Structuring Your Novel: How to Structure and Outline Your Story to Write an Exceptional Novel

Structuring Your Novel: How to Structure and Outline Your Story to Write an Exceptional Novel

by Richard England


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Is structure the essential foundation of all exceptional novels?...

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Have you ever asked yourself what separates outstanding and exceptional novels from average ones? The answer to this question is that exceptional novels are made up of exceptional stories, and exceptional stories are made up of exceptional characters.

Bestselling authors have mastered the art and craft of storytelling, plot, and characters arcs through story structure in such a way that grips their reader's attention, keeps them wanting more and creates raving fans.

How do bestselling authors write such outstanding stories for their novels? They have mastered the craft of structuring and outlining their stories as a key foundation to the process of writing an exceptional novel.

If you are looking to master your writing craft and overcome any roadblocks you encounter in the novel writing and planning process then this book is for you...

In this book Richard England shares the key methods bestselling authors use for writing outstanding and moving stories, and characters. In this book, England walks you through the step-by-step process, techniques, and methods for structuring and outlining your story, plot, and character arcs, so that you can create and write your own outstanding novel.

The exact techniques, processes, and methods covered in this book are the very ones that bestselling authors are using to write their outstanding and moving novels stories and characters.

Inside Structuring Your Novel, discover bestselling author methods on:
  • Acclaimed step-by-step methods on how to structure and outline your story to write an exceptional novel.
  • The foundational techniques guaranteed to produce outstanding plot and character arcs.
  • How to plan and structure your main plot and subplots of your story.
  • Exact methods and techniques to use to overcome writing, planning, story, character, and scene roadblocks encountered along the way.
  • Exactly how to effectively create, plan, structure, outline, and write your novel from the very beginning of the first chapter, all the way through the ending plot resolution.
  • Key methods of how to structure, plan, and write outstanding scenes and characters your readers will love.
  • And much, much more!

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