The Big Fat Book of Hillary's Top Ten Accomplishments: The Shortest Book in the World!

The Big Fat Book of Hillary's Top Ten Accomplishments: The Shortest Book in the World!

by Another Dude, Bonobo


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First, all profits from this book will be donated to non-profits serving disabled veterans. So, purchase several at a time and save on postage. Give them as gifts to delight conservatives and drive liberals crazier than they already are.

Now Hillary Clinton fan's, it's time to wet your panties and watch your head explode!

Conservatives, it's time to rejoice in the truth and admire Hillary's accomplishments! Really, she did accomplish something and you'll see what was in this book.

This wonderfully funny book, brings her big fat top ten "accomplishments" and other cool stuff to the forefront for all to admire since her "accomplishments" are akin to a beautiful mirage glimmering on a distant horizon. Her minions and delusional people point to that glimmer as an accomplishment, but as the day progresses, you quickly understand it's all an illusion as your hope and dreams vanish. Just like Obama's Hope and Change crap!

But, her loyal elf like minions continue to chase that mirage and remain perplexed wondering why they can't catch their shadow or find that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Hillary minions, your panties will get wadded up and you'll walk like a penguin from reading this highly acclaimed book. When your head explodes remember, Dr. Leonardo Enoch Bonobo doesn't care. This is politico satire. Deal with it!

As the most intelligent primate in the universe and eminently superior to all liberals (you know I am), I, Dr. Leonardo Enoch Bonobo penned this marvelous book in the style of liberal commentators and alleged comedians; I richly infused sarcasm, insults, invectives, slurs, slights, abuse, arrogance, disdain, pompousness, snobbishness, condescending attitude, smuttiness and a wonderfully arrogant attitude to those who disagree. However, I, Dr. Leonardo Enoch Bonobo refuse to engage in vulgarity or profanities. I embraced the sophomoric and puerile humor of those true beacons of liberal inspiration and knowledge; those officially designated liberal comedians-you know who you worship. Not to mention all that Hope and Change crap hurled by Obama and his merry band of jesters. Liberal minions genuflect to my greatness and rush to the dictionary and learn the definitions of all those big words.

The magnificent wisdom contained within this book is by Dr. Bonobo an Ivy league educated primate with four PhDs, maybe 5, all paid for by student loans which I'll never repay! This is a scholarly work which could have been funded by a generous grant from the Federal Government since those fools toss grants out like an old pizza box. If I received that free boat load of taxpayer money for nothing, I would have thanked the American taxpayers for giving me all that cash, so I could pursue this worthy project and purchase a lot of cool stuff with your dollar.

If you're indeed fortunate, I, Dr. Bonobo may grant you an audience allowing you to bask in my profound wisdom, my lustful fragrance and delight in the glory of my deep brown eyes. In the mean time, read my words and understand the true meaning of politician.

And everyone will enjoy the quotes from both republicans and democrats at the end of the book. Seriously, Dr. Bonobo didn't make this stuff up!

This is an ideal gift book for all conservatives. And conservatives, give this book to your liberal friends and relatives and watch their head's explode!

Liberals, you possess 98% of my families DNA. We walked upright and used tools before your mediocre brain formed. As a Bonobo, I'm pleased to say that your DNA remains 2% deficient, therefore no matter how hard you try, you'll never achieve the Bonobo's elevated status.

Dr. Leonardo Enoch Bonobo has spoken.

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ISBN-13: 9781515122395
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/04/2015
Pages: 62
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

Dr. Leonardo Enoch Bonobo is recognized as the world's foremost primate scholar in the field of political science, philosophy, medicine and the cerebral deficiencies of politicians. He has earned four PhDs, maybe 5, and a law degree from various Ivy League Universities. As a law student he interned with the U.S. Supreme Court and later interned at the White House under President William Clinton. Dr. Bonobo earned his medical degree from a prestigious mail order Congolese diploma mill with a specialty in psychiatry.
His ground breaking research has been generously funded with enormous grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Department of Education. His scholarly research and dissertations have been published in scores of peer reviewed journals and have received worldwide praise. His work has garnered him numerous nominations for the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize in international diplomacy and coordination between peoples. Dr. Bonobo realized that only a loser would accept the Prize in those fields and refused the Prize.

Dr. Bonobo was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California. His father was a well-known professor and head of the Social Welfare Department at the University of California and his mother was a world renowned roller skating chimpanzee. As a young primate he enjoyed yoga, mud wrestling and bowling. At sixteen, he was spotted weight lifting at Venice's muscle beach and signed to a multi-year contract modeling men's underwear and serving as spokesman for "Stinking Monkey" fine ale and for "Primates' Best" bottled water. While attending college, he served as a principle advisor to several democratic Senators and Congress members from California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts.

The California democrats were so enamored with his intelligence, guidance and sex appeal they begged him to run for governor, but he declined stating it would require abandoning all ethics and lowering himself to their sub-human level.
Recently Dr. Bonobo and his family were asked to star in a Beverly Hills based reality TV series. He refused, stating there were already enough reality shows featuring primates.

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