Taken by Storm: Storm Book II

Taken by Storm: Storm Book II

by Steven Paul-Germane


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They say money can buy you happiness and anything else you wanted. I'd settle for just being normal and live like other normal people lived. However, that was impossible when you were the son of a hotel magnate who was a multimillionaire and one of three identical triplets, except for eye color. I was the prized possession that everyone wanted. And no matter who they were, if they came in contact with me, they wanted me any way they could have me. I was that forbidden fruit that everyone wanted to take a bite out of, and if they were lucky enough to get that bite . . . In fact, money wasn't bringing me happiness; it was bringing me everything in between and then some. It was a nightmare.

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ISBN-13: 9781496969170
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/06/2015
Pages: 214
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Taken by Storm

Storm Book II

By Steven Paul-Germane


Copyright © 2015 Steven Paul-Germane
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-6917-0


For Sale

THE SIGN IN FRONT OF the Pasadena, California estate said "For Sale" covered by another sign that said "Sold." Because of the dreadful events that had taken place in our house, everyone agreed that we needed to either stay at our Santa Barbara location or look for something closer to Three Points. I suggested West Hollywood and of course Patrick wanted to live in Paramount because of Debra and Phil just didn't care. Anywhere was fine with him because he was the simplest one of us. However, because we wanted something a little more patrolled by the police and tighter security, Beverly Hills was the perfect place and as the three of us worked at Three Points, our real father with the help of Antonio and Lorna Walters, had found a great realtor and a great home for us in the Hollywood Hills that overlooked the city and gave a hell of a view of the sun as it set over the Pacific Ocean, and not to mention the fact that it was convenient to everything because we could pick up West Sunset Boulevard, North Santa Monica and Wilshire. However, the house we lived in was designed for each of our personalities and it would be hard to match or come close to the design and life of our home, anywhere. We'd be moving soon.

A few weeks had passed and graduation was upon us. I was still trying to sort out all of the mess that had been going on and that was still continuing. I had met with my so-called new family and had performed and fulfilled my job duties with my make believe brothers upon my so called father's request and insistence. It wasn't easy to know that I was sleeping with my brothers and with Stefano, Carlos and Maria in fact, it was Maria who was chauffeured to my house by Carlos and Stefano that reminded me, that it was time to pay the piper and when she stepped out of the limo looking sexy as she did, it just so happened that Julio and I had just finished making love in the guest house. Of course Julio was speechless as my father called for me telling me there was a gorgeous young lady here to pick me up and me not realizing who it could have been, I was floored when I saw her.

"Maria," I spoke out to her after seeing who it was. "What are you doing here?"

My father was speechless as he noticed her beauty and commented about it. He was smitten by her from the moment he laid eyes on her.

"Storm," he paused. "I see you've been holding out. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?"

We stood there looking at her and Julio, who was with me, cut me a look. I hadn't mentioned anything or anyone to him, especially a female and we were doing so well, I thought.

"Maria," I started, "This is my father Michael Stevens and this is my body guard Julio Mendoza." They extended their hands but I could tell Julio was taken off guard behind meeting her and my suttle introduction of him.

"I'm Maria Gomez," she replied shaking their hands. "I'm here for Mr. Stevens because we have an engagement to attend this evening," she returned.

"We do," I said surprised.

"Yes, Mr. Stevens," Maria let out. "It's that time of the month ..." she stopped, cutting me a look. I had completely forgotten about it Victor's requirements. Then she looked at me again with a head gesture.

I was hoping no one saw how she was looking at me, but I figured it out. "Oh, that engagement," I hesitated. "It's time for that already?"

"Yes Mr. Stevens," Maria let out. She was trying to keep it as professional as she could and I was making it difficult for her to do her job without giving myself up.

"Maria," I said briefly. "I need to get dressed and everything," I remarked.

I had just made love to Julio and was still lounging in my loungewear. It was Saturday brunch time and my brunch was with Julio eating him and getting fucked by him. I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

"Mr. Stevens," Maria replied again. "No need ..." she paused. "Everything has been taken care of."

I knew not to push it because I flashed back to the disc that I had watched and the instructions it had presented to me. If I fucked up or made any mistakes, people I loved would start dying around me. I had to play the game.

