The Bob's Burgers Music Album [Original Television Soundtrack]

The Bob's Burgers Music Album [Original Television Soundtrack]


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Ever since the hilarious and strangely heartwarming animated series Bob's Burgers debuted in 2011, fans have clamored for a collection of the show's music, and understandably so: Along with its quirky visuals and characters, the songs are an essential part its magic. As the show's seventh season drew to a close, The Bob's Burgers Music Album finally arrived, in all of its 112-track, 118-minute glory. Collecting virtually every musical moment of the series' first six seasons, the set has plenty of room for the series' classics and songs that might have slipped by. As on the show, there are many examples of the voice actors' brilliance. John Roberts voices matriarch Linda Belcher, who lives her life like a non-stop musical, and delivers highlights with spontaneous show tunes like "Kill the Turkey" and "Gravy Boat," a duet with Linda's sister Gayle (Megan Mullally). Eugene Mirman gives fart-sampling aspiring musician and middle child Gene a blustery enthusiasm on "Silent Love" and "The Snake Song," and it's easy to hear why Dan Mintz's remarkably deadpan voice has made horse- and boy-crazy eldest daughter Tina Belcher a breakout character on "It's Called Fate (And It's Great)" and "Mononucleosis." Even the Belchers' most faithful customer, Teddy (Larry Murphy) gets a showcase with "I'm Falling for Helen." However, the show's most valuable player might be Mullally, who helps make "Electric Love," a duet between Gayle and the Belchers' landlord Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline) about the relationship between Thomas Edison and his elephant Topsy one of the finest and funniest songs ever to appear on TV. Bob's Burgers excels at these kinds of set pieces, which range from showstoppers like "Die Hard/Working Girl Musical Medley" to inspired duets like the Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) number "Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom." The show's grasp of pop culture is just as brilliant, spanning references to French pop on "Jeff (Il Est Mort)" to pick-up artists on "The Prince of Persuasia." The series' long-running love affair with the '80s shines on the Goonies tribute "Taffy Butt," which finds Cyndi Lauper transforming "Good Enough" into a musical epilogue to a disappointing treasure hunt in an abandoned taffy factory. The line between parody and homage gets blurrier on the songs by boy band Boyz 4 Now; "Coal Mine" and "I Love You So Much It's Scary" are just as catchy -- and a lot funnier -- than the output of their real-life counterparts. The Bob's Burgers Music Album gets even more meta on the indie rock covers of some of the show's best songs, including St. Vincent's standout version of Tina's identity crisis "Bad Girls." The sheer size of The Bob's Burgers Music Album means that Gene Belcher might be the only one with the stamina to listen to the entire set more than once, but it's great for obsessive fans who can finally own the whole shebang.

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Release Date: 05/12/2017
Label: Sub Pop
UPC: 0098787118025
catalogNumber: 71180
Rank: 4637


Disc 1

  1. The Bob's Burgers Theme Song
  2. Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night
  3. Butts, Butts, Butts
  4. Theme From Banjo
  5. Da Ding Ding
  6. Pirates of Panache
  7. Weekend at Mort's
  8. Sex Music
  9. Wing Man
  10. Taffy Butt
  11. Getting Out of P.E.
  12. Groping for Glory
  13. Oil Spill
  14. One Way or Another
  15. The Prince of Persuasia
  16. Bad Girls
  17. You Got Beefsquatched
  18. Milkin' the Cow
  19. Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
  20. Parakeet in Your Hat
  21. Kill the Turkey
  22. The Diarrhea Song
  23. Silent Love
  24. Silent Muffler
  25. The Harry Truman Song
  26. Daddy/The Itsy Bitsy Stripper
  27. Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex
  28. You're the Best
  29. Mad Pooper
  30. Buckle It Up
  31. Love Mission
  32. Two People
  33. Can't Get Enough (of Your Woman Stuff)
  34. Funky Finger
  35. This Is Working
  36. Baby Hold On
  37. Electric Love
  38. T-I-N-A
  39. The Snake Song
  40. Fracas Foam
  41. The Kids Run the Restaurant
  42. Coal Mine
  43. Whisper in Your Eyes
  44. I Wanna Hear Your Secrets
  45. I've Got a Yum Yum
  46. Rain, Rain, Flash, Flash
  47. We're Coming for Ya
  48. Quicky Kiss It
  49. Prankin'
  50. Sneaky Pete
  51. Gravy Boat
  52. We Won the Talent Show
  53. Derek Dematopolis
  54. Not Bad for Havin' Three Kids
  55. Jingle in the Jungle
  56. Slumber Party Fashion Show
  57. It's Not Magic It's Tragic
  58. The Fart Song
  59. Hava Nagila
  60. Equestranauts Theme
  61. Nice Things Are Nice
  62. Wharf of Wonder
  63. Bad Things Are Bad

