Taking a Career Break

Taking a Career Break

Hardcover(1st Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9781854582553
Publisher: Crimson Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 07/01/2001
Series: Vacation Work Series
Edition description: 1st Edition
Pages: 239
Product dimensions: 5.53(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Dramatis Personae10
Taking the Plunge
Pursuing a Dream
Is a Career Break Right for Me?
Who Can Take a Career Break?
The Determination to Realise your Dream
Reasons to be Tempted
Overcoming Reluctance
Shaking out the Cobwebs
How Will a Break Affect my Career?
Taking a Career Break for its own Sake
Improving Career Prospects
Employers' Attitudes27
Taking Charge of Your Career
Considerations for the Self-Employed
Persuading the Boss
Establishing Your Value
Taking the Initiative
What can be Achieved?
Changing Direction
Nuts and Bolts - Personal Finance and Domestic Life
How to Afford a Career Break35
Financial Implications
Managing Your Affairs
How Will my Plans Affect my Mortgage?
Practical Preparations for Going Abroad
Accommodation Matters
Renting out Your Property
Using a Rental Agency
Renting Independently
Letting Resources
House Swapping
Home Swap Contacts
Leaving Your Property Empty
Useful Contacts
Staying in Private Homes
Finding Accommodation at the Other End
What to Take
Electrical Items
What Not to Take
Staying in Touch
Keeping Informed
Becoming a Volunteer
Why Volunteer?
Rewards of Volunteering Overseas
Opportunities to Work Abroad61
Volunteering Through an Agency62
Opportunities for Professionals
Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)
Other Agencies Recruiting Professionals
Listing of International Voluntary Organisations
Short-term Volunteering
Organic Farms
Kibbutzim in Israel
North American Opportunities
Sources of Information
Volunteer Agencie
Conservation Organisations
Workcamp Organisation
Volunteering Without Malaria Pills
Resources in the UK
Referral Services
Beyond Tourism--Working and Living Abroad
Working Abroad
Visas and Permission to Work
Planning in Advance
Improving Your Chances
Job Hunting on Arrival
Seasonal Work
Teaching English
TEFL Training
TEFL Resources
What English Teaching Involves
English for Specific Pruposes
The Job Hunt
On the Spot
A Teaching Career Break in Barcelona
Working in Tourism
Tour Operators
Special Events
Overland Tour Leaders
Ski Resorts
Resources for Living and Working Abroad
International Job Exchanges
Teacher Exchanges
Overseas Opportunities for Qualified Teachers
Useful Addresses for Teachers
International Training
International Vocational Exchanges
Working in the US
Useful Contacts for Work Excahnges in the US
Working in Australia105
Studying Abroad
Studying in the US
Foreign Qualifications
Leisure Courses
Study Visas
International Educational Contacts and Resources
Nesting Abroad
Joining the Expat Community
Medical Care
Taxation and State Benefits
Permanent Changes in Attitude
Staying On
Follow the Yellow Brick Road--Travel and Adventure
Your Travel Choices
Organised Trips
Independent Trips
Designing Your Own Adventure
Into the Heart of Africa with a Landrover
Travelling by Bicycle
Backpacking: Travel by Your Wits
Pre-Nuptial Travels in Africa
New Skills from Asia
Adventure Travel
Overland Journeys
Overland Tour Operators
Charity Challenges
Fundraising Ideas
Crewing on Yachts
Useful Crewing Contacts
Racing the Oceans
Sailing Contacts
Practical Advice for Travellers135
Planning Your Travels
Backpacking Equipment
Maps and Guides
Booking Flights
Travel Insurance
Useful Contacts
Health and Safety
Travellers' Health
Inoculations and Prophylaxis
Food and Water
Useful Contacts
Getting Around
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Driving a Vehicle
Useful Contacts for Land Rover Drivers
Coping with Culture Shock
Advice on Travelling by Bicycle
Travel Resources156
Career Breaks En Famille
Readjusting the Work/Life Balance
Maternity Leave
Paternity Leave
Parental Leave and Taking Time out for Dependants
Getting Everybody on Board
Travelling During Parental Leave
The Ideal Age
Taking the Children out of School
Travelling with your Kids
Resisting the Doom Merchants
The Incalculable Benefits
Crossing the Sahara
The Adventurous Spirit
Working and Volunteering Abroad
Taking Time out to Enjoy the Kids
Red Tape
Children's Health
Books and Resources
Home Schooling
Home Schooling Resources
Other Useful Resources
Time for Yourself--Individual Projects and Adult Education
Creating Your Own Project
Using a Break to Develop your Career
Adult Education
Lifelong Learning
Government Initiatives
Learning for Pleasure
Adult Education Resources
Recreational Courses Abroad
Creative Writing
Sport and Leadership Courses
Open Learning
The Open University and Other Providers
Useful Open Learning Contacts
Financial Support For Returning To Education
Business Studies and the MBA
Useful Contacts for Further Business Studies
Educational Resources
Books and Publications
Learning a Language
Language Learning in the UK
Language Websites
Useful Addresses for Learning a Language
Homestay Agencies
Language Courses for North Americans
Training for a Career Change200
Spiritual Development
What is a Retreat?
What Kinds of Retreat Are There?
Secular Retreats
Buddhist Centres
Contacts and Resources
How Much Does it Cost?
Religious Pilgrimages
Santiago de Compostela
Spiritual Tourism
Religious Retreats
Alternative Holidays and Travel Companies
Contacts and Publications
Back to Normal or a Change for Life?
Returning to Work
Returning to Your Old Job
Job Hunting After a Career Break
New Skills
The Older Job-Seeker
Women Returning to Work
Changing Employment Practices
Using a Recruitment Agency
Useful Books and Contacts
Useful Websites
Some Specialist Agencies
Changing Direction
A New Career?
Unexpectedly Detained
What to do Next
Starting Your Own Business
Becoming Self-Employed
Buying a Franchise
Reverse Culture Shock229
Appendix IEmbassies/Consulates in London and Washington231
Appendix IIList of Key Organisations235

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