Strengths-Based Approaches to Educating All Learners with Disabilities: Beyond Special Education

Strengths-Based Approaches to Educating All Learners with Disabilities: Beyond Special Education

by Michael L. Wehmeyer


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Leading scholar Michael Wehmeyer provides a cogent but accessible account of the evolution of special education. Offering a compelling vision of where the field should be headed in the next decade, he examines the big ideas that can improve outcomes for learners with disabilities including the importance of creating personalizable education.

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ISBN-13: 9780807761229
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 03/08/2019
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Pages: 120
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About the Author

Michael L. Wehmeyer is the Ross and Marianna Beach Distinguished Professor in Special Education, chair of the Department of Special Education, and senior scientist and director of the Beach Center on Disability, University of Kansas.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Changes? 1

1 Beyond Disability: Strengths-Based Approaches to Educating All Learners 6

Person-Environment Fit Models of Disability 8

Strengths-Based Approaches to Disability 12

Beyond Disability in the Education of All Learners 14

2 Beyond Programs: Supports and Support Needs 15

Programs and Services 15

Deep Learning and a World-Class Education 20

Supports and Support Needs 21

Beyond Programs in the Education of All Learners 24

3 Beyond Individualization: Personalizable Education 25

A 21st-century Education 26

Going for Great 29

Personalizable Education 32

4 Beyond the Continuum: Whole-System Change 39

Continuum of Alternative Placements 39

Inclusion: False Dichotomies, Slippery Slopes, and Other Logical Fallacies 42

Schoolwide Models in Special Education 46

Response to Intervention, Positive Behavior Supports, and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports 47

Whole-System Change 49

5 Beyond Textbooks: Technology and Universal Design for Learning 52

Beyond De Minimis 55

Universal Design for Learning 56

To Infinity and Beyond 59

The Digital Divide 61

6 Beyond Testing: Assessment for Growth and Mastery 63

Potential for Growth 64

Measuring What Matters, Counting What Counts 66

Assessing Potential for Growth 69

Dynamic Learning Maps 72

Determining What Matters Most 73

7 Beyond Teaching: Autonomy-Supportive Classrooms and Motivating Students 74

Beyond Life Jackets 75

Autonomy-Supportive Teaching 78

It's About Relationships 79

8 Beyond Dependency: Self-Determination and Self-Determined Learning 81

The Consequences of Dependency 83

Career Construction and Life Design 84

Self-Determined Learning 86

Epilogue: Beyond Special Education: Educating All Learners in the 21st Century 91

References 95

Index 101

About the Author 111

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