Tales From Development Hell (New Updated Edition): The Greatest Movies Never Made?

Tales From Development Hell (New Updated Edition): The Greatest Movies Never Made?

by David Hughes

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A compulsively readable journey into the area of movie-making where all writers, directors and stars fear to tread: Development Hell, the place where scripts are written, actors hired and sets designed... but the movies rarely actually get made! 

Whatever happened to Darren Aronofsky's Batman movie starring Clint Eastwood? Why were there so many scripts written over the years for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas's fourth Indiana Jones movie? Why was Lara Croft's journey to the big screen so tortuous, and what prevented Paul Verhoeven from filming what he calls "one of the greatest scripts ever written"? Why did Ridley Scott's Crisis in the Hot Zone collapse days away from filming, and were the Beatles really set to star in Lord of the Rings? What does Neil Gaiman think of the attempts to adapt his comic book series The Sandman

All these lost projects, and more, are covered in this major book, which features many exclusive interviews with the writers and directors involved.

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ISBN-13: 9780857687319
Publisher: Titan
Publication date: 02/28/2012
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
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About the Author

David Hughes has written about film for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, Empire, GQ, SFX, Fangoriaand Cinefantastique. He is the author of Virgin's The Complete Kubrick andThe Complete Lynch, and wrote Titan Books' acclaimed The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

1Disillusioned 15

How Smoke and Mirrors started life as a "weekend read", became the hottest script in Hollywood ? and then magically disappeared

2 Monkey Business 31

An infinite number of monkeys with typewriters could hardly concoct a more bizarre story than the evolution of Tim Burton's "re-imagining" of Planet of the Apes

3 Cast into Mount Doom 49

Paths not taken on the road to Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings

4 We Can Rewrite It For You Wholesale 61

Why the long development of Total Recall and its unproduced sequel is a memory most of those involved would rather forget

5 Keeping Up With The Joneses 87

Separating fact from fiction in the development of Indy IV

6 The lost Crusade 107

Despite an epic crusade by Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would take a miracle to bring Crusade to the screen

7 Train Wreck 121

Despite the best efforts of Ridley Scott, Joel Silver, Sylvester Stallone and Roland Emmerich, the 'Alien on a train' movie Isobar never left the station

8 Who Wants To Be Abilllionaire? 135

Before Scorsese's The Aviator took off, Brian De Palma, Christopher Nolan, Milos Forman and the aptly-named Hughes brothers all had their own pet Howard Hughes projects

9 Perchance To Dream 147

The title character of Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed comic book The Sandman visited Hell. Unlike the film version; however, he made it back

10 Crisis On the Hot Zone 165

How Ridley Scott's adaptation of the Richard Preston bestseller failed to survive an Outbreak

11 Fall And Rise of the Dark Knight 187

The long and winding road to Batman Begins

12 Tomb Raider Chronicles 205

Why making the leap to the big screen was the toughest challenge Lara Croft had ever faced

13 The Incredible Shrinking Film 229

How James Cameron, Roland Emmerich and others encountered huge problems trying to remake '60s sci-fi adventure Fantastic Voyage

14 Tales From the Script 239

From The Exorcist: The Beginning to Airborne: my own journeys into the Stygian darkness of Development Hell

Index Of Quotations 255

Index Of People and Projects 268

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