Sweet Contradiction

Sweet Contradiction

by Peggy Martinez

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When Beth Michaels hightailed it out of the hole-in-the-road town she grew up in, she only had two goals. One—get as far away as quickly as possible, and two—never set foot in her parent’s home again. But when she receives a heart breaking call from her childhood best friend, Jen, she has no choice but to turn her ’56 Ford pickup back in the direction of Salem, Missouri to attend a funeral.

There’s a new local in town when Beth arrives, and suddenly, it ain’t all that easy for her to remember her rules for dating.
#1. Cookie-cutter-perfect guys ain’t her type.
#2. Tie wearin’ and church frequentin’ is an automatic dismissal.
#3. Most importantly, never date anyone from small minded, conservative, Bible-thumping towns like Salem.

Unfortunately, Matthew Wright breaks all her rules and then some.

Matt might be from a small town and have small town values, but that doesn’t mean he fits into a little slot of Beth’s preconceived notions. After all, ever so often good guys are good. Now if he could just convince Beth to let go of her past and give him a chance, he’s pretty sure there’s a whole lotta sweet under that prickly exterior.
His own … Sweet Contradiction.

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BN ID: 2940045932356
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 08/26/2014
Series: The Contradiction Series
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 50,126
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Peggy Martinez is a full time Author who has over a dozen published works, including the Time Warper Series, the State of Decay Trilogy, the Contradiction Series, the Reapers Grimm Series, her middle grade Super Zero Series, and various novellas and serials. When not writing, Peggy can be found homeschooling her teen son and four daughters. You may also find her packaging hundreds of boxes for her monthly box subscription business she founded just for readers! (Lit-Cube) She could also be spotted reading, making soap, dabbling in aromatherapy, watching gangster movies, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, or downing insane amounts of Twizzlers and Kazoozles. Oh yeah... and day dreaming about owning a small homestead or taking a dream vacation to Greece, Scotland, & Ireland. She could totally be doing that.

