Survival Tips and Tactics: Natural Disaster Survival Guide

Survival Tips and Tactics: Natural Disaster Survival Guide

by Conrad Blake


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Are you ready to deal with natural disaster?

Very few people have the foresight or the wherewithal to build a concrete bunker and squirrel away six months' worth of food and medical supplies, but do you have a simple survival kit stashed away in the hall closet? Do you have enough canned goods and water in the pantry to survive a few days until you can scavenge what you need for yourself and your family to thrive? Don't you think you should?
There's never a question as to whether a disaster will strike, the questions are:
• Where's it going to strike?
• When's it going to strike?
• How bad is it going to be?
Severe weather, flooding, tornadoes, microbursts, hurricanes, drought, wildfires, the list is endless. Power outages, water contamination, the destruction of dwellings and other buildings, loss of medical care, food shortages, limited transportation options, and loss of communications are de rigueur in a natural disaster. Are you ready, willing, and able to address those problems with only your personal knowledge, skills, and whatever resources you can marshal?
A word to the wise: knowing basic survival skills is one thing, using them is another. If you do not practice these skills, and become proficient at them, this book will be of little use to you. Gaining this knowledge is a good start, but if you have never experienced its practical application, it's useless to you in an emergency. You won't have time in an emergency to read a book. When you are cold, hungry, homeless and hurt is not the time to start back to school.
Take your family camping, practice in your back yard. Get your spouse and kids involved, make a game of it. Keep in mind that you'll need to survive as a unit, and there won't be enough time for one person to do everything that has to be done in a disaster. This book is designed to provide you with many of the basic skills you'll need to care for yourself and your family when disaster strikes.

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