Sunset Beach (B&N Exclusive Edition)

Sunset Beach (B&N Exclusive Edition)

by Mary Kay Andrews

Hardcover(B&N Exclusive Edition)

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This B&N Exclusive edition contains a personal essay from Mary Kay Andrews to readers as well as four tasty recipes.

Pull up a lounge chair and have a cocktail at Sunset Beach – it comes with a twist.

Drue Campbell’s life is adrift. Out of a job and down on her luck, life doesn’t seem to be getting any better when her estranged father, Brice Campbell, a flamboyant personal injury attorney, shows up at her mother’s funeral after a twenty-year absence. Worse, he’s remarried – to Drue’s eighth grade frenemy, Wendy, now his office manager. And they’re offering her a job.

It seems like the job from hell, but the offer is sweetened by the news of her inheritance – her grandparents’ beach bungalow in the sleepy town of Sunset Beach, a charming but storm-damaged eyesore now surrounded by waterfront McMansions.

With no other prospects, Drue begrudgingly joins the firm, spending her days screening out the grifters whose phone calls flood the law office. Working with Wendy is no picnic either. But when a suspicious death at an exclusive beach resort nearby exposes possible corruption at her father’s firm, she goes from unwilling cubicle rat to unwitting investigator, and is drawn into a case that may – or may not – involve her father. With an office romance building, a decades-old missing persons case re-opened, and a cottage in rehab, one thing is for sure at Sunset Beach: there’s a storm on the horizon.

Sunset Beach is a compelling ride, full of Mary Kay Andrews' signature wit, heart, and charm.

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ISBN-13: 9781250243744
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Edition description: B&N Exclusive Edition
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 155
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

MARY KAY ANDREWS is The New York Times bestselling author of The High Tide Club, The Beach House Cookbook, The Weekenders, Beach Town, Save the Date, Ladies’ Night, Christmas Bliss, and more. A former journalist for The Atlanta Journal Constitution, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Atlanta, Georgia

Date of Birth:

July 27, 1954

Place of Birth:

