The Anger Book: A Compendium of Quotes and Illustrations About How Anger Can Help or Hurt You

The Anger Book: A Compendium of Quotes and Illustrations About How Anger Can Help or Hurt You

by Gini Graham Scott


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Feelings of anger are pervasive, since it is often comes from fear or confronting an obstacle to a goal. While it often has negative consequences, such as problems in a relationship or at work and escalating conflicts, at other times, it can fuel creative and positive change in oneself, in one's relationship, and in society as a whole. So a good strategy is to control and manage that anger by acting from choice and wisdom. For anger can contribute to one's survival and success when used effectively.

THE ANGER BOOK provides a broad overview of the many facets of anger by combining commentary, quotes, and illustrations, and it concludes with a section on tips and techniques for dealing with your own anger and a questionnaire to help you decide what to do. It covers these main topics:
- the pervasiveness of anger
- the destructiveness of anger
- anger and truth
- controlling anger and making choices
- letting go of anger
- expressing your anger
- the importance of forgiveness
- anger, understanding and empathy
- promoting change
- anger and fear, denial, and reason
- anger and others
- anger, love, and betrayal
- when anger becomes fun

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ISBN-13: 9781537344362
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/12/2016
Pages: 170
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About the Author

Gini Graham Scott has published over 50 books with mainstream publishers, focusing on social trends, work and business relationships, and personal and professional development. Some of these books include Scammed (Allworth Press, 2017), Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How to Detect and Deal with Them (Skyhorse Publishing 2016), Internet Book Piracy (Allworth Press 2016), The New Middle Ages (Nortia Press 2014), and The Very Next New Thing (ABC-Clio 2010). She published a series of books on homicide: Homicide by the Rich and Famous (Praeger Publishing 2005; Berkley Books paperback 2006), American Murder (ABC-Clio, 2007), and Homicide: A Hundred Years of Murder in America (Roxbury 1998).
Scott has gained extensive media interest for previous books, including appearances on Good Morning America, Oprah, Montel Williams, CNN, and hundreds of radio interviews. She has frequently been quoted by the media and has set up websites to promote her most recent books, featured at and
She has a regular Huffington Post column,, since December 2012 and most recently has written about a number of social trends, including a series of posts on the 2016 election, which have since been turned into a book: 2016 Election Follies. She has a Facebook page featuring her books and films at Her articles and blogs about social issues and everyday life are featured on her blog at
She has written, produced, and sometimes directed over 60 short videos, which are featured on her Changemakers Productions website at and on YouTube at Two of her feature films, which are in release or have distribution arrangements, deal with social issues and crime. One is The Suicide Party #Save Dave, about a once middle class businessman who is about to lose it all and decides with friends to crowdfund a suicide party to raise money to get back on his feet. The other is Driver about a Uber-like driver who becomes a serial killer. Her next feature film, which goes into preproduction in early 2017, is Bankrupt about a bankruptcy lawyer who goes bankrupt because not enough people are filing for bankruptcy since the economy has been improving, so he turns to crime.
Scott has a PhD in sociology from U.C. Berkeley and several MAs from Cal State, East Bay.

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