"Ok, it's settled then," I let out. "Father ... Julio ... I guess I will see you guys later," I replied.

Julio reached out to me in front of father but I shook my head as to not give way to Maria that we were involved. I knew my uncle's technique was to destroy those closest to us so that he could be in control.

"Ok," Julio responded. "Mr. Stevens, do you need me to go with you?" he finally asked.

"No, Julio," I voiced. "I will be ok." He saw my look. I had to explain to him what was going on.

My father and Julio watched as I followed behind Maria to the limo. She opened the door for me and held it open until I got into the car and then she got in herself and closed it behind her. We pulled out of the circular drive. I could see my father and Julio's face in my mind, shocked. I was glad father was back to himself and that he was still blind to what was going on with me and Julio.

After everything that happened, my father made sure that each one of us had a bodyguard. I, of course, had chosen Julio because not only were we fucking and had become close he was the only one I could trust except for my brothers. I trusted him but knew I couldn't tell him everything due to the fact that the more he knew about my plans, he'd try and help and he would end up worse off than the previous wreck we were involved in together. I hated having to hide things from him, but it was for his own safety.

Antonio was father's body guard; Patrick had Marcus and Phil, Lance. We all had body guards that had been with the family for the longest because they pretty much knew us. Mother was doing well with her therapy and although she was in a wheelchair and adjusting without Maime' by her side, she and Olivia, Debra's mother had quickly became friends and almost like the sister she had but never knew.

The ride over to GS Corporate Office in Beverly Hills was enlightening to the point that when I saw Stefano and Carlos, I knew what was about to go on. Chase Alexander was in the back seat also and he produced a black brief case. The moment I saw it, I knew. It brought back memories I didn't want to remember.

I looked at Chase and at Maria. I could see Stefano and Carlos smiling because they knew what was going to happen. Chase opened the briefcase and had a needle ready for me. I shook my head to protest.

"I'm not doing it," I insisted.

"You have no choice," Chase let out. "Your uncle already called and informed us that if you don't, your friend from college, Mario that you were fucking around with, will be the first to go."

"He can't be that cold." I insisted, looking at him.

"Oh, I think you already know how your uncle is," Chase reminded.

I didn't want to think about it. I knew how he was and I knew how vindictive he was and could be.

"We can do this without shooting me up," I acknowledged.

"We could, but ..." Chase let out. "I'm only doing my job." He confessed. "I don't like it any more than you do, but I have no choice in the matter either." He continued.

I looked over at Maria, who tried not to pay us any attention, while I extended my arm so that Chase could tie it off just over the elbow and then watched him put the needle in my vein and saw him drawback to get blood and then shoot the coke into me. I hadn't had any coke since I was founded by my brothers. I had a briefcase full of the shit, with syringes and I didn't do it because I didn't like the Phillip Stevens I had become while being shot up.

The coke hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt like I was about to pass out. It took me forever to get over the cravings for the shit and now, after one hit in my vein, I was feeling a rush that was causing my whole body to overheat. I stripped out of my loungers and my matching Ralph Lauren polo tee exposing nothing but my Julio cum filled ass. Julio and I fucked raw and he was the only one I truly wanted fucking me. I felt safe and only wanted him. I was in love with him and knew it and he was in love with me. However, right now, Maria was kissing my lips as I was reaching out for Chase. Damn, I was heated and wanted to feel Chase in me again and Stefano and Carlos as well.

Chase had stripped out of his clothes, as did Maria and before you knew it; the three of us were having sex. I didn't have any condoms but Maria had some magnums in her purse and she slid one on my hard dick as she sat on me and started riding it, while Chase kissed me. I hadn't had pussy in a while but it was feeling so good to have my dick in something so wet and warm. Damn, I missed fucking whether it was hot male ass or wet pussy. Julio had become the dominate one and although I loved getting fucked, I loved fucking too.

I came too quickly with Maria and didn't like it, but it was good and I didn't complain because that gave me a chance to ride Chase's dick. I rode him like he was a merry go-round going up and down with every pump. I couldn't get enough of him and he obviously hadn't forgotten how it felt to be inside me because he reminded me by whispering in my ear that he missed fucking me and that he wished he could fuck me all the time. I had turned him out and the day he saw me at the GS offices, he wanted me then but knew he needed to play by the rules. He felt wonderful in my ass especially when I got his first nut out of him.

