Summary of 28 Summers: By Elin Hilderbrand

Summary of 28 Summers: By Elin Hilderbrand

by Omni Reads


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28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand

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Elin Hilderbrand needs no introductions: she is the queen of summer readings of romance, nostalgia, and love. In her latest book 28 Summers she invites us to explore the peculiar but fiercely enduring secret affair between Jake and Mallory, a couple that was meant to be, and yet never can- except for one blissful, idyllic weekend on Labor Day.

As the years go by, Jake and Mallory have promised to meet for Labor Day no matter what. She goes on to become an English teacher in Nantucket, her beloved island, and he goes on to marry his high school sweetheart, an ambitious and demanding lawyer. Will they manage to keep that promise of meeting each year come hell or high water, even when life itself begins to pull them apart?


  • Summary of ’28 Summers’
  • The Setting of the Story “28 Summers”
  • Main and Secondary Character List
  • Part One: Twenties
  • Part Two: Thirties
  • Part Three: Forties
  • The Importance of Summer
  • True Love, Flawed Love
  • Relationships of 28 Summers
  • Thought-provoking Discussion Questions
  • And much more

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