The Case Against Women Raising Children

The Case Against Women Raising Children

by Kathleen A. Ryan Carlsson

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Evolution and culture produce a body and mind to suit a creature’s role in the world. Â Whether care of the young is provided by males, females or both, each species has evolved caregiver traits suited to that task. Â The result is caring- women and provider-men. Â In other words you are what you do.

Â However, with the honing of each trait, a creature pays a price. In the case of a woman who specialized her body and mind to childcare, the price was a failure to develop skill at financial self sufficiency and individual direction, which in turn made it more likely that such a woman will live in a subordinate relationship.

Women as primary parents perpetuated gender roles. Â Women Â internalized this definition of themselves, and they became somewhat comfortable with it. Â Even when they wanted more power over their lives, they found Â themselves trapped from within.

But, human beings have also evolved the trait of educability. Â We can learn. Â We can choose the direction in which we develop our abilities and traits.

The case against women raising children is the case for parents raising children.

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