Summary of Station Eleven: By Emily St. John Mandel

Summary of Station Eleven: By Emily St. John Mandel

by Omni Reads


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Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

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When Arthur Leander, the famous actor, dies on the stage, it seems the world dies with him, for the very same night, The Georgia Flu erupts and destroys the world. A world that Kirsten Raymonde barely remembers, when twenty years later, she walks with the Traveling Symphony, performing Shakespeare for the few survivors they encounter in scattered, tiny settlements.

Her routine is harsh but rewarding, keeping art alive together with her fellow musicians and actors. But when they return for their friends at St. Deborah on the Water, they realize that they have fled what was once a lively little town. It is now the territory of the Prophet, who does not take kindly to oppositions to his preaching.

Kirsten and the troupe will need to race to find their missing friends, as the past unravels together with the present in this dystopian, yet doggedly optimistic world.


  • Summary of ‘Station Eleven’
  • The Setting of the Story ‘Station Eleven’
  • Story Plot Analysis
  • Main and Secondary Character List
  • Chapter Analysis (55 in total)
  • Analysis of Key Characters
  • Analysis of Dead Key Characters
  • Major Symbols
  • Themes
  • Thought-provoking Discussion Questions
  • And more

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