TERMINAL IMPULSES: a twisted suspense thriller

TERMINAL IMPULSES: a twisted suspense thriller

by Michael McDonald-Low, Jeremy Senske (With)


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Stephanie Courtland has two very secret, very dangerous girlfriends who haunt her life with extreme compulsions and mysterious blackouts. She doesn't question what she does during these periods, but she dreams of blood on her hands. She has sharper memories of Ray Franklin, the man who molested her as a child and brutally killed her mother. The experience altered her in ways no one suspected and made her forever wary of men.

She's about to face a deadly dilemma: Franklin is free from prison and there's a new man in her life.

Marcus Graham is an ultra-wealthy investor and his selection of Courtland's advertising agency for a multi-million dollar project is motivated by her creativity and beauty. The deal is a dangerous one: Graham's former agency doesn’t like losing and will do almost anything, including murder, to regain his business. Courtland's girlfriends react poorly to anything that threatens her and if she loses control of them what price will she be willing to pay? She'll need to decide quickly - they’re all about to be caught up in a string of gruesome murders and a pair of killers heading for their doorstep.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732332218
Publisher: Michael McDonald-Low
Publication date: 05/22/2018
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Michael McDonald-Low has an extensive writing background, having published extreme sports magazines for over twenty-five years. He has also investigated some of the United States' most important and complicated unsolved mysteries - soldiers missing in action. In September 2014, he was selected as the first-ever Southeast Asia Veteran Liaison for the Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. Specifically, he participated in independent MIA case analysis and review of unresolved ground loss cases in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. His popular non-fiction book, UNACCOUNTED, was the end result of his five-year journey to solve a personal MIA mystery from forty-four years ago.

Dr. Jeremy Senske has been in the mental health field in various professional capacities for twenty years; he is currently a practicing licensed psychologist in Washington State and has been for the past nine years. His professional interests include neuropsychology, psychological testing and evaluations, chronic pain, and counseling treatment intervention.
A native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Dr. Senske studied at Northern Michigan University and graduated with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy. Dr. Senske attended graduate School at Argosy University, Seattle, and achieved a MA in Clinical Psychology and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 • Snapshots

Chapter 2 • Counting the Days

Chapter 3 • Dream Reels

Chapter 4 • 2017

Chapter 5 • The Devil in the Details

Chapter 6 • Avalanche

Chapter 7 • Playing the Doctor

Chapter 8 • Victory Lunch

Chapter 9 • Working Together

Chapter 10 • Outside

Chapter 11 • News

Chapter 12 • Ringside

Chapter 13 • The Three

Chapter 14 • Judith Fischer

Chapter 15 • A Night to Remember

Chapter 16 • Wreckage

Chapter 17 • Crime Scene

Chapter 18 • Time On His Side

Chapter 19 • On the Radar

Chapter 20 • Confrontation

Chapter 21 • First Steps

Chapter 22 • Portlandia

Chapter 23 • Lost and Found

Chapter 24 • Wake-Up Call

Chapter 25 • Options

Chapter 26 • Windfalls

Chapter 27 • The River

Chapter 28 • Unexpected

Chapter 29 • Complications

Chapter 30 • A Crime of Passion

Chapter 31• Islands in the Stream

Chapter 32 • Ramming Speed

Chapter 33 • Reflections

Chapter 34 • San Francisco

Chapter 35 • Challenges

Chapter 36 • Justice Served

Chapter 37 • Closing In

Chapter 38 • Celebrations

Chapter 39 • The Klickitat

Chapter 40 • Connecting the Dots

Chapter 41 • Careening

Chapter 42 • On the Rocks

Chapter 43 • Decisions

Epilogue • Lost and Gone


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