The Battle of Oriskany 1777: the Conflict for the Mohawk Valley During the American War of Independence

The Battle of Oriskany 1777: the Conflict for the Mohawk Valley During the American War of Independence

by Ellis H. Roberts


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The battle for the Mohawk

Throughout history there have been many battles but few, other than those that were momentous, have endured in the collective memory. The Battle of Oriskany will be memorable for some as featuring in the classic novel (and subsequently movie) of Walter D. Edmonds book 'Drums along the Mohawk.' Its historical significance, the subject of this book, is no less interesting. It became for example one of the bloodiest encounters fought by the forces of the United States in terms of casualties suffered as a percentage of those engaged with over 50% of the American force killed or wounded. It is also popularly believed to be the first occasion the American national flag flew in victory over a field of conflict. Oriskany was fought on 6th August, 1777 during the American War of Independence between the Mohawk Valley relief force of militia and Indians, under Herkimer which was pushing towards Fort Stanwix to relieve its siege, and a British force whose task it was to block them, commanded by Barry St. Leger. St. Leger's force consisted of Hanau and Loyalist troops supported by Iroquois Indian allies. Herkimer's force was ambushed just 10 miles from Stanwix in a small valley. There ensued a bloody, close quarter conflict typical of the deep woods, with protagonists often firing at each other from point blank cover or coming to hand to hand combat. The outcome was ambiguous, but probably resulted tactically in favour of the British, though, more importantly, strategically for the Americans. This Leonaur edition benefits from a campaign overview with maps by Henry Carrington. Available in softcover and hardback with dustjacket.

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Publication date: 03/15/2011
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