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Since Pentecost the Church has been on an adventure. The Church Rocks! looks at some of the most inspiring, unpredictable, and miraculous moments in our Church history. Discover your place in the Church and the beauty of our Catholic heritage in this engaging book about the Church's past. Each'.chapter features The history of one century, A simple timeline, Important people and events in the Church, A highlighted invention or cultural advancement, Prayers, activities, and questions to spark further exploration, And much more …

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ISBN-13: 9780819816573
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 1,101,355
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

A member of the Daughters of St. Paul since 1964, Sister Mary Lea Hill has enjoyed communicating the faith through a variety of apostolic assigments. Her skills as a storyteller were honed as director of audiovisual productions when Pauline Books & Media first produced animated features in the early 1980s. An editor and author for many years, Sister Mary Lea has written several books, including the best-selling Basic Catechism (co-authored with Sister Susan Helen Wallace). Sister Mary Lea can be found on Twitter@crabbymystic.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Prologue: The Church Is Born 2

Pentecost 5

Church of Believers 6

Chapter 1 Giants of Faith: Peter and Paul (1st century) 10

Saint Stephen, the First Martyr 14

Saul Becomes Paul 15

Peter's Vision 16

Council of Jerusalem 17

Martyrdom of Peter and Paul 18

Chapter 2 Lots of Trouble (2nd century) 20

Crime to Believe 23

Councils 24

Heresies 24

Early Church Fathers 26

Saint Polycarp of Smyrna 26

Saint Justin Martyr 27

Saint Irenaeus 27

Tertullian 28

Chapter 3 Martyrs and Missionaries (3rd century) 30

Persecution in the Roman Empire 32

Roman Martyrs 33

Rich Martyrs 34

Military Martyrs 35

Martyrs in the Papal Court 36

Mistaken Teachers 38

Chapter 4 Rule of Constantine (4th century) 40

Saint Sebastian 42

Changes in the Roman Empire 44

Emperor Constantine 45

The Edict of Milan 46

Important Saints of the 4th Century 47

The Council of Nicea 48

The First Council of Constantinople 49

A Christian Empire 50

Chapter 5 Days of Danger (5th century) 52

Invaders 54

Attila the Hun 55

The Fall of Rome 56

Conversion of the Franks 56

The Arian Heresy Again 57

Nestorius and the Mother of God 58

Heresy and Schism 60

Chapter 6 Organizing the Church (6th century) 62

The Second Council of Constantinople 64

Pope Saint Gregory the Great and His Missionaries 66

Saint Benedict of Nursia 68

Chapter 7 Trouble from Without and Within (7th century) 70

Christianity Spreads in England 73

The Easter Controversy 74

Third Council of Constantinople 75

Saint Bathilde 76

Saint Benedict Biscop 78

Chapter 8 Darkness and Light (8th century) 80

Saint Bede 83

Saint John Damascene 84

Saint Boniface 85

The Battle of Tours 86

Charlemagne 88

Chapter 9 Conversions (9th century) 90

Divided Kingdoms 93

The Feudal System 94

The Feudal System and the Church 95

Veni, Creator Spiritus 96

Saints Cyril and Methodius 97

Saint Ansgar 97

Saint Edmund and the Vikings 98

No Council to Decide 100

Chapter 10 Age of Kings (10th century) 102

Changes in Western Europe 104

Social Changes around the World 105

The Holy Roman Empire 107

Daily Life in the 10th Century 108

Christianity in Russia 110

Chapter 11 East and West (11th century) 112

The Great Schism 115

Pope Gregory and King Henry Disagree 116

Saint Margaret of Scotland 118

Saint Anselm 119

Saint Bruno 120

The First Crusade 121

Chapter 12 Crusades (12th century) 124

Working for Peace in the Holy Land 126

The Second Crusade 127

The First Lateran Council 128

The Second Lateran Council 129

The Third Lateran Council 129

Saint Thomas à Becket 130

Richard the Lionhearted 132

Chapter 13 Friars on the Front Lines (13th century) 134

Effects of the Crusades 137

Saint Francis of Assisi and His Followers 138

Saint Dominic and His Followers 139

The Fourth Lateran Council (and the Eucharist) 140

The Miracle of Bolsena and the Feast of Corpus Christi 141

The Crusades Continue 142

Chapter 14 Return to Rome (14th century) 144

The Knights Templar 147

The Papacy in Avignon 148

Saint Catherine of Siena and the Pope's Return to Rome 149

John Wycliffe and John Hus 150

Chapter 15 A New World (15th century) 152

The Council of Constance 154

Too Many Popes 155

Conciliarism 155

A Brief Agreement 156

The Ottoman Empire 157

The Renaissance 157

Art in the Church 158

Music in the Church 159

Some Saints of the 15th Century 160

Saint Joan of Arc 160

A United Spain 161

The Spanish Inquisition 161

Global Exploration 162

Chapter 16 Brothers Separate (16th century) 164

Martin Luther 166

Reformers Inside and Out 168

Politics and the Reformation 169

Henry VIII and Saint Thomas More 170

The Council of Trent 172

Saint Ignatius of Loyola 172

The Swiss Guard 174

The Battle of Lepanto 175

Explorers, Soldier, Missionaries 177

Chapter 17 Game Changers (17th century) 180

English Colonization of the Americas 182

Spanish Colonization of the Americas 184

Dutch and French Colonization of the Americas 185

Missionaries to the Americas 186

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha 187

Catholicism in the American Colonies 188

Catholicism in England 188

The Church in Japan 190

Queen Christina of Sweden 191

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque 191

The Defeat of the Ottoman Empire 192

Chapter 18 Foundations and Revolutions (18th century) 194

Outlawed in China 196

Jansenism 197

The Awakening 198

New France 199

The American Revolution 200

Bishop John Carroll 202

Saint Junípero Serra 203

The Enlightenment 204

Jesuits Banned 205

The French Revolution 206

Chapter 19 A Time of Progress (19th century) 208

Medical Advances 210

Napoleon Bonaparte 212

Nations and Empires 212

Political Sources of Restoration for the Church 213

The First Vatican Council 214

The Industrial Revolution 215

Changing Borders 216

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 216

Migration and the American Civil War 217

Saint Damien of Molokai 219

Saints of the 19th Century 219

The Immaculate Conception 220

Chapter 20 War and Peace (20th century) 222

Pope Saint Pius X 225

The World at War 225

Our Lady of Fatima 226

A Fragile Peace 227

The Great Depression and the Catholic Worker Movement 227

The Holocaust or Shoah 228

Saint Maximilian Kolbe 229

Saint Edith Stein 229

Resistance 230

Examples of Holiness 230

The Assumption 231

Communism 232

The Second Vatican Council and the Catechism 233

Protecting Human Life 234

Threat to the Pope 236

Chapter 21 Time of New Evangelization (21st century) 238

Pope Saint John Paul II 240

Pope Benedict XVI 242

Pope Francis 245

Index 248

Credits 254

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