The Art of the Baroque Trumpet, Vol. 1

The Art of the Baroque Trumpet, Vol. 1

by Niklas EklundNiklas Eklund


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It hasn't always been so, but these days there are plenty of good Baroque trumpet players -- Crispian Steele-Perkins, David Staff, Stephen Keavy, Friedemann Immer, among others. One, however, stands out: Niklas Eklund. A fourth-generation trumpet player who began studying the instrument at the age of five, the Swedish Eklund plays with remarkable fluency, musicality, and a singing style. He also has the gift of perfect timing: Until recent decades, the art of the Baroque trumpet (the instrument differs from its modern counterpart primarily in its lack of valves) was lost. Pioneer players such as Edward Tarr took the first steps toward rediscovering the age-old skill, and Eklund has clearly absorbed the lessons of past masters. But beyond his technical proficiency, Eklund's beautiful, clear tone and expressive vocal phrasing are the qualities that really set his playing apart. Here, Eklund shows his best stuff right at the start in Telemann's Trumpet Concerto. Opening slowly with an expansive, lyrical melody unusual for this composer, Eklund rises effortlessly into the high, clarino register, favors a note or two for added expression, unexpectedly varies the dynamics, and summons a trumpet timbre that uncannily resembles a singing voice. Of the other works, Leopold Mozart's (Wolfang's father) Concerto and the Sonatas of Giuseppe Torelli and Henry Purcell are the high points. The recorded sound is clear and bright, and one could hardly wish for a better accompanist than the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble.

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Release Date: 06/18/1996
Label: Naxos
UPC: 0730099453127
catalogNumber: 8553531
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  1. Trumpet Concerto in D major, TWV 51:D7

    1. Adagio  (01:59)
    2. Allegro  (02:01)
    3. Grave  (01:42)
    4. Allegro  (01:50)
  2. Trumpet Concerto No. 1 in D major, MWV4/12

    1. Allegro  (03:29)
    2. Adagio  (05:16)
    3. Allegro  (02:39)
  3. Trumpet Concerto in D major

    1. (Allegro)  (02:07)
    2. Largo  (01:09)
    3. Allegro  (03:00)
  4. Concerto for trumpet & string orchestra in D major

    1. Andante  (05:13)
    2. Allegro moderato  (05:47)
  5. Sonata for trumpet & strings in D major, G. 1

    1. (Andante)  (02:28)
    2. (Allegro)  (01:43)
    3. Grave  (02:37)
    4. (Allegro)  (01:46)
  6. Sonata for trumpet, 2 violins, viola & continuo in D major, Z. 850

    1. (Allegro)  (01:16)
    2. Adagio  (02:02)
    3. (Allegro)  (01:26)
  7. Overture in D major (The Famous Water Peice (sic)), HWV 341 (spurious)

    1. Ouverture  (01:48)
    2. Allegro (Gigue)  (01:46)
    3. Air (Minuet)  (01:57)
    4. March (Bourée)  (01:07)
    5. March  (01:09)

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