Ten Wishes

Ten Wishes


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In "Ten Wishes," a day-dreaming narrator imagines groups of friendly animals gathered together in highly comical situations. The story is told in whimsical rhythm and rhyme, along with vibrant, full-color illustrations. Inside the pages, ten stories of animal antics are sure to engage early learners and readers. Smiles and playful good times abound in this book's lively, literary presentation and its creative reading and number experiences.

The book begins with a question: What would you do if you had ten wishes? This sets up the book's content and style, as well as building anticipation for things to come. The first two-page story unit features a delightful verse, a large colorful numeral one and an opposite facing page illustration of a goat sailing its boat in an imaginative land.

This verbal and visual style continues throughout the book. Each story and picture spread introduces the listener/reader to an ever larger number on one side and a corresponding group of animals and their delightful activities on the other. Unexpected verbal fun plus small details in the pictures help provide a compelling sense of discovery for the listener/reader..

The narrator's wishes continue the theme with two brightly colored giraffes retrieving a kite that was stuck in the trees and reaching high up-stairs windows to clean them.

Three pigs populate the next story unit. They live up to their stereotype and splash and play in the mud as pigs are supposed to do. The narrator joins them and all have great laughs till it's time go inside and take a bath.

Four bright green crocodiles join the narrator next and are housed in the family bathtub in this creative world of animals and fun. The narrator has this to say about the crocodiles:
"They'd stay in the bathtub, in there every minute
That the tub's not in use, when the pigs are not in it."

The remaining animals in this creative story include cows, snakes,, bears, whales and dolphins. All feature delightful verse stories and engaging illustrations. The ending tenth story unit content is not revealed here to preserve its punch line.

After the book ends, several pages provide an easy-to-use, suggested learning activity. It involves discussion and writing of wishes, plus a review of numbers from one to ten that are spelled out and in numerals on a colorful two-page spread.

The "Ten Wishes" author and illustrator obviously know their target four to six-year-old audience, and what makes them join in and read or listen with a smile..

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781489544155
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/27/2013
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)

About the Author

Author Sue Pratt Biography
Sue Pratt is an elementary school teacher who taught for most of her career with the award-winning Cupertino Union School District. In her classroom, she supported academics with a caring, loving environment aimed at achieving the highest potential from each individual student.
During her years of working with young children, she often utilized children's literature to develop innovative approaches for the enhancement of academic subjects and self esteem., Her work was twice honored as Teacher of the Year at Regnart School in Cupertino, California.
Sue's years of teaching provide her with an excellent understanding of children's reading vocabulary, interests and motivation. She believes that wonders can be accomplished through literature.
She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Education from the University of Illinois. She has continued her education with studies at UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State University and district educational programs.

Illustrator Rexell \Ann Lloyd Biography
Rexell Ann Lloyd is a San Francisco Bay Area illustrator with extensive experience as an artist and educator. She specializes in art education and art curriculum development based upon years of teaching early childhood students in the classroom environment.
Her outstanding work as an art educator has taken her around the globe and back, with assignments in Europe and South East Asia. She also taught in California with Cupertino Union School District and Hayward Unified School District.
Rexell Ann has developed an illustrative style that immediately engages and captures the imagination of children. The narrative quality of her work features a delightful sense of humor and whimsy based upon real-life place and characterization.
She holds a B.A, degree from San Jose State University and an M.A. degree from the University of Michigan, and has won numerous stipends and awards for her art work

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