Storms of Life: Storm: Book III

Storms of Life: Storm: Book III

by Steven Paul-Germane


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Something was different about my family. I had no idea what it was, but I knew my father, who suddenly, after being assumed missing and possibly dead, just shows up at the front door as if he had never been hurt at all, and Antonio was in a coma after being found by a fisherman.
Dad wasn't acting the same. He looked like him, he sounded like him, but his demeanor was off, and I was bound to prove that he wasn't who he was, especially when he said to me "Everything you see is what you see." There were only two people who had said that to me, and that was Victor Grant and Stefano.
And of all people, Victor Grant was claiming to be our real dad and then exposing his true identity as Trenton Stevens, dad's so-called brother and our uncle. I couldn't believe the shit that was being said, and it was blowing my mind.
Nothing was adding up. I was gone for two weeks and being questioned by a rookie cop who was assigned to finding Victor Grant since his disappearance. He was hot as fuck, and the only thing I wanted him to do was stay away from me with his questions because I knew me. I was a fairly decent liar but quick study, knowing that if I had to, I'd do whatever necessary in order to cover my tracks and get the answers I needed to protect my family.
I still believed family was the enemy, and although they were right under my nose, I couldn't trust them because nothing was as it seemed. And then my brothers started acting strange after a weekend trip. I had to get to the bottom of this one way or the other.
All the money in the world couldn't prepare me for what was coming, and lie after lie, I was going to have to figure it out for myself. Even if I was the one doing the lying at times. There was no way to get to the bottom of this except for playing by Victor's rules, and he didn't play fair. In fact, he played very dirty and didn't care who he hurt during the process. Nothing was real anymore.

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Publication date: 01/22/2016
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Storms of Life

Storm: Book III

By Steven Paul-Germane'


Copyright © 2016 Steven Paul Germane
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-7375-5



THE LIMO RIDE HOME WAS one filled with joy and happiness for everyone there except for me and my dad. I could feel the tension that was building between us as we looked into each other's eyes and I could tell he wanted to say something but now was not the time or the place. We'd be home momentarily and I'd have to answer some questions about my whereabouts to the police but dad was smart and had connections at the station and instead of having Angela Martin waiting for us to question me, he had someone there that I had never met or seen before. It blew me away because dad wouldn't suddenly stop using someone in the district attorneys' office to talk to me and it shocked me even more that he would have a young lieutenant by the name of Adam Clark, handling my interrogation. The funny thing is, Jake and I had discussed what we'd tell everyone in advance once we got back already so I was prepared for what I knew was going to happen and we'd have to play it with my brothers and mother as well. We had no choice.

Adam looked about twenty-nine or thirty but definitely not older than thirty-three, bi-racial black male honey brown skin tone, chiseled face, muscular body but not huge, looking like Don Benjamin, one of the male models for America's Next Top Model, just taller. He had a perfect body and was just that ... perfect. He pulled me into the library and started questioning me without anyone else around. I didn't know him so I really didn't say much, but I fed him the information that I thought he needed to know. I told him I needed a break and since Jake worked for us as security, I just up and left without telling anyone but grabbing him because I knew I needed a guard. I told Adam that we went to Rio to get away from it all, leaving the other destinations out.

Adam smiled at me and said, "So, you're telling me you were in Rio the entire time?"

"Yes," I lied. "Rio and I have the tan to prove it," I laughed wanting to expose my bikini line that I had gotten from walking around on the beaches of Rio, Buenos Aires, and Puerto Vallarta.

"I bet you'd like to show me something else," Adam smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I let out.

"Oh that," Adam returned. "I've heard your name throughout the station as being spontaneous and shit," he continued.

I laughed. "Well," I paused. "It's good to know that I'm the discussion over coffee and donuts," even though Adam didn't look like he ate anything unhealthy at all. He was fine as fuck.

"Let's just put it this way," Adam concluded. "I told them at the station and your parents, that from what I had heard about you, you didn't want to be found and you'd come home when you were ready too."

I shook my head in disbelief. "You think you know me don't you, Mr. Clark?" I lashed out. "And the sad thing about this is you're on my dad's payroll just like everyone else around here, which I find ironic." I paused briefly. "And the sad thing is, if you work for dad, then I own you."

