The Stepdaughter's Carnal Cravings

The Stepdaughter's Carnal Cravings

by Sarah Graham

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Kristen Connelly was having a difficult time adapting to her new life. She had never known her dad and growing up with just herself and her mom it was all she ever needed, until her mother decided to marry Bill after a whirlwind romance and quickie wedding. Now the eighteen year old girl has a strange man living in her house. A very masculine man. One she sometimes has fantasies about. The night her mom has to work a double at the hospital gives the stepdaughter and her stepdad a chance to get to know each other in a very special way. Once those flood gates are opened Kristen discovers just how much she and her mother really have in common when it comes to men.

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Excerpt from Book:

He kissed her and she opened her mouth. His tongue seemed long and slimy as it pushed to the back of her throat. She wiggled her tongue against his as he drew it back. She didn't enjoy the taste of his tongue but now she wanted to please him.

"That's better, baby," he said. "I'm sure you're going to learn real fast!"

He kissed her again and this time his thick tongue explored the inside of her mouth. His hand moved up and cupped one luscious breast. Nobody had ever touched her there before and Kristen was surprised how hot and achy both her breasts suddenly seemed. Her nipples stiffened against the material of her halter top.

"That's a lot better, baby," Bill whispered to her. "Hard little nips on some fantastic tits. I've got them all hard and worked up. I knew you were going to be as hot blooded as your mother."

Both of his hands stroked her breasts. She tried to fight it but there was a rush of hot excitement such as she'd never known before. Her entire body seemed to be tingling. She closed her thighs together tightly but that didn't stop the feeling.

"If you only knew how long I've wanted to hold these, baby," he told her.

He cupped her breasts tightly and brushed his thumbs across her stiff nipples. She kept trying to keep from calling out but he was doing something to her that she didn't understand. She found herself pushing her tits against his hot hands. "Oh yeah, baby," he said. "You're enjoying it now. Well, I'm really going to make you love it before this night is over!"

He reached behind her back and unhooked her halter top. She tried to struggle but it was no use. He pulled the halter top away from her and her firm creamy tits popped free. Even his eyes felt hot against the flesh of her breasts.

"Beautiful," he said, "absolutely beautiful!"

He bent his head and ran his tongue across one stiff nipple. His mouth opened slightly and he sucked the hard bud inside his mouth. He clamped his teeth down on it and held it there for a few moments. It was the most exciting thing she'd ever felt in her life.

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