Surviving You

Surviving You

by Ashley Spencer

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According to RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, every ninety-eight seconds an American is sexually assaulted. A vast majority of those sexual assaults go unreported to the police, 658 of 1,000 instances to be exact. And out of those 342 that do report, only six out of 1,000 criminals end up in prison. I'm writing this story to share my experiences. I'm writing it for healing. I'm writing it for closure. But mostly, I'm writing it for the one out of six women who have been the victim of a completed or attempted rape in their lifetimes. For all the women who have experienced sexual violence in any form. For those who feel ashamed, burdened, numb, and simply worn. You are not alone. This is the story of how I met and fell in love with my rapist, and how it affected my life. I hope this book sheds light on the difficulties of domestic violence, and even more on the injustice of the judicial courts. This is my story. I hope it can help those who are suffering, who believe there is no way out, to find their strength, like it has helped me find mine. --- Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a sociopath? Emma Sawyer spent every moment of her high school and college years trying to figure it out. In a small, rural town in Ohio, with nothing much to do, Emma was a regular teenage girl trying to fit in. Her life was normal until she met David, a conniving and deceitful boy who stole her heart. Though David seemed aloof and impersonal at times, Emma fell for his fiery charm. Through ups and downs in their relationship, Emma found herself falling irrevocably in love with David, despite his pathological lies and violent fits of rage. Little did she know, he was about to take her on a seven-year journey that would change her life forever. The memoir follows their love story through a series of relentless events. Providing introspection as an older Emma throughout, the author reflects on the memories and red flags of the abusive relationship. This book aims to help women who have experienced sexual abuse and manipulation realize they are not alone, shed light on the difficulties of domestic violence, and put a spotlight on the injustice of the courts.

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ISBN-13: 9781543936230
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 07/06/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 787 KB

About the Author

Ashley Spencer is a native of Gallipolis, Ohio. Born in 1991, she grew to love writing at a young age. Currently working as a copywriter in the tech industry, she prides herself on her career achievements. She lives in Saint Petersburg with her fur-baby Luna, and they can often be spotted trying out craft beer at local breweries. She enjoys taking Luna to the dog beach, attending art festivals, and growing her freelance copywriting business in her spare time.

Table of Contents

Summary: ix

Author Bio: ix

Chapter 1 Hello, Love 1

Chapter 2 The Cycle Begins 10

Chapter 3 There's No Time Like the First Time 25

Chapter 4 The Cycle Continues 31

Chapter 5 Drawing Me Back to You 44

Chapter 6 Hoo-Ah 48

Chapter 7 Fight the Break of Dawn 52

Chapter 8 The Letters 62

Chapter 9 O-U Oh Yeah 75

Chapter 10 The Promise 82

Chapter 11 Light to Dark 91

Chapter 12 What Happens in Athens, Stays in Athens 105

Chapter 13 The Character Witness 113

Chapter 14 The Arrest 118

Chapter 15 The Professors 126

Chapter 16 Intersect 135

Chapter 17 Stronger 142

Chapter 18 There's a First Time for Everything 156

Chapter 19 A Poetic Revival of Romance 165

Chapter 20 The Trial 176

Chapter 21 The Verdict Is In 191

Chapter 22 Life After You 201

Epilogue: 203

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