Tampa, Florida


B.A. in newspaper journalism, University of Georgia, 1976

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Sunset Beach (Signed B&N Exclusive Book) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 52 reviews.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Wow! Mary Kay Andrews did it again. I got an early version of this through Netgalley to review. This is my honest opinion. I loved the story. It was a little different from her other books I’ve read, but the beach is still heavily intrenched in the story. Drue Campbell’s life is in ruins, until her father comes back into her life offering her a job and her grandparents’ house. While trying to get her life back on track, along with fixing up the rundown beach house, Drue finds herself involved with an old cold case and a more recent suspicious murder. I loved how Ms. Andrews winds the two stories together in the book. There are periodic flashbacks to the time of the cold case. There were lots of twists and turns in the plot. In the end, Drue finally has her life back in order. She now has a closeness with her Dad, a new position at work, and a love interest, making her new life on Sunset Beach a great one. Well done!
Anonymous 2 hours ago
boclairedesigns 21 hours ago
This was a new author for me and didn't disappoint! Drue is a hardworking woman who suffered a medical incident affecting life as she knows it including causing her to lose her waitressing job. Then out of the blue her Dad, who she hasn't seen since she was 15, attends her mom's funeral and offers her a job. She figures what does she have to loose! Then the fun begins. She is the heir to her grandparent's beach cottage and is now working for her HS friend/enemy Wendy, her stepmother. Add in Uncle Zee, a love interest, and a mystery or two and yoiu've got a great story. The characters come to life with the Mary Kay's descriptions and you can easily put yourself in the story, understanding the situations and settings. Drue investigates a murder that took place many years ago at a local hotel and undearths newspaper clippings and a police file in the house's attic for a missing person from decades ago. She has no idea when she starts investigating how close she is to it. There's a bit of suspense, a touch of romance, and a whole lot of whodunit. The surprise twist at the end ws unexpected. I would recommend this to anyone interested in a bit of mystery wrapped up in a bit of romance. Looking forward to reading more by this author. I received a free ARC eBook from the Publisher and Net Galley for an honest review.
PalmaMama 23 hours ago
“A cover is not the book, so open it up and take a look”. 3.5 stars This book reminds me of the song from Mary Poppins Returns. I was expecting a nice beach read and instead got a family drama with a murder mystery thrown in. Not complaining, just unexpected. I have to say the book just didn’t grab my interest. There’s two different murder mysteries going on and I had a hard time with the flip flopping between the past and present (I’ve come to realize I don’t enjoy this in most books that attempt it). Drue, out of money and a brand new homeowner, takes a job working at her fathers firm. Her fathers’ new wife is the office manager. It would be hard enough to have your step-mother as your boss, let alone your former best friend from when you were a child who abandoned you and your friendship. Personalities clash and past hurts are coming color the present. While working at the firm she encounters a murder case that was billed as a work related incident and the family only received a fraction of what they should have received in the settlement. Feeling that injustice was done, Drue, who has zero investigative skills, decides to investigate the closed case herself. On top of that, she uncovers a case file in her attic from when her dad was a cop and is beginning to wonder exactly why the missing file was hiding in her attic. With the help of a few friends, she figures out both cases and also begins to heal the hurts of the past. Thanks to St. Martins Press and NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review. While this one didn’t hit home for me, I do encourage all to give it a shot and judge for themselves.
JenD99 1 days ago
I love reading her books, and this was no exception. A quick read, perfect for an afternoon on the beach. I love how her books are set in the south and have strong female characters. This one had some added murder mysteries and flashbacks, which made it even more interesting.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Anonymous 5 days ago
Sunset Beach was everything I’ve come to expect in MKA’s books! The setting on the west coast of FL was described so well that I felt like I had sand on my feet. As always the characters are so real that you almost expect them to talk to you. Drue, the main character is a strong female with enough vulnerability to make her relatable. I think I’ve read all of MKA’s books and this is one of my favorites. There’s a mystery, some romance and a really good storyline. My only regret is I’ve finished it.
Horsebranchjess 7 days ago
I won't lie, its been a little while since I read a Mary Kay Andrews book. Reading Sunset Beach was much like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen in a while and finding out that the friendship is exactly the same. Sunset Beach reads as great amateur detective mystery. Drue Campbell's father reenters the picture just as she loses all the staples in her life- her mother, her sports career, her job, and her boyfriend. Deciding she has nothing to lose, Drue moves back to Sunset Beach to start over and her long absentee father gives her a job and a chance to build a relationship with him. Drue's bitterness leads to little bit of a rocky start. But when her job introduces her to a lady who lost her daughter and is now raising her granddaughter, Drue finds her dogged determination with solving a murder uncovers a great detective. When her attic reveals an old mystery, Drue begins to pursue both cases while fielding the minefield of her wicked stepmother, a job she hates, making new friends, and not knowing who to trust. Danger idles closer than even she knows as Drue finally uncovers the truth of both mysteries with a shocking twist. I hope this book is just the start of a series because I thoroughly enjoyed the character growth that Drue experienced and would love to read more of her adventures- 4 1/2 stars rounded up.! My voluntary unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
bookluvr35SL 8 days ago
