The Black Notebooks

The Black Notebooks

by John O'Loughlin




Deriving its title from the black-covered notebooks which were used in its formative composition, this title brings John O'Loughlin's metaphysical philosophy to its logical conclusion, and is therefore probably the most logically comprehensive of all his works to-date, drawing the various strands of his Social Theocratic philosophy together and presenting it in the uniquely aphoristic style which allows for both formal sequences of related ideas (maxims) and for a more informal presentation of material (aphorisms) that is almost essay-like in its relatively discursive character. That said, overall the material is carefully interwoven and taken well beyond the notebook stage of its inception, so that one can feel confident this is no mere off-the-cuff project but the fruit of meticulous composition which should stand O'Loughlin's philosophy in good stead, as well as add a crucial dimension to it which would not have been possible in the past but which here comes to light in terms of how a basic antithesis, namely that between energy and gravity, plays-out in a number of different or seemingly unrelated contexts in relation to what the author holds to be its gender-conditioned genesis. Some of the material, one should add, has already been published in two previous titles, viz. 'Stations of the Supercross' and 'Supercrossed', but much of it has been reworked and revised here with the incorporation of some previously omitted content, while much additional original material has also been included to give this project its unique character and justify its publication as, in overall terms, a less formal if not looser version of what might seem to some readers the too formal nature of, in particular, 'Supercrossed', with its plethora of hyphenated phrases. Therefore this should prove an easier though still far from uncomplicated book to read. - A Centretruths editorial.

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ISBN-13: 9781515031826
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Publication date: 07/11/2015
Pages: 462
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About the Author

John O'Loughlin is a London-based author who was born in the Republic of Ireland of an English mother of mixed Irish descent and grew up first in Hampshire and then in Surrey, where he attended a variety of state schools. Most of his adult life has been spent at different addresses in the London Borough of Haringey, north of the River Thames, to which he moved from Surrey in 1974, and all but a few of his books have been written there, the majority of which, like this one, are of an intensely philosophical not to say metaphysical and even ideological nature.

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