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Sir Mix-A-Lot is one of greatest ironies in the history of rap. His occasional sociopolitical statements show he can be every bit as intelligent a commentator as KRS-One or Chuck D, but Mix's forte has always been the type of fun, escapist, even goofy fare that dominates his debut album, Swass. Though forceful and aggressive at times, the distinctive Seattle native never considered himself a hardcore rapper and is quick to point out that his influences range from quirky new waver Gary Numan to metal bands to George Clinton. Ranging from aggressive rap/metal like "Hip-Hop Soldier" and an inspired interpretation of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" (which employs headbangers Metal Church) to his enjoyably silly impression of hillbillies on "Square Dance Rap" and "Buttermilk Biscuits," Swass set the tone for Mix's career by appealing to pop fans more than hardcore rap listeners. His strongest sociopolitical raps (including "Society's Creation" and "Jack Back") would come later.

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Release Date: 03/12/2002
Label: American Recordings
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