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Sweet Contradiction 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Peggy Martinez Sweet Contradiction Sweet romance, this story follows the life of Beth as she tries to move on from a childhood of torment. Her parents used religion as a way to “teach” her values that every girl should have, but abused it and left Beth scarred and determined to keep away from the town she grew up in and anyone religious after her 18th birthday. After 4 years of travelling, Beth finds herself back in her home town following the death of her best friend’s mum (who also acted as he surrogate mum growing up). Enter Matt Wright, right from the start you can tell they have a connection but Beth soon finds out he is the pastor’s son who teaches Sunday school and is set on keeping her distance. Unfortunately for Beth, Matt has other ideas and will do everything he can to prove to Beth that being religious doesn’t mean anything; everyone is their own person with their own ideas. The start of the book is likely to get your blood boiling, as you see Beth’s upbringing and what she had to go through but it’s an important part of the backstory and shows how strong she must be, even from an early age. The emotions portrayed throughout the book are so vivid that I could feel everything the characters were going through and the descriptive nature allowed me to easily imagine the whole story as it unfolded. This book has a very real feel about it; it wasn’t just love at first sight or happily ever after. This story finished at the end of the book, but still left the perfect opening to the next book, Perfect Contradiction. I received an e-arc of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Tina_Donnelly More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Peggy Martinez! I love her writing style, her characters and how her stories grab a hold of my heart. Sweet Contradiction is no different. I love everything about this book, especially Matthew Wright. Beth Michaels has been tormented by her very cruel parents. She leaves home to find her own life, but is called back into town when tragedy strikes her best friend Jen. Beth wants nothing to do with religion or the small town she grew up in, but someone new in town catches her eye. Could he change her mind? Beth has been through so much growing up, but as soon as her friend needs her she doesn't hesitate to come back. Their friendship is so refreshing. They are more like sisters than friends. I love that! Then you add in a handsome, good guy with a sense of humor and passion...PERFECTION. Sweet Contradiction is a beautiful story. I can't wait to read Perfect Contradiction and find out what Peggy has in store for Jen and Hunter.  My favorite quote: "I'm not looking for perfect, I'm looking for real. I'm looking for passion and love, Babe."
Anonymous 5 months ago
Will get the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story and i ejoyed it to the end Thank you
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Liked it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Usually i ditch 1st person books. This one caught me on page 1. Awesome writing! Well written, engaging, well developed characters. A Great quick read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Immensely enjoyable. A romance with real life mixed in. We'll developed characters and smoothly written.
mandamorgan More than 1 year ago
Wow really romantic read. You can't help but fall in love with Matt. The thing I didn't like about the story is that as a reader you don't get to know the characters really that in depth. There are a lot of unanswered questions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A story about lost faith but not preachy. CB
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wild child vs preacher's son. Sounds pretty cliche. I was extremely pleased that the story did not become a bible sermon. This book does keep faith and at times, lack of it, in a proper context. I look forward to reading more of these books.
Maribel_Platypire-Reviews More than 1 year ago
The story starts out with the mental abuse Beth's father put her through as a child. It's appalling just how extreme and fanatical her father is about God and the Bible, and this helps me sympathize with Beth and feel sorry for the childhood she suffered through. I had a hard time deciding if I liked the pace of this story because it is on the short side and the plot was moving along rather quickly. I've never been a fan of insta-love and while Beth's love for Matt isn't instantaneous, it does develop rather quickly, as does his love for her. There also wasn't much drama, which surprised me. I expected Matt and Beth to argue or have long, lengthy discussions on their spiritual and religious differences, but they don't because Matt says he doesn't care and accepts her as she is. In a real life relationship, this would cause strife and problems could arise. So I do think that the way things are handled are a tad unrealistic. I do think their relationship is sweet and Matt is a patient man. To me, this book was pretty clean and was a sweet romance. I give Sweet Contradiction 3.5/5 Platypires.
GinsBookNotes More than 1 year ago
Sweet Contradiction by Peggy Martinez is one of the books I purchased at UtopYA while browsing stalking the Crimson Tree/Clean Teen Publishing exhibitor table. I’ve read several of Peggy’s other books so I was super excited about getting my hands on this ARC and finding out how this awesome writer would tackle a new adult contemporary romance. Let me just go ahead and say, “SHE NAILED IT”. I loved Sweet Contradiction. Here’s one of my Facebook updates while I was reading it: July 18, 2014  I’m currently reading an ARC of Sweet Contradiction by Author Peggy Martinez. Ya’ll are going to love this book! It releases on Aug. 26, 2014 – Go ahead and add it to your wish list! Here’s what I loved about Sweet Contradiction: It is a new adult romance and the guy isn’t a complete and totally ass that treats women like dirt. WooHoo for real people with morals and respect for themselves and others. It’s complex. Serious issues regarding religion and faith are tackled. The main character Beth struggles with reconciling her past with her present. She measures all Christians