Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

by Mike Hughes

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The book is about one of two friends (Mike) who is relating information to the reader which has been passed onto him from the other friend (John).

    They are both Air Traffic Controllers and it is in this capacity that John was head hunted for employment at Denver Airport, Colorado, U.S.A.

The story develops as John reveals information about the U.S. government, governmental conspiracies, secret projects, secret organisations, and other documentation which he receives during his time at Denver from a source with inside knowledge.

    The information is e-mailed to Mike using a coded e-mail address which the two friends work out together. The content of the information revealed to the reader becomes wide and varied covering how world governments are interlinked via such groups as the Bildebergs, the U.N. and the infamous and fabled Illuminati. The documents cover actual world events giving explanations of how these organisations constitute a secret government which, whilst spanning the entire globe, influences world politics and events such as monetary policy via the IMF, instigation of conflicts and warfare via the U.N. and even scientific cover-ups including global warming and the truth behind the alien phenomenon. The reader is presented with evidence of how actual and easily proven facts fit in with the information provided. Various world governmental conspiracies are unearthed from the existence of underground bases to the  New World Order.

    The story becomes more intriguing and captivating as the friends which John has met in Denver, and who he has been receiving knowledge from through their employment within the military and the government either begin to disappear or turn up as a shadow of their former selves, seemingly brainwashed.

    John decides to return home and promptly disappears himself. Mike however, is left with the distinct impression that he, himself is now under scrutiny from some unknown group. He retreats to a hotel to commit all of his received knowledge to paper and thus to the reader, all the while ensuring that the reader is aware of the precarious situation. At the end of the book he promises that, if he is left alone long enough to, he will pass on more new knowledge just as explosive as what has gone before. The book leaves the reader ready for more and open for another volume containing the promised information.   

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BN ID: 2940155556480
Publisher: Mike Hughes
Publication date: 05/02/2004
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 436 KB

About the Author

Mike Hughes is a an Air Traffic Controller. He has been working within the United Kingdom since 1990. Storm Clouds was published in 2004. Since that date, many of the claims made within the book have actually came to pass.

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