The Art of Teaching Piano: The Classic Guide and Reference Book for all Piano Teachers

The Art of Teaching Piano: The Classic Guide and Reference Book for all Piano Teachers


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(Yorktown). This is the definitive work on consummate piano teaching. Edited by world-renowned piano pedagogue Denes Agay, this comprehensive volume covers a wide range of musical styles and concepts, coaching processes, and teaching materials. As well as exploring every possible technical aspect of teaching piano, the book contains a great deal of commonsense advice on communicating with pupils, encouraging good behavior, and establishing a genuinely creative teacher/pupil relationship. Twelve distinguished contributing authors cover topics that include instilling performance and keyboard skills; teaching both young children and adult beginners; designing teaching programs for handicapped students; giving group piano classes; organizing and presenting recitals; and more.

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ISBN-13: 9780825681110
Publisher: Music Sales America
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Pages: 519
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.21(d)

Table of Contents

I.Essentials of Piano Performance
Elements of Technique11
The Metronome35
Teaching Rhythm45
The Riddle of the Phrase55
Phrasing and Articulation71
Pedaling Technique91
Ornamentation: Theory and Practice123
II.Theory and Basic Keyboard Skills
Theory: The Elementary Aspects: An Overview and Selected List of Texts147
Theory: The Basis of Musicianship157
Scales, Modes, and Related Terms: A Glossary175
Glossary of Musical Forms and Dance Types183
The Fundamentals of Music Notation191
Sight Reading: The Basics, Step by Step197
Memorization and Performing from Memory219
III.Approaches to Specific Teaching Tasks
The Very Young Beginner247
The Adult Beginner253
Group Piano Teaching265
The Piano Teacher and The Handicapped Student277
IV.Survey of Styles and Idioms
Styles in Composition and Performance311
The Search for Authenticity (The Lost Art of Thoroughbass Playing)333
Baroque Keyboard Instruments339
Twentieth-Century Music: an Analysis and Appreciation343
What Is Jazz?403
Jazz and the Piano Teacher417
The Piano Teacher and Popular Music431
Arrangements: To Teach or Not to Teach Them441
Chart of Frequently-Used Chords447
V.Aspects of Pedagogy
The Training of the Piano Teacher451
Four-Way Piano Teaching: Criticism, Demonstration, Analysis, Inspiration457
What Are The Elements of a Good Piano Lesson?463
Rote Playing and Rote Teaching467
The Tape Recorder: An Indispensible Teaching Aid481
The Teacher-Student Relationship: Some Common-Sense Suggestions485
Parental Involvement487
Appendix IThe Master Teachers and Their Pupils491
Appendix IIThe Keyboard Composers: A Selected Chronological List497
General Bibliography501
Contributor's Bylines505

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