The Alamo [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

The Alamo [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by Carter Burwell



Carter Burwell's score for The Alamo incorporates, aptly enough, elements of music from the Old West into his intricately melodic and percussive style. Cues such as "What We're Defending" have a typically rousing, patriotic mix of strings and horns, but even then Burwell finds a way to give these moments some of his character by ending the track with a contemplative harp. Mexican musical motifs also come through on tracks like the charming "El Bexareno," which moves from playful flutes and mariachi horns into bittersweet strings. Still other tracks, like "300 Miles of Snow," have a folky, Western cast to them. The score also juxtaposes radically different pieces, such as the ominous "Who Took Their Loved Ones" and the lighthearted "Listen to the Mockingbird Sing." "Deguello de Crockett" is an especially striking track, pairing lonesome fiddles with martial drums and brass. But the main attraction of the score, is, of course, the music that accompanies the battle of the Alamo itself. The six-part suite begins with the eight-minute "The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 1," commencing with tremulous strings before building into a more ominous brass and string melody, followed by a rousing flourish of brass and percussion that is abruptly cut off by more bleak-sounding strings. The rest of the suite follows suit, becoming gradually more and more mournful until it ends with an aptly funereal finale. The score ends with "Blood, or Texas," a pensive finale that, like the rest of The Alamo, conveys the mood of the film while also expressing Burwell's unique approach.

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Release Date: 04/06/2004
Label: Hollywood Records
UPC: 0720616243324
catalogNumber: 162433

