Tai Chi SURGE: Radical ZMQ Energetics

Tai Chi SURGE: Radical ZMQ Energetics


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SURGE is packed with tricks and tips for turning Tai Chi into the engine of internal power mastery it was originally meant to be. While centered on the Zheng Manqing 37-Step Simplified Tai Chi method, the insights and practices for internal power development can be adapted to other methods. The book is geared to those who've learned or are learning the ZMQ method or another Tai Chi system, but its insights on Tai Chi internal power will also be enlightening and inspiring for beginners or the casual reader who's merely 'Tai-curious'.

Beyond Tai Chi, SURGE will be of interest to any martial artist or healer who is involved with development or application of the body's intrinsic non-material energies.

  • Preface
  • Fable
  • Introduction
  • Tai Chi Structure Principles
  • A Further Note on Relaxation
  • The Cat-Step Protocol
  • Cat-Step Imagery
  • Cat-Step: Left Wardoff Example
  • The Counter-Sink Protocol
  • Counter-Sink: Left Wardoff Example
  • Duration
  • How to Work It
  • Barriers, Hangups, Impediments
  • Pose Notes (The ZMQ37 Form)
  • Bread Sandwich Tai Chi
  • Advanced Work
  • The Big Picture
  • Refund Policy

SURGE is emphatically not a full photo-sequence paint-by-numbers introduction to the entire method. Although the internal development requirements for every pose in the ZMQ sequence are fully described, visual references for each pose are not included. SURGE is not adequate for, and not intended as, a step-by-step tutorial on the mechanics of the system. You cannot learn the ZMQ method from this book. It is intended as a supplement to your Tai Chi study. Please take this advisory very seriously - you'll sound ridiculous if you later complain: "I couldn't learn the Tai Chi form from this book!"

It's a repository of profound internal training insights that you can apply to the Tai Chi that you've learned elsewhere.

If you're wondering where this book fits with my other books on Tai Chi, here's how they relate:
JUICE is a love letter; PENG is a travel guide; SURGE is the owner's manual.

SURGE will also be useful as companion notes for my future DVD release 'Tai Chi GROUND' (expected in 2015) which demonstrates and teaches every ZMQ37 pose and all the inter-pose transitions, under this same internal cultivation framework.

I really don't want dissatisfied customers, and I'm sure you'd rather not waste your money and then your time, venting your angry spleen all over the internet. Fortunately I have a track record and before clicking to buy this, I request that you do some research by reading all the reviews of all my other books. Read the cheers and the jeers, the lovers and the haters, all of it, before deciding to buy. Though embedded rock-solid in the philosophy of the Tai Chi Classic Writings, nevertheless the title says it best: my approach is RADICAL, and it seriously baffles and bothers many people. If, after doing full diligence, you're left with any doubts whatsoever, that's the universe giving you thumbs-down, telling you this material isn't for you, so err on the side of caution and save your money.

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Publication date: 01/27/2015
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