Supply Chain Optimization under Uncertainty: Supply chain design for optimum performance

Supply Chain Optimization under Uncertainty: Supply chain design for optimum performance

by Barrie Michael Cole

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Drawing on cutting-edge research, this book proposes a new 'Supply Chain Optimization under Uncertainty’, technology. Its application can bring many proven benefits to supply chain entities, any associated service providers, and, of course, the customers. 
The technology can provide the best design and operating solution for a Supply Chain Network (SCN) that is subject to any prevailing conditions of Operational Uncertainty (OU). A SCN is defined as a network of production facilities, distribution centers and retail sales outlets. OU is defined as any relevant combination of i) multiple process objectives e.g. a business needs to maximize operating profits and to minimize inventory levels, ii) fuzziness (<, <=, >, or >=) e.g. sales <= 1500 t/mth and iii) probability e.g. sale of fertilizer is dependent on probabilistic rainfall. Following this method always enables the determination of realistic optimum supply chain solutions, since the effects of any operational uncertainties are always provided for. 
The book is arranged in two parts. The first part covers the theory and recent research into supply chain optimization under uncertainty. The second part documents the application of the newly proposed technology to an agricultural fertilizer’s (NPK, South Africa) supply chain.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Concepts and Definitions: Supply Chain Uncertainty and Planning 3. Literature Research: Concepts of Research 4. Hypothesis 5. Methodology Development 6. Specification of 'Planning the Optimum Design and Performance of Uncertain Supply Chain' methodology 7. Application Example: Uncertain NPK Fertiliser Supply Chain 8. Conclusion 9. Bibliography

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