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carter Burwell   Primary Artist,Conductor
Michael Davis   Trombone
Bill Mays   Piano
John Patitucci   Bass
Steve Williamson   Clarinet
Mark Sherman   Percussion
Paul Stephens   Bugle
Sid Page   Violin
Emily Mitchell   Harp
Bob Carlisle   Horn
Joseph Alessi   Trombone
Kenneth Bichel   Piano
Charlie Bisharat   Violin
Virgil Blackwell   Clarinet
Terry Bozzio   Percussion
George Doering   Mandolin
Karen Dreyfus   Viola
Daniel Druckman   Percussion
Mitch Estrin   Clarinet
Gordon Gottlieb   Percussion
Mark Gould   Trumpet
Benjamin Herman   Percussion
Jean Ingraham   Violin
Birch Johnson   Trombone
Howard Joines   Percussion
Tony Kadleck   Trumpet
Karen Karlsrud   Violin
Myung Hi Kim   Violin
David Krauss   Trumpet
Gail Kruvand   Bass
Kim Laskowski   Bassoon
Jeanne LeBlanc   Cello
Ray Mase   Trumpet
Nancy McAlhany   Violin
Charles Miles   Percussion
Yurika Mok   Violin
Kathleen Nester   Flute
Keith O'Quinn   Trombone
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin
Joe Passaro   Percussion
Sue Pray   Viola
Erik Ralske   Horn
Jim Saporito   Percussion
Laura Seaton   Fiddle
Ira Siegel   Guitar
Dennis Smylie   Clarinet
Ramon Stagnaro   Guitarron
Hartt Stearns   Percussion
Stephanie Taylor   Viola
Howard Wall   Horn
Bruce Wang   Cello
Shelley Woodworth   Oboe
Mary Wooten   Cello
Jim Baker   Percussion
Laura Frautschi   Violin
Jim Hynes   Trumpet
Lou Kosma   Bass
Nadine Asin   Flute
Jacqui Danilow   Bass
William Ellison   Bass
Julie Landsman   Horn
Freddie Mendoza   Horn
Julie Rosenfeld   Violin
Tom Sefcovic   Bassoon
Sheryl Staples   Violin
Sherry Sylar   Oboe
Ron Wasserman   Bass
Paul Woodiel   Violin
Evan Barker   Trumpet
Maureen Gallagher   Viola
Kenneth Mirkin   Viola
Martin Wind   Bass
Craig Eastman   Fiddle
Sally Clarke   Viola
Phil Smith   Trumpet
Richard Hagen   Horn
Toby Appel   Viola
Marji Danilow   Bass
Megan Meisenbach   Fife
Larry Salzman   Guitar
Ray Sasaki   Bugle
Sarah Seiver   Cello
Judith Sugarman   Bass
Peter Winograd   Violin
Marc Goldberg   Bassoon
Rob Shaw   Violin
Mel Mandel   Viola
Erik Charleston   Percussion
Anne Lehmann   Violin
Michael Mermagen   Cello
Conway Kuo   Violin
Susan Rotholz   Flute
Ralph Farris   Viola
Lisa Matricardi   Violin
Eileen Moon   Cello
Mina Smith   Cello
Sharon Yamada   Violin,Concert Master
Daniel Reed   Violin
Robert Rinehart   Viola
Daniel Panner   Viola
Natasha Lipkina   Viola
Phil Myers   Horn
Gary Slechta   Bugle
Elizabeth Dyson   Cello
Lisa Kim   Violin
Fiona Simon   Violin
Ellen Payne   Violin
Anna Rabinova   Violin
Jenny Strenger   Violin
Qiang Tu   Cello
David Smith   Horn
Kevin Cobb   Trumpet
Nick Cords   Viola
Vivek Kamath   Viola
Krystof Kuznik   Violin
Jeremy McCoy   Bass
Jung Sun Yoo   Violin
George Flynn   Trombone
Paul J. Armstrong   Bugle
Dawn Hannay   Viola
Jon Manasse   Clarinet
Sarah Kim   Violin
Matthew Lehmann   Violin
Javier Gandara   Horn
Kathryn Lockwood   Viola
Irene Breslaw   Viola
Mindy Kaufman   Flute
David Creswell   Viola
Katherine Fong   Violin
Elizabeth Lim-Dutton   Violin
Duoming Ba   Violin
Maurycy Banaszek   Viola
Paul Biss   Violin
Maryia Borozina   Violin
Charles Cade   Percussion
Rachel Calin   Bass
Robert Cannon   Bugle
Minyoung Chang   Violin
Brian Chen   Viola
Bori Choi   Violin
Kenny Decarlo   Trumpet
Desiree Elsevier   Viola
Danielle Farina   Viola
Karen Marx   Violin
Kurt Muroki   Bass
Ayano Ninomiya   Violin
Satoshi Okamoto   Bass
Shmuel Katz   Viola
Sarah OBoyle   Violin
Wen Qian   Violin
Mark Schmoockler   Violin
Caterina Szepes   Violin
Mark Nuccio   Clarinet
Cathy Sim   Violin
Pablo Rieppi   Percussion
Troy Rinker   Bass
Patrick Milando   Horn
Morris Kainuma   Tuba
Keisuke Ikuma   Oboe
Kingsley Wood   Bass
John Zhang   Violin
Michael Roth   Violin
Alan Stepansky   Cello
Jeremy Turner   Cello
David Weiss   Flute
Stacey Shames   Harp
Diva Goodfriend-Koven   Flute
Soohyun Kwon   Violin
Jessica Lee   Violin
Alamo Musicians   Performing Ensemble
Calvin Wiersma   Viola
Tom Rosenthal   Viola

Technical Credits

Carter Burwell   Composer,Producer,Score Orchestration
Michael Farrow   Engineer,Engineering
Sonny Kompanek   Score Orchestration
Craig Eastman   Arranger
Mitchell Leib   Executive of Soundtracks
John Hancock   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Jason Stasium   Engineer,Engineering
Desirée Craig-Ramos   Soundtrack Manager
Traditional   Composer
Jennifer Hammond   Arranger
Dean Parker   Composer's Assistant

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The Alamo [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Carter Burwell has been known for doing the strange films and handling many of them very well with music that one does not expect. For the Alamo he took a subtle, low key approach that is folksy and is trying to create a sound which he believes fits early Texas. For me, it seems to work fairly well. The music is not like most epic films we have seen on this topic and is thoughtful and melancholy in places to remind us of what happened here, the sorrow and loss of life in a great struggle. After all, these were humans on all sides, not superhuman as some films make them out to be. This score seems to say that well. Overall, not a bad effort. Three stars. JW.