Summary of The Vanishing Half: By Brit Bennett

Summary of The Vanishing Half: By Brit Bennett

by Omni Reads


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The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

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Brit Bennett, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Mothers", returns to the scene after a few years with the long-awaited novel "The Vanishing Half". The novel, whose protagonists are the Vignes twins, is more relevant today than ever, as it is not afraid to address social taboos such as racism, domestic violence, xenophobia, the problems of transgender people and other topics that are currently filling out front pages of newspapers. In the book with an engaging plot, you can follow the story of two twin sisters of black origin, who in early youth each find themselves on different sides of the "colored spectrum" and end up leading a diametrically different life. How does the decisions that one of them makes stir the fates of both women and their daughters, and how is it possible to be completely identical and yet so different? The new book Brit Bennett also asks these questions while rippling waters of a turbulent social situation.

- Summary of ‘The Vanishing Half”
- Historical Background
- Setting the Story
- Story Plot Analysis
- Chapter Analysis
- Analysis of Key Characters
- Major Symbols
- Motifs
- Thought provoking Discussion Questions
- And much more

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