The Blue and Green Book

The Blue and Green Book

by Tania Rodriguez-Arias


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The Blue and Green Book is an inspirational book for parents who would like to explain more about spirituality to their children in a way they can understand, relate to, and enjoy. It encourages children to trust the light within their soul, expands their spiritual awareness, and validates their deep connection with the natural world.

It consists of nine short, illustrated stories on spiritual and environmental issues, such as angels, guides, the soul's purpose, animal and plant awareness, recycling, organic food, chakra healing, and herbal medicine. Parents and children can have fun grounding and supporting their natural spiritual insights.

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ISBN-13: 9781452559698
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/25/2012
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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The blue and green book

By Tania Rodriguez-Arias

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Tania Rodriguez-Arias
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5969-8

Chapter One

Angels Calling

"Nobody is calling me", said an angel, "I am not getting called either" said another one, "no one here is", said yet another angel sitting nearby. For every cloud, an angel sitting down on it with a bored face. "I'm bored", said an angel, "me too" said another one, "I am so bored ..." said yet another angel yawning on a cloud next to them.

"Wait a moment" an angel said," feels like a guardian needs assistance, I have got glitter on my eye lashes and my wings are tickling, I'll be right back!" and disappeared with a big smile on its face.

The other angels stayed sitting on the clouds with nothing to do. From time to time, the children's angels went off flying for a mission assisting guardian angels, but most of them remained on the clouds watching the birds and butterflies flying about.

What angels really enjoy is helping children, but for that to happen they have to get called by guardian angels, or there is very little they can do without their permission.

Sometimes they give a hand to the flower angels, or to the birds angels, but nothing compares to helping children's guardian angels.

Guardian angels are always with people, but humans are not always listening to their heart, or gut or intuition, which is how they can communicate with us for guidance and answers.

Archangels are also always around checking on everything, they are in charge of special missions. A guardian angel looking after someone knows something important is about to happen when archangels come through.

Those are the times when people wonder if they really have a guardian angel, since they became aware of that thought, or feeling, or knowing from their heart, that gives them a sense of peace. The angels speak that way.

Is only if we ask and then listen we will notice their unconditional love, never ending patience, caring, understanding and a big sense of humor!

Fairies share their secret

Fairies are angels that look after plants, trees, flowers, crystals, everything in nature.

Flower fairies bring to earth Gods message of abundance, healing, joy, diversity, love and beauty through the flowers.

Flowers remind us humans of the beauty inside every living thing, opening up to the world just like our soul does, and they remind each soul about being unique since they exist in all colours and shapes love can create.

Fairies always have fun, they are playful, mischievous, like to sing and dance and giggle all the time.

Fairies also look after the children that get lost in nature and safely return them to their homes. But more than anything they are concerned about children's health so they spend their time when not playing around nurturing and protecting the flowers, since their gentleness is so right for healing.

Flowers are most precious to the fairies and they put great care in making sure all flowers blossom everywhere.

This is the marigold flower, its fairy keeps it soft and gentle for any time children get itchy skin.

This is the camomile flower, its fairy takes care of it so when children get sore eyes or a tummy ache, it would soothe and make the pain go away.

Mallow are looked after by fairies so when children get a cold their mummies and daddies can make a nice tea to warm them up.

Echinacea has a loving fairy making sure that it will help children bodies strong to maintain their energy vibrant and healthy.

Elderflower is attended by a very tender fairy so when children have a temperature and are sick in bed, this pure flower will help them to get through the flue and feel much better.

Angelica will help to get rid of runny noses, unsettled tummies and keeps the body healthy, it will protect you from bad dreams as well.

Nature angels, so called fairies or devas have a very busy time on Earth but they are always expecting children to play with them in nature since their joy is to see them happy and healthy.

So, where is my home?

A family of birds was on a meadow jumping about and shouting out, "where is home?", then the bees turned up "so, where is home?", and a bear showed up "and the honey?", "THERE IS NO HONEY ; THIS BEAR IS ALWAYS THE SAME!" answered the bees, the butterflies also came round " where is home?" and the squirrels, "so, where is home then?" everybody was talking at the same time and looking at each other for an answer.

It's gone ... said the meadow ... not here anymore ..." right! And where do you think is gone, huh? Has a tree got any legs?, a squirrel said, "but ... trees have no legs.." said the bear "WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!" shouted out the bees.

The meadow carried on saying while it couldn't stop weeping "humans ... humans took it away ..."

"It can't be so" now the eldest birds were talking " this tree has always been our home, it was our grandparents home and it belonged to their grandparents too ... we all have made nests on its branches ... where are we supposed to live now? Under the ground, like a mole?"

The mole stuck its nose out from the ground "hang on, no way, this is already stuffed with mice and rabbits" and went back to his hole right away.

The queen of bees was very cross," this doesn't make any sense, how come humans never seem to have enough of everything? Haven't they learnt how to recycle paper by now? and pieces of wood? Is it they don't like trees anymore? all this work making our honeycomb for nothing ...", "will you make another one?" asked the bear "OF COURSE WE WILL, BUT WHERE? HUH? THERE AREN'T ANY LEFT!"

Everybody looked around and no, there were no trees left around ... the meadow couldn't stop crying and all of a sudden it yelled "I hear footsteps!!!!", "footsteps?" everybody asked at the same time, thinking the same thing, human footsteps, and nowhere to hide, the bear started shaking from head to toe, maybe they were hunters instead of woodcutters this time, birds flew away, so did the butterflies, the squirrels also began to run "hurry up bear, let's go!" and the meadow remained very still.

Footsteps became louder and laughter could be heard as well ... wow! The meadow stopped sweating ... it's only children this time ... and they were all carrying baby trees on their hands to plant them down in the ground! The meadow became so excited!

More and even more children arrived planting baby trees all over.

Little by little all the meadow had plenty of baby trees. The sun, the rain and the soil would look after them every day so that birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels and the bear who enjoyed honey so much could get back some day.


Excerpted from The blue and green book by Tania Rodriguez-Arias Copyright © 2012 by Tania Rodriguez-Arias. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


In appreciation....................v
Angels Calling....................1
Fairies share their secret....................3
So, where is my home?....................5
The day granny became the little boy's guide....................8
The many lives of a piece of paper....................10
The star who became a loaf of bread....................12
Tomatoes meet at the market stall....................14
What do whales feel?....................16
When a little girl saw a rainbow inside....................19
About the author....................21

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