The Best Seven Years of My Life: The Story of an Unlikely Caregiver

The Best Seven Years of My Life: The Story of an Unlikely Caregiver


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With retirement approaching and his marriage on cruise control, George Shannon left for a much-needed vacation with his wife Carol. Their lives changed forever on their final night in Cabo San Lucas, when George awoke to find that Carol had suffered a debilitating stroke.

As they rushed back to their hometown of Pittsburgh, questions, doubts, and fear consumed George’s mind: Would Carol survive? What level of care would she need? Would George be up to the task of serving as her caregiver, a role he knew nothing about?

During the next seven years, George and Carol would face a series of medical and personal challenges that would relentlessly test their resolve. Every day George would help Carol meet her needs, and every night, he would go to bed wondering whether he had done enough. He soon discovered that the caregiver role comes with unexpected rewards—gifts that would leave him a better, happier, and more fulfilled man. The Best Seven Years of My Life is the tale of an unlikely caregiver, a journey to rediscovering humility, and the story of a man blessed with the amazing chance to fall in love all over again.

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ISBN-13: 9781732645530
Publisher: George B. Shannon
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 154
Sales rank: 839,640
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

George Shannon lays claim to the story behind The Best Seven Years of My Life, but he leaves the writing credit to his son Chad. George enjoyed success throughout his career as a sales and marketing executive. He applied those learned skills to navigating the healthcare system as Carol's advocate.

While George was taking care of Carol's health, Carol was quietly showing the way to a humble and loving relationship. The entire experience transformed George's approach to accepting himself as he is, the circumstances as they are, and those around him as they are. Humility and unconditional love were the result.

Chad Patrick Shannon is a freelance writer, story consultant, and attorney. He has written articles, film scripts, comedy sketches, plays, and historical/legacy pieces, but he couldn't have asked for a better subject for his first full-length book, The Best Seven Years of My Life.

In addition to his own writing, Chad consults with writers, attorneys, and healthcare organizations to develop story structure and narrative techniques. He has also written and directed three award-winning short films. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and creative better half, Catherine, along with their dog, Stella.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE: the moment of change

CHAPTER TWO: dedication

CHAPTER THREE: unrelenting

CHAPTER FOUR: a search for inner peace

CHAPTER FIVE: the healing power of humility

CHAPTER SIX: better days

CHAPTER SEVEN: whether tragedy or turkey

CHAPTER EIGHT: feel the love

CHAPTER NINE: it finds you

CHAPTER TEN: the mighty fight

CHAPTER ELEVEN: on her own two feet

CHAPTER TWELVE: for the rest of my years


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