Disc 2

  1. Die Hard/Working Girl Musical Medley
  2. Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl
  3. Jeff (Il Est Mort)
  4. Your Best Friend
  5. Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)
  6. Christmas Magic
  7. Happy Crappy Place
  8. Darryl's Slow Jam
  9. I'm Jimmy Jr. Pesto
  10. The Sheriff Had a Piggy
  11. Lipstick on His Pickup
  12. I'll Trade You These Tears/I Won't Go Solo on You
  13. Shimmy Tap
  14. Date Night
  15. Don't You Love Cotton Candy
  16. Jam With Darryl
  17. His Name Is Lenny
  18. I Don't Need Music
  19. I Want Some Burgers and Fries
  20. BM in the PM
  21. I'm Falling for Helen
  22. 99 Red Balloons
  23. It's Called Fate (And It's Great)
  24. I Love You So Much (It's Scary)
  25. It's Thanksgiving for Everybody
  26. The Spirits of Christmas
  27. The Nice-Capades
  28. Amor Por Favor (Me Llamo Tina)
  29. It's Valentine's Day
  30. Hot Ham and Cheese Day
  31. Cease and Desist
  32. Muse Dance
  33. If You Love Something
  34. Fart Stools (for the Gifted)
  35. Do the Dirty Pigeon
  36. Two Butted Goat
  37. Butt Phone
  38. Breaking Out
  39. Mononucleosis
  40. Just What I Needed
  41. I Love Charades
  42. I'm Tall Enough
  43. Yat Dat Dat Da
  44. Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom
  45. [Untitled]
  46. [Untitled]
  47. [Untitled]
  48. [Untitled]
  49. [Untitled]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cyndi Lauper   Vocals
Carly Simon   Vocals
Brian Huskey   Vocals
Chuck Smith   Vocals
Jay Johnston   Vocals
Dave Herman   Vocals
Kevin Kline   Vocals
Fred Armisen   Vocals
Chris Maxwell   Vocals
David Wain   Vocals
Steven Davis   Vocals
Megan Mullally   Vocals
Sarah Silverman   Vocals
Paul Rudd   Vocals
Eugene Mirman   Vocals
Bobby Tisdale   Vocals
Laura Silverman   Vocals
Jon Roberts   Vocals
Larry Murphy   Vocals
Paul F. Tompkins   Vocals
Dan Mintz   Vocals
Bill Hader   Vocals
Chris Parnell   Vocals
Kristen Schaal   Vocals
John Roberts   Vocals
John Dylan Keith   Vocals
Jon Glaser   Vocals
Jon Schroeder   Vocals
Aziz Ansari   Vocals
Ken Jeong   Vocals
Will Forte   Vocals
Jon Benjamin   Vocals
Jenny Slate   Vocals
Scott Jacobson   Vocals
David Herman   Vocals
Ron Lynch   Vocals
John Michael Higgins   Vocals
Rich Fulcher   Vocals
Nora Smith   Vocals
Sam Seder   Vocals
Max Greenfield   Vocals
Jordan Peele   Vocals
Jim Dauterive   Vocals
Holly Schlesinger   Vocals
Zack Galifianakis   Vocals
Wendy Molyneux   Vocals
H. Jon Benjamin   Vocals
Robert Ben Garant   Vocals
Tobias Trost   Vocals
Tim Dacey   Vocals
Rob Huebel   Vocals
Rachel Hastings   Vocals
Melissa Galsky   Vocals
Matt Beville   Vocals
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Lizzie Molyneux   Vocals
Lindsey Stoddart   Vocals
Kelvin Yu   Vocals

Technical Credits

Debbie Harry   Composer
Cyndi Lauper   Composer
Eddie Money   Composer
Ric Ocasek   Composer
Quincy Jones   Composer
Keith Forsey   Composer
Bill Conti   Composer
Nigel Harrison   Composer
Phil Hernandez   Composer
Stephen Broughton Lunt   Composer
Kevin McAlea   Composer
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Steve Schiff   Composer
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Allee Willis   Composer
Greg Thompson   Composer
Kevin Kline   Composer
Fred Armisen   Composer
Chris Maxwell   Composer
David Wain   Composer
Tony Gennaro   Artwork,Back Cover,Layout
Steven Davis   Composer
Megan Mullally   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Paul Rudd   Composer
Eugene Mirman   Composer
Larry Murphy   Composer
Dan Mintz   Composer
Bill Hader   Composer
Chris Parnell   Composer
Kristen Schaal   Composer
John Roberts   Composer
John Dylan Keith   Arranger,Composer
James Lyon   Composer
Jon Schroeder   Composer
Carlo Karges   Composer
Aziz Ansari   Composer
Joern Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen   Composer
Jon Benjamin   Composer
Danny Swain   Composer
Kevin Berner   Back Cover
Scott Jacobson   Composer
Clement Bozewski   Composer
Nora Smith   Composer
Max Greenfield   Composer
Holly Schlesinger   Composer
Dan Fybel   Composer
Wendy Molyneux   Composer
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