against what she grew up around and runs as far away as she can from home, religion, and healing. It is a story of love, friendship, acceptance, and huge personal growth for several characters in the story. It is a book about learning to reconcile your past without having to condemn or distrust others. It left me with a smile and my last thought was “wow, that was great”. The beauty in this story is that it is complex yet simple. The characters are very down to earth and I enjoyed getting to see them grow through out the story. I am really looking forward to book 2 in Peggy Martinez’s Sweet Contradiction Series. Sweet Contradiction isn’t christian fiction. It is a straightforward new adult contemporary romance that features Christianity. There is some sexual content and language but nothing extreme. The book is 206 pages so it was a fast read with excellent pacing and well developed characters. I will be honest. I am not a big fan of new adult romance but if there were more books written like Sweet Contradiction I could quickly become a one. Side Note: The interior formatting on the paperback version is gorgeous. I really enjoyed all the extra details that went into making the inside look great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Naj More than 1 year ago
I’ve known Peggy for almost a year now and I didn’t understand why I didn’t find the urge to pick up one of her many awesome books until this one. I regret missing out on the wonderful writing of Peggy Martinez.  Sweet Contradiction instantly became one of my favorite books of the year. Not only did it take me only a couple of hours to read, but it was really really good. I’m a bit disappointed that the book was so short! The plot was well thought of, and definitely one that keeps you reading. It wasn’t the fighting action type of plots, it was the more realistic life plots about small town girls leaving home for four years and only comes back when something terrible happens. Unfortunately, something bad did happen and our main character has to return to a place she never wants to go back to.  Beth Michaels was a wonderful protagonist, she was tough most of the time and vulnerable the rest of the time. She grew up with parents who used religion to verbally abuse her as a child. That made her hate her parents and made her very weary about religion. Her only friends were the Collin’s, Jennifer and her mom. They were the only two people who kept her going during all those years of abuse as a child. I admired the strength Beth had to be able to suffer that much for so many years. Then Matthew Wright comes in and breaks all her dating rules and gives her a sense of hope when it comes to life and religion.  Sweet Contradiction was a beautiful read. The plot, romance, and characters were simple and yet, so good.  An amazing summer read for those who enjoy short romances in countrysides. I absolutely loved the book and I can’t wait to read the sequel! Peggy Martinez is an excellent writer and she has definitely got herself another die hard fan to fawn over hers books (all of them)! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You need to try out this book! I would recommend this book.   By:  Peggy Sue Martinez Review by: Sammie    Living the fast life isn’t always what you need even if you think you know what Is best. Beth Michaels was perfectly happy traveling and (living) as she wanted on her own terms. She took off in her truck, getting as far away from the small town and her stifling parents as soon as she was old enough. Living perfectly happy until her best friend Jen calls on her to come home and help her through some unexpected struggles. What will she be facing when she returns to the small town she has spent so long running from? Beth doesn’t want to go back and face the pit of the hell world she left but her best friend needs her now.    Sometimes there is a purpose bigger than what is in front of you. Bumping into the bible thumping Matt brings up some unexpected feelings. Beth can’t prepare herself for what’s coming and she has no idea how to face everything she’s against and stay true to herself.   People aren’t always as they seem and life can change at the drop of a hat. Matt is ready to give Beth a run for her money weather she’s ready or not.   I love that this isn’t your average book; I couldn’t help falling in love with the dynamic characters Peggy Sue Martinez builds. Facing real challenges we can relate to around every corner. I can’t wait to fall into her next book in this series.   Sammie Honesty About Books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gosh where to start… I really enjoyed this book.  It tugs at a bunch of different heart strings.  Quick read, or maybe it just had me pulled in.   I enjoyed the atmosphere of the book as well, warm welcoming and wild at moments. Small town girl raised under the menacing thumb of a father who used his extreme religious beliefs to scare, abuse, and torture his own daughter.     18 years was quite enough for Elizabeth and she high tailed it out of there, traveling around here and there working odds and ends to cover her expenses.  Carefree and on her own agenda, that is until she gets the message of tragedy that has taken place back home, the one person that could bring her back to that town that held so many hideous nightmarish memories was her best friend Jen.  Beth hits town later than planned hoping to skirt through without incident… Not happening. First stop in town to grab some flowers and freshen up she is confronted with her past,  but saved by a new stranger… a handsome stranger that has “out of my league” written all over him. Beth is shortly there- after faced with decisions she is not fond of… the last 4 years have been spent moving on and not sticking around anywhere, for any one .  Now faced with a friend who needs her to stay, and a past that has blurred her view and acceptance of faith, religion, and her desire to have a stable future.    A steady flow of emotions from start to finish.  If you can relate to Small towns, County Fairs, and Barn Dances  then I think you will enjoy this book as much as I have.   I’m only left with one unanswered question, but I think it will be answered in the follow up to this in Jen and Hunters story. This book is live July 13th so throw this sweet read on Your TBR and snatch it up once its available!
