Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities and Joys

Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities and Joys


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A guide for teenage fathers who want to develop their parenting skills, with an emphasis on dealing with children from birth to the age of three.

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ISBN-13: 9780930934781
Publisher: Morning Glory Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/01/1993
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.39(w) x 8.49(h) x 0.45(d)
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Jeanne Warren Lindsay is the author of 16 books for and about pregnant and parenting teens, including Teenage Couples: Expectations and Reality, and Pregnant? Adoption is an Option. She lives in Buena Park, California.

Table of Contents

Preface     9
Foreword     11
Especially for Dad     18
If you don't live with your baby
If you and Mom aren't together
Establishing paternity
It's not easy
Is She Pregnant?     24
Early pregnancy test is vital
How do you feel about this pregnancy?
Her parents may reject you
Don't drop out!
Importance of school for Mom
Adoption is still an option
Father's rights in adoption
Your emotional support is vital
Parenting Starts with Pregnancy     36
Checking on your baby
Is she moody?
She may not feel well
Help for discomforts
She needs your emotional support
What she eats matters
Limiting the fat
The fast food dilemma
Smoking harms fetus
Drugs and pregnancy
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
Bonding with baby
Baby feels crowded
You have an important task
The Birth of Your Baby     50
Preparing for childbirth
She may have "false labor"
Early signs of labor
Role of her coach
Timing her contractions
Your baby is born
Your newborn's appearance
Delivery of placenta
For some, a C-section
Baby's first test
Caring for Your Newborn     64
Those first days
Getting to know your baby
Your relationship with your partner
Mom may choose breastfeeding
How often will she eat?
No propped bottles - ever
Infants don't "spoil"
Important note
Babies and colic
Dealing with diaper rash
Some babies have special needs
Can you take a parenting class?
Staying involved with your child
Youhave a wonderful challenge
When He's Crawling - Watch Out!     80
Toys for baby
Build trust by responding
Baby's fears
Stranger anxiety
She listens, "talks"
Curiosity leads to crawling
Your baby starts teething
Nursing bottle syndrome
Bedtime routine is important
Playing together
Good Food for Babies and Toddlers     92
Rice cereal first
Vegetables, fruits for baby
She likes to feed herself
Feeding him table food
Not the first year
No junk food
Baby food - read the labels
She can eat with you
Toddlers get picky
You're her model
Health and Safety for Your Child     102
When should you call baby's doctor?
Dealing with fever
Diarrhea can be serious
Colds are common
Smoke can cause infection
Importance of immunizations
Reaction to shots
Accident-proofing your home
Start with the kitchen
Other hazards
Accident-proof outside areas
Poisoning is big danger
Is paint lead-free?
Health and safety - an important challenge
She's One - Soon She'll Be Running     118
He develops rapidly
She copies Dad and Mom
He struggles for independence
Dealing with temper tantrums
When your child asks for help
Don't rush toilet teaching
Helping him talk
Read - read - read
Developing a bedtime ritual
Every-five-minutes routine
Weaning from the bottle or Mom's breast
She keeps you busy!
Your Amazing Two-Year-Old     132
Plan painting time
How much television?
Playing outside
How much rough-housing?
"Where do babies come from?"
Father-child time
What about toilet-teaching?
Punishment doesn't help
If you live apart
Your toddler's amazing world
Guiding Your Child Through Discipline     142
She wants to please you
Sharing childrearing beliefs
She's learning rapidly
Setting limits
She learns by exploring
Making it easy to behave
Shaken infant syndrome
Toddlers and discipline
Being yelled at hurts him
Must children be hit, slapped, or spanked?
Punishment interferes with learning
Child abuse happens
Helping your toddler behave
Discipline strategies
Gang Involvement for Dads?     160
Why join a gang?
Does gang involvement affect parenting?
Gang clothes on babies?
If you decide to leave
Keeping guns and children separate
Will your child join a gang?
Teaching your child to be non-violent
Dealing with angry feelings
Staying in Touch When You're Away     172
If you must be away
Keeping in touch with letters
Going beyond letters
If your child isn't born yet
Can they visit you?
More tips for incarcerated fathers
Going home may be difficult
Remember, your child needs you
Your Partnership - Another Challenge     182
Is marriage the answer?
Making marriage decision
Does money matter?
Stresses of living together
Three-generation living
People are not for hitting
When parents separate
Another Baby? When?     194
Planning your family
Lots of options
Teen fathers comment on condoms
Birth control injections
Birth control pill
Contraceptive patch, implant, IUD
Emergency contraception
STI concerns
AIDS - an incurable STI
Caring for yourself and your family
Planning for your next child
Your Future - Your Child's Future     206
Looking ahead
Your responsibilities as a father
Establishing paternity
Proving you're the father
Taking financial responsibility
Job helps self-esteem
When you have other problems
Finding community resources
Don't give up
Your long-range goals
Annotated Bibliography     219
Index     223

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