As we pulled into the parking garage of GS corporate offices, Chase hit me with another round of coke and then slid my clothing back on me as he and Maria, who had already gotten redressed, helped with getting me together. We were being watched and videotaped again and I had no clue.

Before we got out of the car there was a call coming through and it was placed on speaker so that I could hear the voice and the message. I figured it would only be a matter of time before I heard from Victor and I was right.

"Hello son," Victor's voice spoke out. "Good to know you're keeping your end of the agreement that you signed." He said. I didn't remember signing anything or agreeing to anything. I listened in anger. "By now, you're probably asking yourself if what you've seen on the disc was real or make-believe when it came to you and your brothers. I assure you, I have the necessary proof to destroy all your doubts and disbeliefs. However, you must also realize that I'm not playing any games and mean business. Once a month you are to meet with your extended family as loyalty to me and my demands in order for me to believe that you will keep your mouth shut. The fact remains today that you forgot that arrangement and so that means a big surprise is coming for you." I cleared my throat trying to say something but was cut off. "Don't speak," Victor remarked. "Just listen." Then he continued. "It was once a month ... but my boys and girls need a playmate," he laughed, "So that has now been moved up to every other weekend, unless they call you. You will now be at their every beckon and call and if you don't, then I will start wiping out your entire family as I've told you before. Don't try to find me, just know that everything you look at isn't what it seems and everything you see isn't what you should look at. No more forgetting," he insisted. "Or else!" His voice was stern and harsh and I believed everything he said.

I knew he was serious and I could see it in Maria's eyes and also Chase's. Uncle had no heart and the only thing he wanted was to continue this torture of me and my brothers and my mom and dad. I hated him and my hatred for him was growing daily and this didn't make it any better. Before I could move, Chase had grabbed my arm and shot me up again. It knocked me out momentarily because it was two hits of coke within five minutes.

When I came to, I was in an office on the top floor of the office building that was set up like a penthouse apartment. In fact it was a penthouse suite that was created to entertain guest and home to Charles and Jeff. I saw the two of them hovering over me naked with the lights off and the window blinds closed. The two of them with Chase, Stefano and Carlos were taking turns fucking me and Maria was nowhere to be seen. They kept drugging me and fucking me and I was taking it like a man.

I could feel their big dicks penetrating my naked ass as I lay on my stomach with my legs and feet on the floor while the dogged my hole out hard and long over and over again. I was out of it and I'm sure I was enjoying it but I wasn't in control of myself. I was speechless and although I knew what was going on, I didn't know what was going on. It wasn't like the first time I had experienced the whole orgy thing, but it was like the first time I was totally blindsided by not really enjoying it at all in fact when Carlos fucked me with his 12.5 inch dick, I screamed out in pure pain as he ripped me a new hole after Stefano had fucked me with his 11 inches and Chase with his 9.5 and Jeff's 10.5. The only one that didn't hurt me was Chuck or Charles since that was the name he was going by these days, more professional, because his dick was only 7.5 but the head of it stretched my hole open.

I rode their cocks after they allowed me to get on my knees, pushing back to meet their thrusts and gobbling them up when they got near my mouth, by swallowing their dicks deep into my throat. I was a bitch in heat again and didn't realize the hunger I had was making me hungrier and hungrier as I got higher and higher and higher. I didn't want it to stop.

After Charles fucked me a few times and nutted, he couldn't do anymore leaving Jeff, Chase, Stefano and Carlos to finish me off. By the time 9 pm had come, I had been fucked so much that I couldn't take any more and we all ended up taking a break while they let me sleep. Needless to say, after a few minutes of sleep, I was hit with a wake up dose of coke and the partying began again until they were completely tired of me and the partying.

Afterwards, Jeff and Stefano gave me a shower together, fucking me in the tub and then had Carlos and Chase to dress me, which they fucked me while they dressed me. I was happy that this day and night was coming to an end, but realized that my disappearing twice a month like this would produce suspicion and throw a wrench into my plans alongside my real brothers, to bring my uncle down.