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
From the opening lines of this book, I was completely engrossed in this book. The opening pages were some of the hardest I have had to read. When religion is used to abuse others, I really get incensed. I was absolutely certain that this book was going to be a winner. And I was right! Let’s get the negative issues out of the way first. There is some mild profanity sprinkled throughout the story, but there is nothing hardcore. There is some implied sexual encounters, but there are no details given. There is a minor gay character, but I did not find myself offended in any way in this situation or any other. I felt that everything was narrated in such a way that the story was the focus rather than the peripheral issues. And what a story it is! But I always feel I must provide cautions, especially if your teenager wants to read the book. I absolutely love Matt and Beth, and I found myself running through the whole gamut of emotions–sorrow, anger, humor, excitement, terror, and true joy. This book is short, but it packs one powerful punch. In fact, I was pretty sure that I knew how the book would end, but the author threw in a couple of curve balls that kept me guessing. I would absolutely love to read the sequel in order to discover what is next for Jenn and Hunter. The most noteworthy portion of the book for me concerned the religious issues. This is not a Christian book, and it never purports to be so. I have read many innocuous “Christian” books that have no real message or significance. This book’s view on religion and Beth’s “heart to heart” conversation was full of more depth than so many traditional Christian books. I am not saying that I agree with the premise put forth by the author in the book, but it was a more positive view of religion and faith than so many Christian and secular books put forth. It was refreshing, and it gave me hope that maybe there are those out there who are still open to the message of the gospel even in this growing atheistic age. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.
BlushingReader More than 1 year ago
Star Rating:  4 out of 5 Heat Rating:  Mild Peggy Martinez is a new-to-me author and I am so glad that I had the chance to read Sweet Contradiction!  This was a very sweet and touching story that had many good messages about love, acceptance and friendship.  I was instantly drawn into the story, falling in love with Michael and cheering for Beth as she begins to realize that she can't runaway anymore. Sweet Contradiction was like slipping into a comfy bed after a long day, you get cozy and can't wait to spend the rest of the night wrapped up in Beth and Michael's story.  I really liked Michael, he is not your typical New Adult hero, it was a nice change see the good, sweet guy get the girl.  Peggy Martinez does a great job with the cast of characters, getting to know the secondary characters almost as much as the main characters and you are left wanting more from Jen, Hunter, Beth and Michael.   I cried, laughed, sighed and felt my heart melt (the ferris wheel *sigh*) while reading Sweet Contradiction.  This is a book that I would have let pass me by if the author hadn't asked me to read it and that would have been a terrible thing.  Even though I like a bit more heat to my books, sometimes the quiet, mild stories are the ones that sneak in and make the lasting impression.  Beth and Michael were exactly what I didn't realize I needed in a romance this week, so thank you Peggy for letting me have this story.  I will be anxiously awaiting the next book that spins off of Sweet Contradiction, Jen and Hunter's story can't get in my hands fast enough!
Cuanam More than 1 year ago
*I Received this Reviewer ARC from the Author via B3 Tours in exchange for an Honest Review* Beth's parents are your typical deep south, bible belt, Christians. The type that don't allow their children to do anything because everything is a sin. I don't know how that girl put up with it honestly. When she hit legal age, she left and vowed she would never go back. All of that changed with one phone call from her best friend. My copy was an ARC so I'm unsure if it was corrected already or not, but I did spot a couple of small errors. The story itself is beautifully written and the reader will fall in love with the main characters very easily. I'm actually very glad that this was the first book by this author that I had the pleasure of reading, I truly loved the theme of it. While I'm not Christian, I could still relate to the religious aspects of the story and obviously all the fears and apprehensions Beth had. I look forward to reading the next book since while knowing this was Beth and Matt's story, I was left wanting when it came to Jenn and Hunter which I know will be dealt with in the next book. I give this book 4 of 5 paws. Reviewed by S.Cu'Anam Policar Freaky Fiction Writing Author Cu's Ebook Giveaways Owner Fae Books Tour Host/Reviewer Girls <3 Books Tours Host LadyAmber's Book Tours Host B3 Book Tours Host I Am A Reader Not A Writer Blog Tour Host Shades of Rose Marketing Tour Host GWR Tour Host As You Wish Tour Host
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sweet Contradiction is just fabulous. I loved everything about this book. The fact that Beth gets out on her own after High School and doing her own thing because she wants to escape the life she was forced to live with her bible twisted father was a liberating. I felt like I could breathe better for her while reading it lol. The relationship she has with Jen, her best friend, is just epic. Then there is Matt. What can I say about him other than perfection? I love how Matt tested Beth and coaxed her into seeing that just because of who he was and what he believed in didn't make him and his family like her father. This book does not bash the bible in anyway so leave those type of comments to yourself. It showed the two different life styles based on religion and I just loved the moment she came to realize that too. I won't spoil that scene because I think it was the best one in the whole book. The only way I can describe the book is you can take the girl out of the small town but the small town will always be home sweet home.