"I'm not on your father's payroll, Mr. Stevens," Adam snapped. "And no one owns me," he stopped. "In fact, I hate rich people. I'm just doing my job and since I know Mr. Stevens and he wanted this handled discreetly," he paused. ... "Then I figured, why not handle you and put you in check."

"So ... You think you can put me in check," I laughed out loud and responded. "Mr. Adam Clark, you know where the door is. You can tell father that I was on vacation and didn't need his permission to go or my mother's. I'll be twenty-five tomorrow and I guess that means I'm an adult." I stopped. "Oh by the way, I was legal when I turned twenty-one," I grimaced.

Adam Clark walked up to me and looked me dead in my eyes and told me, "Son, you have no idea what type of game you are playing. You can't win. Be a good little boy and do what your parents tell you to do because trust me, you haven't seen anything yet."

"And what does that mean?" I questioned.

"That means whatever you want it to mean," Adam returned. "And trust me ... you're playing a game that will cost you more than you can imagine." We were so close to one another I could feel his breath on my lips and could tell he was trying to tell me something but couldn't.

"Mr. Clark," I said moving in closer. "Do you want to kiss me?"

Adam pulled back after staring at me for a few seconds and as our eyes locked, I could feel the tension and he could also. We broke away from what seemed like a trance.

"Fuck you!" Adam let out. He backed away to leave.

"Oh yeah ... when?" I laughed out loud toying with his feelings and his man hood. "Momma always said if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

"I can take the heat," Adam remarked looking at me. "Can you?"

"Bring it on!" I let out hungry for his reaction. "I can handle anything you throw my way."

Adam ran up on me and started kissing me and stripping me out of my pants, revealing the fact that I didn't have any underwear on underneath the black linen Marc Jacobs pants I had on. He turned me around and pushed my head over the back of the couch in which we were standing behind. He spat in his hand and rubbed it on his cock after unzipping his slacks. He then spat on my asshole entrance as he forced my stomach over the back of the couch too. He pushed his hard cock slowly into me, penetrating my spit soaked hole until I felt him splitting my ass like he was fisting me. I didn't know how big his dick was, I just knew it hurt like hell going in and I was having difficulty taking it all. He kept pushing his dick inside of me until finally I felt his balls up against my ass.

My ass was spread wide open. He felt my sphincter give way with each thrust of his dick. He continued to fuck me until he cummed in my ass as I cried out in pleasure. I didn't care if anyone walked in on us or anything. It was what it was and I had just been fucked by my dad's hired gun. His dick felt like it was soft inside of me but still hard and he still pumped as it rested inside of me. I came on the back of the leather couch without touching myself. His dick fell out. I turned around and saw how big it was and gasped in amazement. No wonder it felt like it was tearing me apart. It had to be at least seven inches on soft and then another three and a half inches on hard, but it was also thick like a can. I could feel the air going inside of my ass as it seeped cum as trickles of blood ran down my leg. I pulled up my slacks and he stuff ed his hard cock back into its' home inside his slacks.

"Was that enough heat for you, Mr. Stevens?" Adam let out. "I know how to handle my clients," he added. I was out of breath as I felt the air and the oozing. "Now where were we? And I am always on top! And I always get my man ... and what I want," he threw in.

I couldn't say a thing. I was caught off guard but loved it. I gulped.

"And your name again?" I paused.

"Adam Clark," Adam replied showing himself to the door of the library to leave. "I'm sure we'll meet up again," he said. "I'm going to question your boy now," he informed me. Then he was gone.

I pulled myself together as Julio came into the room. I stood by the couch where I had just cummed all over the back of it, hiding the cum from him so he couldn't see it. I didn't want to move because I could still feel the cum oozing out of my ass. I shook my head.

"Leave Julio," I said looking at him. "You turned your back on me when I needed you," I addressed.

"Storm," Julio let out. "Antonio is in a coma, in the guest house. I brought him home after he washed up to the dock."

I sat down in shock. I thought he was dead. No one had said a thing about him. I sighed in relief.

"Why not in the hospital?" I asked.

"Your dad wanted to keep watch over him," Julio replied. "And he's got everything he needs set up in the cottage," he paused. "And as far as we are concerned," Julio started ... "I was mad you didn't come to me and tell me what happened. I thought you trusted me and loved me. I wasn't mad at the drugs or what they did to you, I was mad that you didn't tell me what happened." He looked at me and I looked at him. "You didn't trust me or couldn't tell me the truth."