***I received an advanced e-copy from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review Drue's mom just died, her career is over, and she has just broken up with her boyfriend. Since life couldn't possibly get any worse, she reaches out to her estranged dad for a job with his ambulance-chasing law firm. Oh wait, it can get worse. The office manager is her dad's newest wife....and Drue's frenemy since middle school. I really enjoyed this book. Drue became obsessed with a disappearance of a local woman back in the 70's, and also with a case that she felt the law firm mishandled. I loved Drue... she was so kick-butt and determined. This was a really good mystery. This will make a great beach read this summer!
1st-Reader-of-stories 8 days ago
Last updated on 01 May 2019 I Recommend This Book Strongly Sunset Beach # NetGalley Mary Kay Andrews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What a delightful book. Yes, it has mystery, intrigue, romance and love. But, what I enjoy most is the delightful beach setting. And to be able to see unforgettable sunsets everyday sounds like heaven. In our world of fast paced living, it is nice to enjoy Mary Kay Andrews’ books at a leisure pace and enjoy each moment. I have had the pleasure to rent a beachfront house on Tybee Island and found it most enjoyable and relaxing. This added to my pleasure of reading this book. This book for me is a solid 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy read of this book for an honest review.
wjane 8 days ago
Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews is dual time full of secrets and mysteries. Flashbacks and mysteries from present time to the 1970’s. This is the first book I have read by Mary Kay Andrews and it was a great read. Drue the main character is a whirlwind and she involves everyone in her wild adventures. Drue is a tough as nails girl, but has a sweet spirit. I can’t wait to read more books by Mary Kay Andrews. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I appreciate the opportunity and thank the author and publisher for allowing me to read, enjoy and review this book.
Teri1957 8 days ago
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is different than most of Andrews' books but it was a fabulous read. I love the plot, which is consistent throughout the book and Drue is a fantastic character. I felt like I was in the book living every scene. It's nice to read a book where people still care about others. Kudos to Mary Kay Abdrews. Enjoy!
Dedee1 8 days ago
First time reading this author and would probably read more of her works. The book was interesting with lots of twists and turns but it took a very long time developing the plot and characters. All of the characters did not seem to be fully developed. The relationships were not tightly woven and the developing romance just suddenly happened. The ending chapters seemed rushed and incomplete. I must confess I could not bring myself to fully read the detailed police reports, as a synopsis of findings was all that was required. Overall, it was a good read despite being disjointed in places. Thanks to the author and publishers for an ARC of the book. It is obvious a great deal of research went into its production. I received this book as a complimentary copy for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.
Annette5151 8 days ago
Wow! What a great book! It grabbed me from the first page and kept my attention to the very end! Lots of twists and turns, kept me guessing! Loved it and sure all her fans will too!
Anonymous 8 days ago
Another great beach read by Mary Kay Andrews. I wish I was reading it on the beach instead of freezing cold and snow, but at least I got a little escape by reading about Sunset Beach. When thirty something Drue arrives back at Sunset Beach she is grieving the loss of her mother, and her ability to kitesurf. She has taken the lifeline in the form of a job from her father with whom she has not had a good relationship, and moved into the cottage left to her by her grandparents. As she rehabilitates the cottage and herself she is also looking into murder case. Lots of depth to this book, with well developed characters and sense of place.
bookfan-mary 8 days ago
Drue Campbell is a thirty-something woman at loose ends.  Her mother recently died, she lost her job, and an injury has ended her favorite hobby. Just when it doesn't seem like life can get any worse she is forced to accept a job offer from her estranged father. On the bright side, she discovers that she's inherited her grandparents' cottage on Sunset Beach. So at least she has a roof over her head - or a partial roof. Working at her father's personal injury law office could expand Drue's horizons and perhaps her non-existent dating life. She'll find a future she'd never thought possible. Mary Kay Andrews filled her latest novel with interesting characters, a sunny Florida Gulf Coast setting, and a mystery or two that might involve someone close to Drue. I really enjoyed Sunset Beach and hope for a sequel. The possibilities for Drue and company are endless.
LGHudson 10 days ago
MISCHIEF, MAYHEM & MURDER! The adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” has never been more true than when you look at the cover of SUNSET BEACH and then read the novel. The cover is picture perfect while the novel is filled with mischief, mayhem and murder. It’s definitely not your cozy little beach read. It’s gritty and deals with a darker side of things than MKA usually writes. Her lead character Drue, like many of her other leads, is down on her luck after a series of things have have happened - a breakup with her boyfriend, the death of her mother, loss of her waitressing job and a severe injury to her knee causing her to give up her pro status as a kiteboarder. After the death of her mother, she reconnects with her father, an ambulance chaser lawyer with a mega practice, who offers her a job and tells her she inherited her grandparents’ beach house. From this point on, the plot becomes VERY complex. Dru gets obsessed about one of the Office cases and does her own investigation. In my opinion, the plot drug in several places due to the redundancy of retelling certain aspects of the case. MKA also inserts a time slip to go along with this already busy plot. You need to pay attention so you won’t miss anything in each time period because both are very important to the ending. Themes in this novel are: dysfunctional families, jealousy, cheaters, romance, mystery, murder and friendships. I was provided an ARC of this novel by St. Martin’s Press & NetGalley. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence.
Fredreeca2001 11 days ago
