The Atlantean King's Quest

The Atlantean King's Quest

by Peter Butterworth

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What if the Long Chronology in archaeology is wrong? What if Creationism and Gradualism are wrong? What if all religions are based a lie, the same lie?
What would you think then? How would you see the rest of mankind? How would you see yourself?
Are you strong enough? Are you one of the many who will not be able to accept new truths?
Can you emotionally handle the Long Chronology, Creationism, and Gradualism being false and unscientific notions? Are you capable of adjusting to the reality that all religions are based on the same lie which began as a misunderstanding of reality and nature by primitive people?
Are you able to accept historiography, forensic science and logic without an ideological bias in considering new information which will alter your beliefs?
Whether you consider yourself a free thinker, open-minded or someone who esteems intellectual honesty and integrity of thought you will be chagrined, upset, angry and disbelieving. This will occur to the emotionally balanced amongst you.
How did people react when they found out the world was not flat? How did people react when they found out the Earth was not the center of the universe? How will you react when you find out everything you have been taught is wrong and hardly more than a bald-faced lie?
You will try to find flaws in the minutiae to maintain your beliefs. You will shake your head and say “but it can’t be…they [the savants] couldn’t be so wrong.” No one likes to be proven wrong. But this is not just a case of being proven wrong. It is a life altering change in how we will see ourselves and our modern human history. It will explain man’s inhumanity to man for example.
This novel, the four essays and historical tidbits will change the way you think…about life and about human development from the end of the Palaeolithic period. The four essays are particularly cogent in showing the unique ideology of Gradualism and explaining why the Long Chronology became religious dogma 1,700 years ago.
This novel utilizes historical connections, forensic science and logic without an ideological bias and what can be known about the chronology of our modern human era starting in the Mesolithic period.
I have placed at the end of the novel four essays as well as historical tidbits such as the forensic science showing the Old World was in contact with the New World at least in the Neolithic if not earlier. There is not a lab in the world which can rebut the evidence found by Dr. Balabanova et al. There is not a genetics study which can rebut the findings of Dr. Brown et al.
Work with the facts and live with the truth.
There is good news. The conclusions I reach does not impact the concept of theism. The explanations of religion and ancient contacts once devoid of ideology will enhance our understanding of human history in the modern era; the social and cultural developments.
I hope you enjoy the novel as an adventure during the second great tumultuous period in our modern history. I hope you do not have any physical problems from the conclusions I have drawn from a wide array of data.
Who should read this novel? Only those among you who have emotional equilibrium and are not ideologically predisposed. Otherwise, I cannot be held responsible for physical side effects you may experience. This adventure takes place during the second greatest tumultuous period in our modern era. It is the time of the Exodus and the great submergences throughout the world.

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About the Author

aloha, I was born in Providence, Rhode Island but began a life of many moves soon thereafter (3 high schools, 2 junior high schools...even 2 kindergardens). I kept moving in a westerly direction until I reached Hawaii. If I moved any further west it'd be east so I returned to California (& gave up a Hemenway scholarship from UH). Spent too much time in competitive athletic endeavors (I was told I was the only history major at La Crosse State U. I was there to play baseball at a very good phy-ed school). Yes, history was my major but you can do only 2 things with a history degree: teach or write. I wasn't ready to do either so I ended up as a pysch nurse (after doing this and that). My motto: Life is serious cannot take it seriously. I've always been interested in people and the human condition and I have the gift of wonder (ex. if wisdom is important why does our culture - and others - ignore it and not esteem it? Our educational system doesn't even teach it in philosophy classes ['No more Kant and the color red already!]). Hence (or is it ergo?), I've matured enough to devote myself to the scribbling craft. Mahalo, Peter

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