And as I lay in the bed between Stefano and Jeff, later that night with Jeff holding me in his arms and telling me, he was just as blown away from my uncle saying what he said to him and to Charles, he didn't believe it neither did Charles.. They were in a loss also because although they had been with uncle as long as they could remember, with Jeff being the first and then Charles later on, they were clueless to him actually being their father until he informed them, when he had told me.

Jeff admitted that he was falling for me and was getting tired of the games too and wanted to know how I felt about the shit too. He wondered out loud how he could bring his employer down.

I kept my opinion and thoughts to myself, because I didn't know if it was a set up to see if I was planning anything personally. I figured I'd make Jeff and Stefano hard again so that we could do more fucking and less talking out of safety's sake. I couldn't risk anyone finding out my plans or my thoughts and this sounded like a set up. I made Jeff hit me once more with the coke and took everyone on one last fucking trip, before they took me home the next morning, and I did.


Extended Family

MY NEW EXTENDED FAMILY MADE sure they bathed me and dressed me in a nice silky black shirt and white linen slacks with black sandals and made sure that the needle tracks weren't visible to my real family as they dropped me off around noon. I was still high but I was thankful that my parents and family had all left to go have lunch downtown because I didn't want them seeing me still fucked up. They were worried about me and knew that if I didn't at least pull an all-nighter sometime, that there would have been a problem for sure. However, what amazed me was how they knew what time to take me home without my family being there. That could only mean someone there was on uncle's payroll just like Mamie' was.

As I got out of the car, Jeff made sure that I knew that I couldn't say a thing about any of this to anyone and I acknowledged it. I was also told that I was to put either Stefano or Carlos on payroll as a guard at the house as soon as possible adding to our guards or replacing a guard or two. I didn't want either one of them there because the tension between us would be like a constant fire and I'd have both of them in the bed all the time instead of working. I needed to focus not have distractions and both Carlos and Stefano were huge distractions in more ways than one. Right now I just wanted Julio and to be held and to forget about the last twenty four hours.

Julio and Jacoby were in the security room when the car pulled up and Julio, remembering that I had left in the same Escalade Limo, left out of the security room to greet me and automatically noticed that I was fucked up and although he tried to conceal his grief and disappointment, he was happy to see me and glad to know I was safe. But with me dressed the way I was, he knew something was not right because I never really dressed up unless I was going to work or some sort of big event that I couldn't get out of. The limo pulled off.

"Are you ok?" Julio asked as I went into the house.

"Yeah," I lied. "I'm partied out," I made excuses.

"Yeah," Julio agreed. "I can tell." He sort of laughed a little.

"Where's father ... and my bro's?" I questioned.

"They took your mom and Olivia out to lunch downtown." Julio added. "Along with Debra." He continued.

"Good," I said pulling off the silky shirt and grabbing his hand and leading him upstairs to my room.

"Slow down dawg," Julio cried out playfully. "We got the whole place to ourselves except for the other guards," he teased.

"They can watch," I said hungry, horny, still high wanting more dick.


Excerpted from Taken by Storm by Steven Paul-Germane. Copyright © 2015 Steven Paul-Germane. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 For Sale, 1,
Chapter 2 Extended Family, 11,
Chapter 3 Opening Doors, 19,
Chapter 4 Carlos, 31,
Chapter 5 Pandora's Box, 37,
Chapter 6 Reminders, 45,
Chapter 7 Taking a Break, 57,
Chapter 8 Playing Games, 65,
Chapter 9 Antonio, 79,
Chapter 10 Stefano, 89,
Chapter 11 Making Allies, 97,
Chapter 12 Moving Day, 105,
Chapter 13 Desires, 113,
Chapter 14 Brothers, 127,
Chapter 15 New Additions, 135,
Chapter 16 Disc, 147,
Chapter 17 Jeremy Black, 155,
Chapter 18 Gifts, 161,
Chapter 19 Revealed, 169,
Chapter 20 Shared, 177,
Chapter 21 Watching Disc, 183,
Chapter 22 Searching for Answers, 191,
Chapter 23 Round-trip, 201,

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