Drue has had to accept a job at her father’s law firm. To make matters worse, her direct supervisor is her “frenemy”, Wendy, who happens to be married to her father. Needless to say, this is not ideal working conditions. Luckily, Drue inherited her grandparents beach house.(if she hadn’t, she would be homeless!) While she is cleaning the house up, she runs across a police file. It is a missing persons file. Well, this just opens a can of worms. On top of all of this, there is a case at her dad’s law office which just doesn’t sit right. Well, Drue being Drue, just can’t leave well enough alone. I love Drue. She has a bad attitude and she does not conform well to what is expected of her. She and Wendy have a rough go. Especially at the first. Her dad struggles to make up for time lost and to try and see Drue succeed. When Drue goes rogue and starts investigating on her own, this leads to a world of supposition and who did it! The cover of this book is misleading. This is really not a beach read. It is a murder mystery. Actually two completely different mysteries in one book. These mysteries really had me guessing. And no it was not who I thought it was. It was completely twisted. This is not my favorite MKA novel. I enjoy her light hearted with a little bit of funny thrown in stories. But, this is a good change of pace. Don’t miss this one! I received this novel from Tandem Literary for a honest review.
Lizzieblovestoread 12 days ago
This was such a great read! I loved everything about Sunset Beach! Drue Campbell is a 36-year old who is definitely down on her luck. Her mother has recently passed away from cancer, she is trying to recover from a knee injury she sustained while kite-boarding, which appears to be the only thing that has meant much to her for the past 20 years. She feels that she has hit rock bottom, but then things just seem to get worse. After her mom's passing, her estranged father, Brice, steps back into her life and offers her a job at his law firm on the Justice line. She has no choice, but to take him up on his offer and has to relocate back to St. Petersburg, Florida. When she arrives, her life continues in a downward spiral. She finds out her 68-year old father is married to Wendy, an old friend that is her age, from 8th grade, that went from best friend to enemy during adolescence, Things are tough in the beginning trying to look past her animosity towards her dad, but it's even worse that she has to work with Wendy every day. Wendy won't stop patrolling, Drue and reminding her of how poorly she is doing on the job. While there, Drue becomes enamored with a case that just doesn't seem like it was handled properly by her father's law firm. She starts to meddle and turns secret investigator to figure out what happened. In the midst of this case, she finds evidence that her family could also be involved in a 40-year old missing persons case. Drue thrusts herself fully into both of the investigations and it takes her in many shocking directions. There is always a little time for a love story, and Mary Kay Andrews perfectly places it amidst the novel. Sunset Beach was a wonderful, fun, and thrilling read that had me hooked instantly.
gypsygrandmatv 12 days ago
If you love Mary Kay Andrews you will love this book.. Family drama, mystery, romance and a beach house I would love to own...this book has everything for a great summer read! I haven't read many books by Mary Kay Andrews but I really enjoyed this one. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 12 days ago
For a book that included two murders I found this to be a really fun story. I enjoyed following Drue through her investigations and seeing how her relationships grew throughout the novel. I would definitely recommend this for a fun beach read! I received an advanced copy in exchange of an honest review.
PNWBookworm 12 days ago
While I normally adore Mary Kay Andrews books this one fell a little bit flat for me. I just didn’t like the main character. I found her to be whiney, immature and a little bit obnoxious. She has some serious issues with her father and I felt like that situation was weird, especially not that he’s married to one of her old friends. I think that whole situation was unnecessary to the plot and could have been done without making it so weird. All of that being said it was still a good read. There is a really great mystery element, the plotting and writing are well done and the setting is fabulous. I can also see a lot of potential for this to become a series and I hope that the main character grows and changes and that future books wont have that same vibe. I would still recommend this to anyone looking for a great southern setting and a fun beach read.
TheBookBag 12 days ago
I have always been a huge, huge fan of Mary Kay Andrews and have loved all of her beach stories. I know it's summertime when I have one of her books on my TBR list. Sunset Beach, like all of MKA's other books, is full of beach, sand, water, and wonderful characters. The thing that is different about this story though, is the mystery that the author wove into her beach story this time. I loved Drue's tenacity and perseverance when it came to getting to the bottom of things. I really hope that this was just the beginning of our glimpse into Drue's life and that Mary Kay has more mysteries for her to solve. This story has it all—a nice beachy read with a captivating mystery thrown in for good measure. 'I'm only one woman, you know. I can solve only one mystery at a time.'
kaitlynspet 12 days ago
Mary Kay Andrews has a hit with Sunset Beach. Ms. Andrews always writes a good book but there was a sudden shift in this book. The story had more of a serious feel with more social consciousness to it. A young woman returns to Sunset Beach after her mother's death and losing her job. She inherits a run-down beach cottage and she takes a job working for her estranged father. At work and home, she comes across 2 legal cases that catch her attention. She begins to question her father's motives in these two cases and she questions what she thought her family and friends. Great read. Would definitely recommend.
PageJunkie 13 days ago
I love when a book and author takes me completely by surprise. I imagined Sunset Beach to be a stereotypical summer beach read. Boys meets girl, conflict, resolution… What I read was a story about a woman, Drue, who has gone through a season of life where nothing goes her way but manages to find her new home and life in a charming bungalow with good memories and a quite unexpected mystery. The main character’s journey from a point where she is struggling to a place where she thrives is encouraging and gives the book that “beach read” feeling you expect. The unsolved mystery that takes Drue on this journey is what makes this book great. When Drue feels compelled to investigate a suspicious death that seems to have ties to her father and his business associates, she discovers not only the truth but romance, restored familial relationships, and a new life. Another strength of this book is that the author did not rely on gratuitous sex, violence, or profanity in an effort to give weight to her story. She relied on the strength of the characters, the story, and her writing to give the reader a great experience. I hope the author makes this book the first of a series as I would like to continue reading about Drue and her experiences. I've already purchased an audio version of this book as I enjoyed the ARC so much. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.