The Big Girls of the Bible

The Big Girls of the Bible

by Susie Poulose


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Bible stories are mostly about men.

World leaders, Kings, Soldiers, Church leaders and Priests are mostly all male.

With men “who are about women’s belonging in the kitchen,” a house keeper.

But God called some courageous

women’s according to his purpose. He called those women’s to stand out from the

women of the world, even though men’s power was controlling the Nations. They

were chosen by God, gifted, and they performed their services quietly. They

were a part of building His Kingdom and they became the kingdom builders.

Let the insight of a nurse guide

you to meet these 10 big girls in the Bible, it will help you and your family

members to grow in faith and Godly.

I crafted 10 God chosen heroes from

the Old and New Testament. If you’re seeing them for the 1st time or if you

know them before, you’re welcome to invite them to your heart, think about

them, talk to them, invite them to your home, walk with them, learn more about

them, finding new ways of understanding the Bible women’s lives.

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