The Biology of Psychism from a Christian Perspective

The Biology of Psychism from a Christian Perspective

by Joseph Adam Pearson Ph.D.


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Psychism in the context of this book includes: (1) the doctrine that consciousness is the universal soul force that animates all living beings, corporeal or incorporeal (here, the term "soul force" should not be confused with the branding of any product or any political or religious movement); (2) the essential character or nature of consciousness that permits conceptual communication between and among all living beings, corporeal or incorporeal; (3) the eternality of the soul, reincarnation, astral projection, and personal psychic abilities, including: hearing psychically, seeing psychically, spiritual healing, electromagnetic healing, "laying on of hands," telepathy, far-memory (recollection of past lives), far-seeing (clairvoyance), far-hearing (clairaudience), automatic writing, channeling, and other transcendent communications between extrabiological life forms (i.e., incorporeal beings) and biological life forms (i.e., corporeal beings); and (4) investigative research on, or study of, any one, any combination, or all of the previous topics. In summary, psychism is descriptive of (1) universal consciousness (i.e., general psychism) as well as (2) the extrasensory abilities of individuals (i.e., specific psychism). In its narrowest sense, a personal psychism (i.e., a specific psychism in an individual human being) is a divine spiritual charism when it is operated by the Creator-God's Holy Spirit. For the sake of clarity, a charism is a gift from the Holy Spirit to be used for the glory of the God of the Holy Bible. Author's Note: The English words charism and charisms are derived from the Greek words charisma (singular) and charismata (plural) [χάρισμα and χαρίσματα], both of which are found in the Greek New Testament [referenced in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance as G5486].

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