Sweet Words of Mother...The Story of a Saint: Our Great Guide, Mother, Ruby Odessa

Sweet Words of Mother...The Story of a Saint: Our Great Guide, Mother, Ruby Odessa

by Carl D. Bill-Lee Sons


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Ruby Odessa 'Cox' was her maiden name!

Odessa, her second given name just fit how she was. It was sort of a sparkly quick name to say. Don't you think, as a reader? Go ahead, try it! Say it! Ruby Odessa! A bit like the name of an Icon of sorts! Something or somebody with a legacy! Well, she did that! Leave a legacy!

However, the kind of person we, her sons, Bill and I are, we just had to see what that name "Odessa" really was. So we found, though it seems it was from the great state of Texas, that name Odessa is actually a city of southern Ukraine on Odessa Bay, an arm of the Black Sea.

Now stay with us here!

"Well, Carl, we better get to the call on this, or we might loose our readers"

"So right, Bill! But I think we have a cool 'short' of an ending for a beginning to personify Mother."

"Right you are! Go ahead little brother!"

That city, Odessa, was established as a Tartar fortress in the 14th century, passed to Turkey in 1764, and was captured by Russia in the 1790s. It is a major port, naval base, and resort.

So, our mother lived up to her name, Odessa, as...a major port for so many people to bring their Human Sea Vessels of life to her Harbor of Heaven, Port of Prayer and Resort of Rest.

"Good show, Bud!"

"Thanks, Bill!"

From within pages of this book Bill and I want to share a small bit of her life as a guide to others.

A good example of Ruby Odessa is as follows;

The Words We Speak!

The words we speak are outward signs, of that within our heart.
Although it's true what is revealed, may only be a part.

It matters not if rich, or poor, or whether strong or weak.
God's Word declares that from the heart, the mouth is made to speak.

So if to curse is your desire, or if to pray or shout.
Don't be misled, but be assured, that what's inside comes out.

If words of praise adorn your lips, or angry words of sin
The things revealed are from the heart. And, what's contained within.

The words we speak that help or hurt someone may rise or fall.
But once they pass those lips of ours, they're gone beyond recall.

Since this is true, these little words, I would to you impart.
Don't ask the Lord to seal your lips. But, purify your heart.

Ruby Odessa

From this point of character, her personality went on into deep studies as she took on the readings of how groups and societies did worship other gods. Right down to the current status of church and secular events. She liked for us to read John Keats of London, Byron / G.N. Gordon and other pieces of literature.

She felt so in place to be as aware of the world she dealt with daily as possible. She was impelled via legions of insightful reaches into files, titles and topics of a better understanding.

Her Note....As Christians we realize that the forces that move and motivate this world are spiritual. We gladly line up with the Lord and His power of Love.

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About the Author

Thank you Brother Bill for helping me. My Brother Bill was so vital as a co-author in this book of Mother. His information and advice was crucial.

As an author, writing for our elementary school paper it began for me at the age of nine. Writing continued through High school into college for "Excitement" and "Reach" magazine. From then until now, I have enjoyed thousands of hours through Biographies. As well as Documentary, Suspense, Adventure, Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Next I try Romance!

It began with an amazing word and grammar fix through poetry and slogans, as in elementary. It then broadened into Screen Play and Stage Scripts, Narrative, Technical and Definition of Events.

So, as asked by a former state historical society archivist to complete a biography for a well traveled individual with interesting baggage, I was honored.

Then two other biographies seem to fall into place. This nurtured a softer character cataclysm of communication while this research and writing occurred.

In efforts to escalate as voice in radio and television broadcasting, offerings were accepted to write and voice Commercial Content programs. Spot Announcements or Public Service and Public Participation venues were accomplished. This was for local, state, national and international media. And as bilingual occurred! Community format of events in workable description over the years attracted interest and attendance of a mass audience. References available!

As Director of Communication with Modular Education National College, and Southwest Radio International and National Religious Broadcasters, certain venues of agreements and disagreements were presented. It was my place to recognize rules and regulations with and of the Federal Communication Commission as in what to and what not to say, and or promote. Or, to offer it with legal communication jargon in any case!

As master of ceremony, or as in emcee format, working within a more secure better understanding of and with foster, truant, drug prone and homeless youth was televised. Within media broadcasting everyday there appeared trauma youth and adults to council.

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