"I couldn't tell you," I whispered almost crying. "I was scared that they'd kill you and everyone else who knew about it. I was scared because I didn't want to lose you."

"You can't make decisions that affect both of us for us," Julio let out. "I love you, god knows I do, and the last two weeks has been hell not knowing where you were ... if you were alive or dead, no calls, no text, no nothing," he released. "I thought I had lost Antonio and then you run off with Jake, god knows where," he continued. "You can't do me like that," he insisted. Julio walked up to me and started holding me.

"I can't do this Julio," I opened up. "I can't love you anymore, I can't be with you anymore ... I don't want you in a coma also because of me or worse yet, dead."

"Look," Julio voiced. "I've been to too many funerals here lately and I can't take it anymore. I will help you if you help me." He stopped. "If you love me, then love me by telling me you love me, but mean it when you say you love me."

I did love Julio and I knew it and I could say it. I just didn't want too.

"I do love you but I don't want to endanger your life," I replied.

"Let me make that choice and decision with you," Julio added. "I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself and you," he promised.

"Your brother said the same thing," I let out. "About being a big boy and look at him now."

Julio looked at me. "You love my brother too, don't you?" he asked curiously.

I didn't know how to respond to his question. "Why would you say that?" I asked.

"Because when he was fucking you the last time we saw him, he acted like he was in love with you, making love to your ass instead of just fucking you," Julio observed.

"Antonio is my dad's lover," I let out. "You're mine or was, I thought," I released.

"No, I still am, if you want me but, Storm," Julio paused ... "You can't keep me in the dark anymore. It will only work if we are totally up front with one another."

I could see how serious Julio was. But hell, I was standing there with another man's cum oozing out of my ass and I could still feel the air and the blood trickling in my ass and down my thigh too, and he wanted me to be up front with him. Yeah right, I thought to myself.

"I understand," I lied. That would have been self-suicide telling him the truth.

"Good," Julio smiled holding me with his eyes. "And I'm sorry but not sorry that I let Antonio fuck you. I've played that scene out over and over in my head," he admitted. "It's the only thing that helped me get through while you were gone," he continued.

"From what you're telling me about it," I let out ... "It was pretty hot!" I paused. "I only wished I could remember it." I laughed.

Before Julio could really hug me, the door to the library came opened and Jake came into the room and requested that Julio leave us for a few and he did. Jake told me that Mr. Clark questioned him and he told him that I took him as a guard with me to Rio for a vacation. It was strictly a get-a-way from everything and everybody for a couple of weeks, almost. He also told him that I needed to escape all the drama and the funerals and the issues that were going on over the last couple of months and that a flight plan had been filed but that there were changes at the last minute that were made after we were halfway to Brazil. Jake told Mr. Clark that it was all r and r. Mr. Clark got the picture and although Mr. Clark had just fucked me, he could tell that Jake had been hitting my hole also while on vacation.

After Jake left out of the library, father came into it and ripped me a new hole. Mother was not allowed to come into the room and neither were my brothers. Father made sure I knew that I overstepped my boundaries and should have been there with my brothers and my mother while they rescued him from the water. And for Patrick and Debra, whose mom drowned from the boat catching fire.

Father made sure I understood that all future travel should be cleared through him and that as long as I worked for the company I had rules to follow and just because I was his son didn't mean I could just do what I wanted anymore. In fact, he pretty much said that until I controlled my actions and did what I was told, that he was limiting my access to capital and my partying. He had had enough and the shit stopped now.

The entire time father was talking to me, I tried to get him to look into my eyes and he looked at me but didn't look at me if that made any sense. Father seemed like he was avoiding me. After he finished scolding me, he started telling me that I needed to make sure that I checked in with my family. And he said, all of my family before I did anything else. He informed me that the birthday party that was planned at SoHo tomorrow which was Friday, June 28th, was cancelled and would be thrown for the three of us at the new house, since it was completely decorated and livable. To me father wasn't acting like his usual self. I guess the near death experience changed him and now suddenly he was more family oriented than business.

The one good thing about all this was that mother was actually standing up on her own with the help of a walker in front of the wheel chair. It was good to know she was doing so much better because when father opened the door to the library, everyone was outside of the door listening along with mom making sure that dad didn't disown me for my actions.

