Summary of Midnight Sun: By Stephanie Meyer

Summary of Midnight Sun: By Stephanie Meyer

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Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer returns to the iconic romance between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan that made Twilight a pop culture phenomenon, this time from Edward’s point of view. Through his eyes, the eyes of a century-old vampire, we experience a tumultuous love that blooms in the face of adversity: for before he can love anyone, Edward has to tame the bloodlust that turns him into a monster.

Experience a different kind of sweet agony as Edward has to navigate the world of the mortals: a fragile world full of delicate individuals which, however, can still be threatening even to a creature of myth and power.

Can the lion fall in love with the lamb? And if that happens, how can there be nothing but tragedy in both their future? Edward’s journey as he meets Bella and struggles to overpower his predatory nature seeks to answer exactly that.


  • Summary of Midnight Sun
  • The Setting of the Story
  • Story Plot Analysis
  • Main and Secondary Character List
  • Chapter by Chapter Analysis (29 in total)
  • Analysis of Key Characters
  • Major Symbols
  • Motifs
  • Themes
  • Thought-Provoking Discussion Questions
  • And much more

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