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Tackling prison overcrowding is a response to controversial proposals for prisons and sentencing set out in by Lord Patrick Carter's "Review of Prisons", published in 2007. The Carter review proposed the construction of vast 'Titan' prisons to deal with the immediate problem of prison overcrowding, the establishment of a Sentencing Commission as a mechanism for keeping judicial demand for prison places in line with supply, along with further use of the private sector, including private sector management methods. "Tackling prison overcrowding" comprises nine chapters by leading academic experts, who expose these proposals to critical scrutiny. They take the Carter Report to task for construing the problems too narrowly, in terms of efficiency and economy, and for failing to understand the wider issues of justice that need addressing. They argue that the crisis of prison overcrowding is first and foremost a political problem - arising from penal populism - for which political solutions need to be found.This accessible report will be of interest to policy makers, probation practitioners, academics and other commentators on criminal policy.

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ISBN-13: 9781847421104
Publisher: Bristol University Press
Publication date: 10/22/2008
Series: Researching Criminal Justice
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 138
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Mike Hough, Institute for Criminal Policy Research, School of Law, King''''s College London, Rob Allen, International Centre for Prison Studies, King's College London and Enver Solomon, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, King''s College, London

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Notes on contributors

1              Introduction

                Mike Hough and Enver Solomon

2              The prisoners’ dilemma in England and Wales

                Nicola Lacey

3              Building on sand: why expanding the prison estate is not the way to ‘secure the future’

                Carol Hedderman

4              Towards more consistent and predictable sentencing in England and Wales

                Jessica Jacobson, Julian Roberts and Mike Hough

5              ‘Titan’ prisons: do size, efficiency and legitimacy matter?

                Alison Liebling

6              Private punishment? An examination of the expansion, development and employment relations of private prisons

                Sanjiv Sachdev

7              Reducing the use of custody as a sanction: a review of recent international experiences

                Julian Roberts

8              Where now?

                Rod Morgan

9              Endnote: latest developments in penal policy

                Rob Allen

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