Once father left out of the library my brothers and mom came in and I finally moved from the couch after sitting on the back of it, swinging my legs back and forth while father had been talking to me, to wipe the cum off of it. I could still feel Adam inside me. He was fierce and I loved having his ten and a half inches of thick tan colored dick shoved up my ass and I knew I wanted more.

My brothers and mom were just happy to see me. And after catching up on things, my mom retired to her room leaving me alone with my brothers and with Julio, who had come back into the room.

"Where'd they find dad?" I asked my brothers.

"They didn't," Patrick echoed.

"What do you mean they didn't?" I asked.

"He just showed up a few days after the incident," Phil let out.

"Showed up?" I questioned.

"Yeah," Patrick continued. "He showed up out of nowhere."

"Don't you find it odd?" I asked both of them.

"We did ... but we were just glad he was home and alive," Phil stated.

"And Antonio?" I queried.

"Another boater found his body floating near his boat at the dock holding onto a buoy," Julio let out. "The boater saw him, pulled him up into his boat and immediately gave him CPR and called nine- one-one," he paused. "He had been in the hospital for a few days before we even knew about it and because the cops were investigating the area still, they questioned people around the dock and the person told the cops that they had found a guy and he was transported to Cedars."

"Do you think that was strange that you guys didn't know about Antonio for a couple of days either?" I asked.

"Don't go fishing lil bro," Phil started. "Trust me, we know what happened to you and we got your back, but we don't think you have anything else to worry about."

"Yeah, it's been pretty peaceful without you here," Patrick teased.

"Well, maybe I should leave again," I hinted.

"Nah not like that man," Patrick let out. "No deaths, man. Who knows, maybe the drama is over with and we can finally look for Uncle Trent without covering our tracks," he completed.

"Nah," I let out. "It's not over, something isn't right," I insisted. "And I'm going to prove it."

"There you go chasing rainbows," Phil conformed. "Leave it alone. Father has tightened his reigns around our necks now and we can't do a thing."

"Well, tomorrow's our birthday and let's see what can possibly go wrong," I threw out. I looked at my brothers and dropped my head and eyes some. "It's late, I'm tired and I want to see Antonio and then I want to shower and get some rest."

"Lil bro, your room looks like the old rooms in our old house, they are just bigger and better and get this," Patrick said, "Over the bed in the ceiling, there are huge sixty-five inch flat screens so when you look up, you can watch TV instead of it being on an entertainment center. Don't get me wrong we all have TV's sitting on entertainment centers in our rooms with the full living room settings, but the TV's in the ceilings are awesome."

"Yeah," I laughed. "X-box over our heads," I laughed again. "Wow," I said unimpressed. "I'm going to check on Antonio." I wasn't impressed at all. Just what I needed. I wasn't a kid anymore.

Julio walked me to the cottage where the two of them lived. Antonio had a hospital room set up in his bedroom fully equipped with everything you'd find in the hospital as far as nursing someone back to health. I sat on the bed near him and held his hand for a second. I could have sworn I felt it move but Julio informed me that was natural when someone touched him. Just a muscle reflex. I hated seeing this fine ass man there looking as if he was sleeping and unaware of what was going on around him. Damn he was still sexy as fuck. After a few minutes of seeing him, I got up to leave and although Julio wanted me to stay, I needed to be alone in which Julio understood, walking me back to my room and watching me go into it before he returned to his brother's side.


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Prologue, vii,
Chapter 1 Home, 1,
Chapter 2 Another Disc, 13,
Chapter 3 Birthday, 19,
Chapter 4 Party, 31,
Chapter 5 June Twenty-eighth, 43,
Chapter 6 Awake, 51,
Chapter 7 Keeping Up The Game, 59,
Chapter 8 Business, 75,
Chapter 9 Restless, 83,
Chapter 10 Research, 97,
Chapter 11 Maria Gomez, 111,
Chapter 12 Missing, 123,
Chapter 13 Tempting Fate, 131,
Chapter 14 Job Duties, 141,
Chapter 15 Masked, 151,
Chapter 16 Trying to Work, 163,
Chapter 17 Careful Now, 175,
Chapter 18 Perfectly Fucked Up Life, 189,
Chapter 19 Damien Cook, 199,
Chapter 20 Imitation, 209,
Chapter 21 Devices, 223,
Chapter 22 Game Plan, 233,
Chapter 23 Game Change, 249,
Chapter 24 Think, 257,
Chapter 25 Switch-Back, 265,
About the Author, 275,
Acknowledgements, 277,

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