Summary Of Cursed: By Thomas Wheeler

Summary Of Cursed: By Thomas Wheeler

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Cursed by Thomas Wheeler

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What happens when the world of young Nimue turns upside down one day and she is forced to become the queen of all the Fey clans? How strong is the hatred of the Red Paladins and how far are they able to go in their rage? And what if the sword chose a queen and not a king, as everyone assumes?

In Thomas Wheeler's fantasy novel, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the compelling story of the young heroine Nimue, who has to face the enemy troops of the Red Paladins and experience the hatred driven by religious differences between the people and the Fey clans.

Nimue on her journey must gain respect and act like a cruel warrior in order to save lives not only of herself, but also of the rest of her tribes, who chose her as their queen. She must find her way to her hated magical abilities, and as The Wolf Blood Witch, holding the ancient sword of The Devil's Tooth, confront the armies of the Red Paladins and the armies of the enemy King Uther.

How will her determined journey turn out and will she be able to fulfill her mission? Will she find friendship or perhaps love in an unhappy situation? You will learn all this in a book inspired by Arthurian legends, interwoven with distinctive illustrations by the world-famous illustrator Frank Miller.


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  • Summary of 'Cursed'
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  • Illustrations
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