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The Makers' first release for Kill Rock Stars features re-recorded versions of songs originally done between 1991 and 1998. It was the veteran garage punk act's switchblade-chomping Estrus era, before the richer scope of Sub Pop releases like Rock Star God and Strangest Parade. Those albums were welcome after almost a decade of trashy, sweaty, two-chord stompers. But on Stripped, it's cool to hear their tighter songcraft, glammier overtones, and -- most of all -- more volatile instrumentation applied to the Makers' formative material. "Let Him Try" (from 1994's Howl) was a tinny nod to the '60s frat rock tradition; it's reborn here as a twin-guitar scowl comparable to the Go's own updated rock swagger. "Tear Apart," "Fair Game," and "Take a Ride" all come from the strong 1997 effort Hunger, an album that suggested the Makers' turn toward something sonically meatier. As such, Stripped doesn't have to re-imagine them completely. But the new recordings (courtesy of Jack Endino) give Mike Maker's vocal an impressive depth. He's not there just to sneer tell-offs at the audience; instead, he teams with lead guitarist Jamie Frost to give these recordings real dynamic range. That's what Stripped offers throughout, to both rookies and veteran listeners -- versions of the Makers' storied and sleazy past that make a real commitment to craft. Some might equate less dirt with weaker vitality. But in reality, the fuller sound on these trashy classics only makes the Makers' swagger sweeter.

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Release Date: 11/23/2004
Label: Kill Rock Stars
UPC: 0759656042321
catalogNumber: 60423

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