You Do
  22. Hang ‘Em High
  23. Over Easy
  24. You’re Leaving Me
  25. Showered with Love
  26. Kitchy Kitchy Koo
  27. Shake It
  28. Copy Kat
  29. In the Hole

Disc 5

  1. Mighty Cold Winter
  2. A Woman Can’t Do (What a Man Do)
  3. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
  4. Bring the Curtain Down
  5. Condition Red
  6. Didn’t Know Love Was So Good
  7. Running Out
  8. Shouldn’t I Love Him
  9. Family Portrait
  10. Going Back to Memphis
  11. My Baby Specializes
  12. Left Over Love
  13. I’ll Understand
  14. Doing Our Thang
  15. The Ghetto
  16. Got to Be Some Changes Made
  17. Blues Power
  18. Night Stomp
  19. The Echo
  20. Really Rockin
  21. Funky Way
  22. I Want to Hold You
  23. The Children Have Your Tongue
  24. Give Her What She Wants
  25. Who’s Making Love
  26. Long Black Train
  27. Take Care of Your Homework
  28. Hold on This Time

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Walter Davis   Composer
Dan Seals   Composer
William Bell   Composer
Booker T. & the MG's   Producer
Sam Cooke   Composer
Steve Cropper   Composer,Producer
Eddie Floyd   Arranger,Composer,Producer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Otis Redding   Composer
Leon Russell   Composer
Carla Thomas   Composer
Rufus Thomas   Composer
Count Basie   Composer
John Williams [composer]   Composer
Bonnie Bramlett   Composer
Dominic Frontiere   Composer
Burt Bacharach   Composer
Delaney Bramlett   Composer
Barry Mann   Composer
Don Nix   Composer,Producer
Teddy Randazzo   Composer,Producer
Galt MacDermot   Composer
Phil Spector   Composer
Mable John   Composer
Harvey Scales   Composer
Ritchie Adams   Producer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Homer Banks   Composer,Producer
Harold Beane   Composer
Bell   Producer
Ron Capone   Producer
Nick Charles   Producer
Reni Crook   Composer
Leroy Crume   Composer
Hal David   Composer
Don Davis   Composer,Producer
Donald "Duck" Dunn   Composer,Producer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
George Gordy   Composer
Isaac Hayes   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Ivy Jo Hunter   Composer
Billy Jackson   Composer
Booker T. Jones   Arranger,Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Albert King   Composer
Jim Lang   Composer
Mark Lindsay   Composer
Bob Markley   Composer
Ron Morgan   Composer
Horace Ott   Arranger
David Porter   Composer,Producer
Bonny "Mack" Rice   Composer
Billy Lee Riley   Composer,Producer
Valerie Simpson   Composer
Tom Springfield   Composer
Mavis Staples   Composer
Tony Taylor   Producer
Marvell Thomas   Composer
James Walker   Composer
Donna Washburn   Composer
Wayne Crook   Composer
Al Jackson   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Deanie Parker   Composer
Gilda Woods   Composer
James Alexander   Composer
Stax Staff   Producer
James Rado   Composer
Gerome Ragni   Composer
Dave Crawford   Composer,Producer
Ollie Hoskins   Composer
Darlene McCrea   Composer
Raymond Jackson   Composer
Mark Barkan   Composer,Producer
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Bobby Martin   Arranger,Composer
Thomas Kelly   Composer
Shirley Walton   Composer
Jim Rowley   Producer
Alvertis Isbell   Composer,Producer
Calvin Arnold   Composer,Producer
Victoria Pike   Composer
Jim Dale   Composer
Lee Hazelwood   Composer
Art Wayne   Composer
Bob Lang   Composer
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James Rushing   Composer
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Ernest W. Hall   Composer
Thom Bowles   Composer
William Huettel   Composer
Tommy Rascio   Composer
Lennie Lacour   Composer,Producer
Dick Miller   Arranger

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